A Guide to PPH

What is PPH, and how can it help you run your bookie business? PPH is an acronym for pay per head. The word is based on the payment model between the bookie getting the service and the site providing it.

Usually, people research a market before venturing into it. That explains why you came across the term PPH. We will dive deep into this term/service to ensure you understand what it entails before taking that route to start a bookie.

What Is PPH?

Pay per head is a gaming solution provided to bookies in exchange for a small weekly fee. The service provider targets a certain clientele. For instance, you might be a bookie based in Utah, where gambling is still illegal.

Offering your services in such a region puts you in a difficult position. You will always look over your shoulder. Yet, the residents in your state still wager at offshore sportsbooks.

By hosting your services to offshore pay per head service providers, you avoid breaking laws. Yours is to ask clients to wager at your site. They do not have to know that the site is yours.

Meanwhile, the PPH service provider will provide gambling content. The site creates odds, provides betting lines for various sports, and offers a site where your clients can place bets.

Your betting site can even come with a payment system. However, you have to understand that the PPH provider has no access to your money. Only you can access money deposited by your players through the payment system.

This makes running a bookie business convenient and safe. Yet, you only spend a few dollars per player.

PayPerHead247 Got Your Back

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