Anonymous Payment Methods for Pay Per Head Bookies

Bettors consider several factors before they wager with bookies. One of these factors is the payment method. As a bookie, you must provide your clients with safe, fast, and convenient banking options.

Choosing anonymous payment methods is advantageous for you and your players. You can keep your identity and clients identity off the radar. It also helps keep players bank information away from gambling platforms and government gambling regulators.

There are many ways to send and receive money anonymously. Here are some of the options pay per head bookies can use.


The use of cryptocurrency has increased, especially on online gambling platforms. This is understandable as it is the most anonymous payment method. Users create online wallets that they can fund from their bank accounts. Then, you can transfer the money from the wallet to your bookie account.

This eliminates sharing bank details with gambling platforms. Nobody can trace back transactions to you or from you. Therefore, cryptocurrency is a safe and convenient payment method. Additionally, the transaction cost is pretty low.

Players and bookies can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Choose the most popular and globally available cryptocurrency methods to add to your payment system.

Prepaid Debit Cards, Gift Cards, and Disposable Credit Cards

Prepaid debit cards, gift cards, and disposable credit cards are anonymous payment methods. They are highly preferred because they are not connected to bank accounts.

Instead, you can fund your card, transfer your money and dispose of your card. Some cards allow you to fund your gambling account multiple times before they expire. Unfortunately, most of these cards do not process withdrawals.

Some e-Wallets and Voucher Cards

Most e-wallet methods are semi-anonymous. These include PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Cash App, and Paysafecard. The availability of these methods depends on your location.

These methods are semi-anonymous because they do not keep your bank information completely out of the radar. So, if you want to make the whole transaction anonymous, you can move your money from the bank to an e-wallet before transferring it to a crypto wallet to fund your betting account.

The best bookie must have several cryptocurrencies, prepaid debit, disposable credit cards, and e-wallet options to facilitate transactions. You need to remember that every client has their preference. Some prefer to use cryptocurrency, while others prefer e-wallets or credit/debit cards.

At PayPerhead247, we offer anonymous payment methods. We have partnered with various money processors to create a safe, fast, and convenient payment system that your clients will love. Talk to us today to choose your preferred, anonymous payment methods for your clients.