Anonymous Payment Methods for Pay Per Head Bookies

Bettors consider several factors before they wager with bookies. One of these factors is the payment method. As a bookie, you must provide your clients with safe, fast, and convenient banking options.

Choosing anonymous payment methods is advantageous for you and your players. You can keep your identity and clients identity off the radar. It also helps keep players bank information away from gambling platforms and government gambling regulators.

There are many ways to send and receive money anonymously. Here are some of the options pay per head bookies can use.


The use of cryptocurrency has increased, especially on online gambling platforms. This is understandable as it is the most anonymous payment method. Users create online wallets that they can fund from their bank accounts. Then, you can transfer the money from the wallet to your bookie account.

This eliminates sharing bank details with gambling platforms. Nobody can trace back transactions to you or from you. Therefore, cryptocurrency is a safe and convenient payment method. Additionally, the transaction cost is pretty low.

Players and bookies can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Choose the most popular and globally available cryptocurrency methods to add to your payment system.

Prepaid Debit Cards, Gift Cards, and Disposable Credit Cards

Prepaid debit cards, gift cards, and disposable credit cards are anonymous payment methods. They are highly preferred because they are not connected to bank accounts.

Instead, you can fund your card, transfer your money and dispose of your card. Some cards allow you to fund your gambling account multiple times before they expire. Unfortunately, most of these cards do not process withdrawals.

Some e-Wallets and Voucher Cards

Most e-wallet methods are semi-anonymous. These include PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Cash App, and Paysafecard. The availability of these methods depends on your location.

These methods are semi-anonymous because they do not keep your bank information completely out of the radar. So, if you want to make the whole transaction anonymous, you can move your money from the bank to an e-wallet before transferring it to a crypto wallet to fund your betting account.

The best bookie must have several cryptocurrencies, prepaid debit, disposable credit cards, and e-wallet options to facilitate transactions. You need to remember that every client has their preference. Some prefer to use cryptocurrency, while others prefer e-wallets or credit/debit cards.

At PayPerhead247, we offer anonymous payment methods. We have partnered with various money processors to create a safe, fast, and convenient payment system that your clients will love. Talk to us today to choose your preferred, anonymous payment methods for your clients.

Take Your Bookie Business Online Today

Switching your business to an online venue is exciting and easy. It takes three straightforward steps, and you are ready to launch. Notably, you do not require military-grade devices or software.

Instead, you only need to partner with the best pay per head site. You can do this from your personal computer or mobile phone. Here are three steps to take your bookie business online.

Register an Agent Account

The first thing to do is register an agent account with a pay per head shop. The process is easy and will take a second. Usually, the pay per head provider asks for your name and email.

They provide a registration form on the homepage. Filling in the form and submitting it gives the provider some details to begin customizing your betting template.

Move to choose your brand name and other customization that differentiate your bookie platform from the rest. Talk to your service provider to guide you through using different tools and running your business. Discuss the service fee and payment plan.

Choose Sports Betting Markets

You need to understand your client’s needs before selecting betting markets. It would help to identify what your clients want to wager on or play.

Consider the general popularity of various sports in your targeted market. For example, players want to wager on their local sports team. So, if a state has two baseball teams, one football team, and a basketball team, include these in your catalog.

Ensure your provider covers betting markets for local leagues. That way, you can appeal to clients without employing many resources.

Activate a casino platform and horse racing to reach more clients. Edit settings to create wager limits, payout limits, and other limitations to protect your business and control how players wager.

Find Clients and Launch Your Site

You already know your market. You always had this idea to offer the market your betting services.

If you have clients wagering with you offline, start by selling them the idea of wagering online. Convince them of the benefits, including convenience and a wide range of betting markets.

Recruit more clients as you will have a smooth experience managing them with sportsbook software, unlike before. You can have as many clients as you want.

Consider the size of your bankroll. Do not bite more than you can swallow.

PayPerHead247 is here to help you transfer your offline betting business to an online platform. The provider will begin setting up your platform once you show commitment.

Someone will even help you move your clients online. Contact the company today to get started.

Pay Per Head Free Trial

Pay per head (PPH) free trial is a period given to bookies by PPH service providers to test bookmaking tools and services. While this is a necessary period, only a few PPH sites offer the program. Yet, this is the only time you can learn about the price per head software and services and determine whether they fit your bookie business or you should pass.

The PPH provider determines the free trial period. Usually, it can last between one week to six weeks. Here are three key features you should find about the PPH software during the free trial.


PPH software must generate different reports to help you run your business efficiently. For example, a history report will show the betting history of your players.

This report can show when a player placed a bet, how much they wagered, whether they placed the bet on the phone or internet, how much they won or lost, and much more. You can use this information to customize your services for players. For example, if a client loses every time he bets, you could give a cashback offer to encourage the player to continue playing.

Other reports include agent exposure, cash flow, action by player, hold percentage, real-time betting, and open bets, among others. Ask your account manager to help generate different reports and confirm whether they will help run your business better.

Betting Services

The primary goal of a bookie is to offer betting services. Pay-per-head service providers simplify this by creating betting lines and adjusting odds accordingly.

You should test this to confirm your offering falls within the same standard as prominent sportsbooks In your market. Otherwise, players will have no reason to prefer your services over other sportsbooks.

Find the amount of betting lines your PPH shop offers each day. Inquire about the markets covered by the price per player shop. Ideally, ensure your bookie runs 24/7 and has more than enough betting lines all the time.

Customer Support

You can have quality betting lines like other prominent sportsbooks. However, that might not be enough reason to attract clients. The only other way to attract a significant client list is by offering top-notch customer service to your clients.

In other words, you have to personalize customer care for your clients. So, find out whether your pay per head shop can afford that.

Pay per head free trial is crucial when choosing the best PPH software. At PayPerHead247, you will get a 4-week free trial to test the product and services. This is enough time to navigate the software, and features and test customer support to confirm whether the product is right for your growing bookie business.

Make Profits Running a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

When was the last time you made a profit you were proud of? Every month, you will find data showing how much bookies are making. But, if you are making nothing, you might wonder what you are doing wrong.

Fortunately, today is your lucky day. We will tell you what you are doing wrong and point you in the right direction. Here is a guide on how to run a profitable betting business.

Consume New Tips and Advice

The world is evolving with everything in it. So, you cannot be stuck doing the same thing you did years or months ago. You must pick the most convenient methods to complete tasks as innovations pop up in the market.

The only way to know what is working is by learning. Usually, the first people to use a service or product or do something share their experiences. You can learn from these reviews.

Many websites and blogs are dedicated to sharing information on running a profitable sportsbook. For example, you will find valuable information on the PayPerHead247 blog. Browse through and find advice that works for your business.

Partner with the Right PPH Provider

In your search for tips and advice, you will realize most experts advise using the right pay per head provider. A PPH service is like the engine of a car. It is crucial to choose the best service if you want to make good profits consistently.

Partnering with the best PPH shop has many advantages. For example, you can offer your clients an extensive list of betting lines in various sports. This will guarantee good earnings consistently.

The best PPH provider also ensures your bookie website is up 24/7 and running efficiently. Apart from that, the shop provides customer support, has friendly costs, and provides safe and convenient payment methods, among other needs.

Create a Customer Recruiting and Retaining Strategy

Another thing you need to do is create a strategy for acquiring new clients and retaining them. It might be easy to enroll clients. However, keeping them is a bit challenging.

You must provide incredible services to retain betting clients. With newer sportsbooks entering the market, it is even harder to maintain clients because new platforms offer bonuses to entice players to join them.
You must ensure your betting services are top-notch throughout the year.

That way, you give your clients a reason to stay. Additionally, give bonuses and apply other strategies to keep your players interested.

Practicing any of the above three tips can see you increase your income. Your revenue will soar even higher when you apply all three tips. Contact PayPerHead247 to get started with the best PPH service.

Pay Per Head Demo Account At PayPerHead247

Often, we do not get a chance to try something before purchasing it. For example, if you want to try a new juice, you have to buy it and test it at home. You can purchase it next time or not, depending on your findings about its taste.

When you want to spend much more money on an item, you are given a chance to try it first. For example, you can test drive a car before you part away with your money. Launching a sportsbook is similarly essential.

This is because you will commit to working with a specific pay per head shop for a while. Fortunately, PayPerHead247 offers a trial period, unlike many other sites.

Why Is a Free Trial Period Important?

Some people ignore the importance of finding whether a pay per head solution is right or wrong for them and go right into the purchasing stage. However, you should not ignore this stage. This is a crucial step to allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the software and services.

You must dive deeply to find the qualities of a price per head site. The free trial period also allows you to get acquitted with the software. You can learn how to use every feature, ask the provider questions, and confirm it is working correctly.

What to Look For During the Trial Period

Launching the pay per head demo account and taking a stroll is not enough. You need to evaluate everything about the software and services offered by a pay per head shop.

First, find the quality of the customer support offered by a company. You can send several messages and record the time it takes to get a response. Confirm whether the answers given are efficient.

Another sector to look at is the betting market. Consider what you want to offer your clients and compare it to what your price per head partner provides. Find whether you control the betting lines, vigs, and generally everything about the betting markets.

The third most important thing to evaluate is the management tools. Your sportsbook business can fall a day after launching for failure to manage your clients properly. Therefore, find which tools your provider is offering and discover how they can help manage your bookie business.

Imagine the potential loss you could make for using software or service that is not right for your business. You do not have to take that route. Contact PayPerHead247 and ask for a trial period.

Create a Pay Per Head Sportsbook in Five Minutes

For a second there, you might have wondered how it is possible to start a sportsbook in five minutes. You can put that doubt aside now because it is true that you can begin offering betting services five minutes from now. Here is a guide.

Call a Few Friends to Become Your First Clients

The first step is to gather some clients. Fortunately, you must have some friends who would hold it down for you no matter what. Call them and ask them to become your first clients.

Tell them you want to refer them to your best online sportsbook. That way, you protect your source of income and not sound like you are running an illegal scheme.

Partner With PayPerHead247

This process would have taken longer if you did not know who to partner with. But, since you do not have to search for a pay per head site, you can take the five minutes as we promised.

So, you need to contact PayPerHead247. This site will provide you with bookmaking tools, customer support for your clients, a sportsbook website and software, a payment system, player management tools, and betting lines, among other things you might need to launch a bookie.

The company has provided bookmaking services for over 15 years. Therefore, you can trust its expertise to run an efficient bookmaker.

You need some money to get the PayPerHead247 service. You also want some cash in your bankroll to pay your clients. Therefore, ensure you have enough funds to cater to the PPH service and some more to run your operations for several weeks or months.

Launch Your Sportsbook

The last step is launching your sportsbook. Usually, PayPerHead247 has ready betting templates. Therefore, you can launch your betting services a few minutes after contacting the company.

Choose the sports betting markets you want to provide to your clients. You can start with two or three famous sports events. This will entice your clients to start betting and ask for more betting events in the future.

Confirm whether the sportsbook is working perfectly. Ensure it loads fast on mobile and desktop browsers, the payment system is working correctly, and everything else is running smoothly.

Do you now believe you can create a pay per head sportsbook in five minutes? You have all you need to launch a successful bookie. Therefore, establishing a sportsbook in a few minutes is not impossible.

Contact PayPerHead247 today to get the process started. The company will respond to your message immediately and set up your account as soon as you give a green light.

3 Things to Remember When Becoming a Bookmaker

There is so much information about becoming a pay per head bookmaker. You might consume so much of this information that it is hard to remember the key things. That is why we prepared this short article to remind you of three key things to remember when becoming a bookmaker.

The Quality of the Sportsbook Software Is Important

If you want to become a successful bookie, any software should not be in your vocabulary. Purchasing sportsbook software is unlike asking for any available dessert in a café. Instead, it is a well-thought-out process where you must consider the product’s qualities.

Someone telling you that the software is the best in the market is not enough reason to purchase the software. In fact, you should avoid a transaction where you can get the software and cut ties with the developer. Instead, you should work with a pay per head shop.

That way, you can drop the software if you feel it is not working for you. The quality of the sportsbook software is crucial as it determines your potential earnings and user-friendliness. Therefore, find out whether you can make good profits and enjoy operating your business with the software.

You Can Earn As Much or Little As You Want

Several factors determine how much you can earn from your bookie business. Fortunately, you can control most of these factors.

For example, you can choose quality software providing you with money-making features. Also, you can enroll as many clients as you want. Having many quality clients increases your potential earnings.

If you are reluctant to find great clients, your profits will lag as others progress. Ideally, you must implement your skills and research more about your business to find ways to grow your business.

Understanding the Bookmaking Business Is Everything

Most bookies ignore their businesses for pay per head providers take care of most operations. It is like hiring a team to work in your company only to report to work late or once a week.

It is crucial to participate in the running of your business. While you do not have to set betting lines or adjust odds, you should know how and why oddsmakers set the lines the way they do. That way, you can understand where your profits come from and how to increase them.

There is so much to learn about becoming a bookie. But, you must not forget the above three points. Contact PayPerHead247 to launch your bookie and for other similar tips to grow your business.

Voted the Best Pay Per Head Software in 2022

The best pay per head software list in 2022 is out, and PayPerHead247 scooped the first place. Taking the first position in any industry is such a huge success. One must be the best in every way to rank first.

PayPerHead247 has it all. Here are the top three reasons the site ranked #1.

Dynamic Sports Betting Markets

The primary component of a bookie is sports betting markets. You can offer casino games and horse racing bets; however, sports betting is the king.

Fortunately, PayPerHead247 understands that hence its provision of dynamic betting markets. The site offers the most comprehensive betting platform. It is packed with lively markets, enticing players to wager as much as possible.

Ideally, players find exciting markets to wager on. Moreover, the site covers famous and unpopular events across different sports. This increases overall betting lines and your chances to earn more vig.

24/7 Customer Service

Another reason PayPerHead247 scooped the first position is its quality of customer support. When you sign up with the site, you will get personalized bookie support. This means that you will run your operations with the help of an expert from PayPerHead247.

The agent is available around the clock to ensure your services run throughout. You can contact the agent whenever you need assistance.

Notably, your clients can also get customer support. The site has set up a modern call center and hired the best customer representatives to address your client’s needs.

The customer representatives are respectful and professional. They understand every scope of your business and provide your clients with efficient solutions.

Free Trial Followed By Low PPH Fee

PayPerHead247 allows you to confirm whether its product and service are right for your bookie business. With a four-week free trial, you can find whether the solution offered by PayPerHead247 is right for you.

Once the trial period is over, you can pay $7 per player weekly. This is one of the lowest PPH fees. In other words, you can earn your profits and pay for the PPH services without going bankrupt or losing all your earnings to the PPH fee.

Bettors expect the best betting services from you. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with the best pay per head site if you want clients to choose to wager with you. When you partner with PayPerHead247, you are assured of excellent services and betting markets.

With these two qualities, you can attract quality clients and retain them. Contact the #1 voted pay per head site to get your bookie software.

Why You Should Choose a Pay Per Head Solution Over Traditional Concepts

Soon, bettors will start placing their bets with you. You will make good profits, enjoy running your business, and even contemplate expanding to other territories. However, you must bet on the best partner too, and it’s not the traditional way of launching and running a bookie.

Today, the best solution is to use pay per head services. Below, we find a couple of reasons PPH is your best bet over traditional concepts.


Cost is a primary determiner for many things. For example, you can choose a three, four, or five star hotel depending on how much you are willing to spend. You can miss out on spending your time at a five-star hotel if your budget is limited.

Similarly, some entrepreneurs are unable to launch their bookies due to high costs. What they do not know is that they can use a pay per head solution to launch instead of breaking their back with debts.

Starting a bookie the traditional way will cost you a lot of money for web development, salaries for employees, and other operational costs. However, when you use price per head services, you can reduce the start-up cost by over a half.

Notably, a pay per head solution can be comprehensive. This means that you can get a betting template integrated with software, customer service,betting markets, a casino, and other tools. Meanwhile, you will pay for the comprehensive package a weekly affordable fee.

Comprehensive Service and Customer Support

When you take the traditional concept to launch your bookie, you have to partner with individual service providers. So, you will get your website developed by a separate company from the one providing sportsbook software, payment solutions and others.

On the other hand, pay per head companies take care of all processes. It creates a payment system so that you do not have to partner with individual bank processors, gives you access to its call center and much more. Ideally, you will get a ready to use betting platform.

PayPerHead247 Got Your Back

PayPerHead247 is all about its clients. it literally has your back. So, if you are thinking about launching a bookie or would love to upgrade from your current PPH provider, PayPerHead247 should be your next destination.

PayPerHead247 charges the cheapest cost for its comprehensive package. With only $7 per player, this site provides betting markets, anonymous deposit methods, 24/7 customer service, horse racing platform and much more.

So, if you are looking to spend less, keep your players happy, and enjoy running your bookie, PayPerHead247 is the right fit. Contact the company today and ask for a free trial to jumpstart your career in bookmaking.

Top 4 Best Pay Per Head Sites

Choosing the best pay-per-head software can be one of the most critical decisions for any bookmaker. Most will look for the best software available to increase their customer base and bring in more profits.

With advances in technology, the providers available can now offer quality services that are more efficient than ever before. Many providers are available online, and finding a reliable one can sometimes be daunting. In addition, there are cheap options out there, but the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true. Here are the best pay-per-head providers available for online bookmakers.


RealBookies is rated as the top online PPH service and is the only place bookies need to go for everything required to start their business. Customers can rest easy knowing that they are getting everything they pay for with this trustworthy service. Not only is it reliable, but it’s a provider that’s been in business for more than 20 years.

Real Bookies charges a flat fee to its clients that provides them with a variety of different benefits. For example, after signing up, they can create their own website with their own landing page to send clients. The service also allows agents to add casino and racebook betting to their site to increase their revenue.

One of the biggest benefits of using RealBookies is having access to real-time reporting, which allows agents to have a clear view of all wagers placed and won by their clients. The reports will highlight areas losing money and where the most profits are made.

Clients can also bet 24/7 online without an agent’s help, saving time and money. RealBookies is attracting many new customers as their service does the best job in helping agents stay ahead in the business.


A1PPH is one of the top pay-per-head operators, offering a stable betting service for bookies and their customers. It is one of the most trusted providers in the industry, featuring top-notch tech support. Bookies can sign up and check out the software without obligation before deciding whether to use the service.

The software has no problem handling high traffic without bookies worrying about their site shutting down. It also features reporting in a wide range of areas to ensure agents provide a positive and smooth experience for all users. There are also many betting options, which makes A1PPH a favorite among its customers.

With more than ten years of providing quality service, A1PPH is one of the best choices available for all types of online bookie services. It offers flexibility on the backend, like the ability to change bet limits and lines and make restrictions based on individual players’ performance. It’s one of the most complete pay-per-head services available.

PayPerHead247 is one of the most successful in the industry and has a reputation among bookies as being very reliable by handling all daily operations for its clients. In addition, the software is easy to use and offers exclusive lines that make it a top choice in pay-per-head services.

The secure software caters to bookies and agents to help them grow their business into a fully functional and legitimate online betting site. It offers many solutions to its clients that increase their revenue and save them time and money.

Agents also can take advantage of the always-available support by phone, on its website, and its excellent customer service department. It’s also very flexible and is tooled to help bookies start their businesses and help them grow into full-service betting providers. is a leading provider of pay-per-head services and can put bookies at the level of a legitimate sportsbook at a low cost. There is no obligation when signing up for the service, as users will receive four weeks of the service for free to familiarize themselves with the product and start making profits. The service boasts the slogan “we take you from rookie to bookie” to show how it can turn any bookmaker into a major player in the online betting industry. has more than 20 years in the business and is a leading choice for many professional credit bookmakers, local PPH bookies, and sports betting agents. Its software solutions give bookies everything they need to complete transactions quickly and safely.

It also has fast and easy access to all the lines needed and offers instant editing for individual accounts. In addition, the service handles virtually everything for the bookmaker and has a staff with a broad background in online betting software.