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Drew McIntyre Heavily Favored on WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Odds

Most matches for WWE Money in the Bank are next Sunday at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, with no audience. The two Money in the Bank matches will happen at the same time at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. In this article, we break down the WWE Championship match between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre and share the betting odds for the event.


Why McIntyre Won’t Lose

I can’t stress this enough… Seth Rollins is an incredibly talented wrestler but he doesn’t need or deserve another Championship reign so soon. Remember that Rollins lost to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36. I just don’t understand why he is getting this match instead of Kevin Owens or anyone else.


Even Andrade or Angel Garza, who had matches with Drew McIntyre on Raw in recent weeks, would be more deserving opponents. Andrade and Garza have nothing to do at Money in the Bank. To me, Rollins shouldn’t even be in this match, much less win.


Drew McIntyre’s push as a face has been extremely impressive. McIntyre has always been an extraordinary wrestler with mic skills and charisma but I never expected him to deliver so many inspiring promos and matches, especially now that COVID-19 forced WWE to have shows with no fans in attendance.


I will not bet Drew McIntyre to win on Sunday at -600 but I do think that he will retain his title. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zelina Vega’s AAA stable of Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory interferes, causing a disqualification.


WWE Championship Match

Drew McIntyre -600

Seth Rollins +350


SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Bayley -450

Tamina +275

WWE Universal Championship Match

Braun Strowman -120

Bray Wyatt -120


SmackDown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

The New Day +100

John Morrison & The Miz +125

The Forgotten Sons +250

Lucha House Party +500

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Shayna Baszler -150

Nia Jax +300

Lacey Evans +400

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Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Schalke 04 Preview

The Bundesliga is back! Games from the popular soccer league in Germany will be played behind closed doors starting on Saturday, May 16th. They will be the first European soccer league to restart following the COVID-19 shutdown.


The derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 is the game of the week. Borussia Dortmund has to win as they are in second place in the standings with 51 points, just four points behind Bayern Munich. Can FC Schalke 04 ruin their plans?

We look at where the value is in this game.

Betting Odds By Pay Per Head 247

Team to Win (Regular Time)

Borussia Dortmund: -192

FC Schalke 04: +480

Draw: +320


Borussia Dortmund: -1 (-117)

FC Schalke 04: +1 (-103)


Over 3 (+114)

Under 3 (-134)


Key Points to Consider


Last Six Games in All Competitions

Borussia Dortmund is coming off a 2-0 road loss against Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League but they have five wins and just that loss in their last six games overall.


FC Schalke 04 is coming off a 1-1 home draw against Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga and they have four draws and two losses in their last six games overall.

Momentum: Borussia Dortmund is on an upward trend, winning four straight games in the Bundesliga.


Head-to-Head: These two teams last met in Bundesliga action on October 26, 2019 and the game finished with a 0-0 draw.


Players to Watch


Simulations I have run project Jadon Sancho, Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt as the players most likely to score (all of them from Borussia Dortmund). Borussia Dortmund is the better team and they were on a roll in the Bundesliga before the coronavirus pandemic. This may have disrupted their rhythm but there’s a lot at stake for them. Borussia Dortmund will find a way to prevail here.


Free Soccer Pick: Borussia Dortmund -1 (-117)


Pay Per Head
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Private Bookies Receive Business Relief From PayPerHead247

The coronavirus health crisis continues to take its toll on society in any number of ways. In an effort to slow the spread, most states remained closed for business. On a national level, both the live entertainment and sports industry have been shutdown since mid-March.


Preliminary plans are taking shape as to how the country can slowly reopen for business. However, until the tide is turned against the continuing spread, those plans remain on hold.


Without live sports, there is very little for sports fans to bet on right now. Horse betting at race tracks still running a live daily card has generated some decent action. Last week’s NFL draft with a grocery list of prop bet options could turn out to be the biggest sports betting event of the spring. Avid gamblers are turning to online casino gambling to also fill the daily void.


The NBA and NHL are starting to lose hope this season can be saved. MLB Opening Day has long since passed and a shortened regular season is inevitable at this point. Talk of a delay in the NFL season is gaining traction.


The realities of the situation are clearly evident to anyone in the sports betting industry. This includes the biggest commercial online sportsbooks right down to the local bookie running and managing an independent bookmaking operation.


PayPerHead247 Business Relief Plan


There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. It is still just a matter of time until recovery efforts can get underway.


As a top-rated pay per head site for online bookie services, PayPerHead247 is still very bullish on the online sports betting industry’s future prospects. The industry was experiencing tremendous growth before this health crisis and it will quickly return to a high level of growth once the threat has been minimized and live sports and sporting events return to action.


To provide some kind of financial relief to all the private bookmakers that make up a huge segment of the sports betting industry, PPH247 will be offering free service to its customers with certain terms and conditions.


Current bookies with a zero balance in their account can continue to take in daily and weekly action from their sports betting customer base. This includes action in the racebook and online digital casino.


New customers can sign-on to PPH247 and enjoy the same free bookie services until this crisis has passed.


As clearly stated on the PPH247 site: No Sports = No Fees*


As mentioned, there are certain terms and conditions to take part in this offer. The bottom line is that the ownership group of this highly rated bookie services site knows what it takes to run and manage a successful bookie business under the best of conditions.


This group also knows that their proprietary business products and commitment to excellent customer service gives private bookies the best chance to not only survive this current crisis but thrive in their business behind an effective business recovery plan.


PayPerHead247 Business Recovery Plan


Now is the time to take stock of your current business situation while also keeping an eye towards the future and the return to normalcy. Taking one of your biggest operating costs off the table right now is just part of the overall recovery plan.


Helping you establish alternative streams of revenue is also very high on the list. Implementing business efficiencies on the operational end can be another important cost-saving measure. Enhanced online marketing tools to build a better and more profitable customer base is also a big part of the PPH247 recovery plan.


The first step is reaching out the site through phone, email, text or even online chat to find out how you can sign up for your business relief program.

Pay Per Head
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PayPerHead247 is Working For You as a Bookie Agent

With more than 20 years’ experience working side-by-side with bookie agents, PayPerHead247 fully understands the concept of partnership. Today’s current business downturn continues to take its toll on private bookies just like yourself. This makes the idea of partnership all the more important right now.


Your bread and butter revenue and profit center has been taken away with no live sports to bet on. Betting on future sporting events that hopefully take place will only get you so far. Whether you run and manage a small book catering to a select betting clientele or a large independent sportsbook, you are faced with some tough choices over the coming weeks and months to keep things on track until they improve.


The owners and operators of PayPerHead247 bookie services also understand that your short-term and long-term financial health is directly tied to theirs. They see themselves as the silent business partner that can help you get through this crisis. They also have proven online gambling software solutions that can ease the burden of losing live sports.


What PPH247 Offers


The concept of weekly per head fees for active bettors to cover bookie services is easy to understand. You could never afford to develop and maintain the proper software solutions for online gambling on your own. Leasing them from a price per head shop is the only feasible way to run any type of bookie business online.


While the general concept remains uniform across the bookie industry, the quality of pay per head providers does not. As mentioned, PPH247 has been in the game for more than two decades. Starting with a basic betting platform, they made the necessary investments to create, maintain and enhance in-house proprietary software solutions. This has filled all the gaps in the basic software package that most pay per head sites still employ.


This PPH service also backed everything up with a highly sophisticated operating system that eliminates downtown while also processing every online transaction in a safe and secure environment.


The trifecta play with PPH247 is a dedicated staff of sports betting experts that can provide a higher level of business support. Most private bookies operate on their own. Some may employ a small staff of employees but the day-to-day management tasks are squarely on their shoulders.


PPH247’s Business Support Team


Regardless of your particular situation, running and managing a bookmaking operation can be a real challenge without quality business support from your pay per head provider. This site’s staff consists of sports betting experts, IT professionals, experienced account managers and a highly-trained customer service team. Together, their main task is to work for you as the bookie agents. This is especially true during this particular time of need.


Right now, advanced software solutions are not enough. You need industry experts with the proper experience in navigating some rather tricky waters. Unfortunately, everyone is not going to make it through this storm. There are ways to minimize this risk but that will be hard to do on your own or with the wrong PPH service at the helm.


PPH247’s Pledge


Now is the time to turn to PPH247 for help. They will work with you to manage your particular situation with a custom pay per head plan. They will set you up with ways to fill the void with alternative revenue-generating options. Ultimately, they will make sure that your bookie business remains in a position to thrive once the storm has passed.

Life of a bookie
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Planning For The Future With PayPerHead247

These are tough times for private bookmakers in the wake of the current work stoppage in the world of sports. Getting through the next few months will be a challenge but the sports betting industry is poised to make a huge comeback once society can return to a sense of normalcy.


Whether you are working on ways to fill the current void with other forms of online gambling or making plans for the return of live sports, the most important part of the process is finding the right pay per head bookie services provider to help you make the most of all of your efforts.


Navigating The Current Business Climate


Going it alone right now in these unsettled times has been more than a challenge. You need a pay per head site that has the experience and high level of industry expertise that can help you squeeze as much revenue and net profit out of everything that can generate action in the absence of daily sports.


PayPerHead247 has been helping private bookie agents just like you for more than 20 years. As true industry pioneers since the very beginning of online sports betting, they have developed bookie software solutions that are both comprehensive and turnkey in their application. They also offer a much higher level of hands-on business support than the majority of their competitors.


There is no doubt that these are tough times, the toughest business conditions you will probably ever face in the bookmaking industry. Right now, you need a silent business partner that can help you quickly implement alternative revenue streams such as a racebook for horses and an online casino.


You may feel like you are only in survival mode right now. However, PPH247 can help you put the right business processes in place to get through the short term while setting the stage for long term success.


Building Business For The Future


At this point, things can only get better with time. You need to control what you can control right now while also putting plans in place to come back even stronger than your bookie business was just a few months ago.


Proper planning is all about having the right business tools in place to accomplish your goals. Maybe you never even thought of running your own racebook or online casino in the past. With the help of PPH247, you can take each of these alternative revenue streams and grow them right along with your sports betting service.


Today’s sophisticated online gamblers are looking for the one-stop shop for all of their activities. They are also looking for the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can provide and the big commercial online books can never match.


Coming off this tough stretch of road with PPH247 right by your side, you will have the ability to completely reinvent your sports bookie business as a full-service online gambling venue.


Taking action on sports, horses and casino games are all viable ways to make money. Together, they become an extremely lucrative combination that can actually take your business to a higher level.


That being said, you still need the proper plans in place. Those plans need to be backed by the right pay per head bookie service like PPH247 to accomplish the financial goals you have set for yourself.

Pay Per Head
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PayPerHead247’s New Look Offering The Same Great Premium Products and Service

PayPerHead247 bookie services has been able to establish themselves as a top-rated online sports betting software solutions provider over the past few decades because of the superior products and services they offer. This is one of the only true premium bookie services company in today’s crowded marketplace.


Based in Costa Rica, the site is owned and operated by sports betting experts that have developed a proprietary software system to successful run and manage an independent bookmaking operation online. Through advanced online betting technology coupled with sophisticated software solutions, everything you need to succeed is included in their low weekly per head fee for any active betting customer.


Running and managing your bookie business with PPH247 should be thought of as an investment as opposed to a weekly cost. Having the right pay per head site by your side can make all the difference in the world.


The goal of any private bookie when it comes to per head fees should be to derive the highest possible value in the cost. Getting more for less is part of the equation. However, getting the best at a reasonable cost is far more important.


Premium Pay Per Head Bookie Services


For the past two decades, PPH247 has helped thousands of bookie agents just like yourself make the most of their business efforts. Long-term success still comes from hard work and dedication to your craft. However, having the best possible tools to get that job done makes the task all the more easier.


To properly project the ‘premium’ quality of the bookie services they provide, PPH247’s business website just underwent a bit of a facelift. Sharp graphics that highlight what is really important to private bookies was the ultimate goal in the new presentation.


This PPH service believes in cutting to the chase when it comes to what they have to offer. Too many other providers are content with peddling features that do not translate to actual benefits. This kind of added fluff can sometimes lead to higher per head fees that are hard to justify.


Value-added is way more than a catchy buzzword to PPH247. It is actually a mantra for how they want to run their business in terms of the products and services they offer.

Premium Online Presence


The new look at PPH247 directly translates to creating that premium feel in the online business presentation. That is the same position they take when it comes to the level of professionalism in your bookie operation’s online business presence.


Working directly with an experienced in-house IT staff, your customized online betting platform can be designed to project a premium feel to everything you have to offer. New is not always better. Yet, a new look that better projects a high level of professionalism will not go unnoticed by today’s sophisticated sports bettor and online gambler.


In fact, the two often go hand in hand. A premium online presence is just one of the many ways that PPH247 can help to completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks.


Business solutions are designed to fully exploit the edge you already have in elevated customer service and personal attention to detail. Sometimes you have to make the outside package a bit more appealing to accentuate the premium contents inside.

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Switch to PayPerHead247 to Simplify Your Bookie Operation

If you were ever thinking about switching your pay per head site, now is the time. Uncertainty throughout the sports betting industry has tested the mettle of even the biggest commercial online books. Moving forward, this presents the perfect opportunity to get your house in order as a private bookie running and managing your own bookmaking operation.


There are two sides to running a successful sports betting business. The first is the sales and marketing end and the other is day-to-day operations. A downturn in sales can often times be countered by added efficiencies on the operational end.


This is where PayPerHead247 can step in to simply all of your business processes to make them more time and cost efficient.


20 Years’ Experience


It all starts with experience in your trade. Whether you are just starting out as a private bookie or running a large-scale independent book with an expansive customer base, you need a pay per head bookie services provider that has already helped thousands of bookie agents achieve their goals.


You also need a PPH service that has stood the test of time in a very competitive business environment. Conditions have never been tougher than now which calls for a high level of expertise when it comes to any online gambling software solutions provider.


Right now, you need a business partner that can help you get through the next few months until business returns to normal. Unfortunately, quite a few pay per head sites without the proper experience and financial resources will not be in position to fill that role.


Proven Track Record of Success


Along with 20 years’ experience working with thousands of bookie agents of all sizes, PPH247 is backed by an ownership group with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding expectations with the products and services they offer.


Based in Costa Rica, this PPH service has created and built their online bookmaking software package in-house from the ground up. They use proprietary software solutions that are highly sophisticated in design but extremely simple in their practical application.


In simpler terms, this is a comprehensive software package that is also turnkey when it comes to taking your bookie business online. Switching over to PPH247 has never been easier with a high level of internal business support. To help sweeten the deal, you can take full advantage of a no-obligation free trial of everything they have to offer.


Committed to Your Future


When you are a highly successful business with a proven record of performance in a competitive industry, tough business conditions present more opportunities than challenges. Getting through the next few months is going to be hard on the entire sports betting industry.


From the biggest online books to the private bookie working with a select group of betting customers, everyone is going to have to find more effective and efficient ways to run their business.


PayPerHead247 is more than up for that challenge. They are ready to put their vast economies of scale to work for you. Signing on now will set the stage for a rapid recovery once a sense of normalcy has been restored. Having the piece of mind that you can move forward as a private bookie is one of the best business moves you can make right now.

Pay Per Head
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The Top Three Reasons Bookies Should Switch to PayPerHead247

Thrust into uncertain times due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the US and around the world, the sports betting industry has been turned upside down. With most major sports and sport events postponed or cancelled at this time, private bookies are scrambling to make ends meet until the sporting world gets back to normal.

One lone plus of this unfortunate situation is the ability to stop and take stock of your individual situation. Given the non-stop pace of the sports betting calendar from early fall right into summer, you would barely have the time to stop and catch your breath let alone perform a thorough examination of your bookie business.

A major part of that analysis would have to be your current pay per head bookie services provider. If everything makes the grade in that department, then you should move on to analyzing your personal business practices.

If you current PPH service does not make the grade, this becomes the perfect opportunity to make a change.

PayPerHead247 offers the high level of experience and expertise that have helped thousands of private bookies just like you run and manage a successful bookmaking operation. This has been the case for the past several years. The following are the top three reasons PPH247 can help you hit the ground running when live sports and sporting events return to the betting board.

Professional Business Support

Today’s online sports betting industry is packed with pay per head sites that are more than willing to collect their weekly per head fees while offering little in return other than basic software to operate your business online.

PPH247 has always emphasized expert business support as one of its strong suits. The company was founded by sports betting experts that also have an extensive background in online gambling software.

Based in Costa Rica, this bookie services provider is both a pioneer and innovator in the online bookmaking industry. As a private bookie, this gives you access to a wealth of information and continual support that can benefit the short-term and long-term success of your business.

Cutting Edge Business Tools

Most of today’s pay per head shops are working with the same online sports betting platform that has been used for years. They may add a few bells and whistles here and there but this is basically a cookie cutter package when it comes to basic bookie software solutions.

PPH247 has always been willing to make the proper investments into product research and development to make a good system all that much better over the years. The company has taken and in-house approach to proprietary software solutions designed to add genuine value to a private bookie’s business practices.

This pay per head package does move the dial when it comes to growing and expanding your bookie business in a profitable way.

Safe and Reliable Online Operations

One of the biggest issues with many of today’s newer pay per head sites is on the operational end of booking sports bets. PPH247 has also invested heavily in an operating system that is designed to process every online transaction in a safe and secure manner. Both your personal information and the private information of your betting customers is constantly safeguarded through state-of-art security measures.

Internet downtime cuts right into your weekly cash flow and overall bottom-line profit. Built with an ultra-high level of redundancy across the entire database, PPH247’s operating system will keep your bookie business up and running online on a continual basis every hour of every day all year long.

Pay Per Head
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Start Your Own Online Casino With PayPerHead247

Specialty stores in any retail industry are becoming harder and harder to find. As a private bookie, you can still make a decent living just booking sports bets but you would be leaving quite a bit of money on the table with the same specialized approach to running your business.


With PayPerHead247 by your side as your bookie services provider, you can match even the biggest commercial online sportsbook’s betting menu with access to sports, horse racing and online casino games. Off the three, the casino could be the easiest way to generate additional revenue and net profit.


Technical advances and sophisticated online gambling software solutions have revolutionized the real money casino gambling industry. What started out as a few slot games designed for online play has quickly evolved into a stand-alone industry that has completely bridged the gap with land-based casino venues.


Once the commercial offshore books found ways to add casino games to the mix, pioneers in the pay per head industry such as PPH247 created their own software solutions to bring the same capabilities to private bookmakers.


Benefits of an Online Casino

In today’s volatile market conditions, it become vital to develop multiple streams of revenue that can boost weekly cash flow while also creating the means to add more profit to the overall bottom line. Too many veteran bookies make the mistake of strictly relying on sports betting as their sole source of revenue and profit.


Adding online casino games to the mix is actually an added service for your customers. It is also the difference between being a local sports bookie and becoming a full-service online gambling site.


Another good reason to offer an online casino is cost efficiencies. PPH247 does not charge extra for access to its casino software solutions. Since you are already paying the weekly per head fee for active sports bettors, getting any of those customers to add casino play to their weekly routine becomes pure profit.

PPH247’s Online Casino Solutions


Variety remains the spice of life. PPH247 has gone out of its way to create an online casino solution that will appeal to both casual players and the avid casino gambler. The first way to accomplish that goal is overall game selection.


Starting with a wide variety of online slots, everything from the classics to the newest releases are included. Your customers will have access to number of different types of slots including:

  • 3 Reel & 5 Reel Slots
  • 3D Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Progressive Slot Jackpots

Anything a player would find in a slot lounge on the Las Vegas Strip can be included in your online slot collection. This is still the biggest draw for any casino; land-based or online. It is also a casino’s biggest source of revenue and profit. That is why PPH247 has put so much emphasis on this particular gaming portfolio.


As a complement to your slot selection, video poker is another big draw. From the basics such as Jacks or Better to specialty poker games covering a wide number of variants, sports bettors that are also big fans of this game will not be disappointed.


Your online casino can also offer table games for Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps as the most popular choices. Once again, there are different variations for all of these crowd favorites in the mix.

Pay Per Head
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Complete Player Management With PayPerHead247

One of the most important aspects of running and managing a successful independent bookmaking operation is creating a high level of control. Private bookies always need to stay way out in front of all the daily and weekly action coming in. Working closely with the right pay per head bookie services site is the best way to maximize that necessary level of control.

As a private bookie, you understand the benefits of taking an automated approach to running your business. Your pay per head provider handles the day-to-day online operational end of things, so you can spend most of your time on the marketing and customer service side of the equation. For a low weekly fee for each of your active betting customers, you receive everything you need to run an independent online book.

What some bookies fail to realize is that all PPH services are not created equal. With hundreds of bookie software sites to choose from, some are better than others in the products and services they offer. One site that does standout from all the rest is PayPerHead247.

There are a number of ways that this PPH service goes the extra mile. However, one of the most important ways is offering the right business tools for complete player management.

PPH247 Sports Betting Customer Profiles

The player management process begins and ends with customized online profiles for each of your betting customers. This becomes the central database for many of the business performance reports you will run on a regular basis. It is also a complete history of each of your betting customer’s online gambling activity.

The PPH247 customer profile is a running snapshot that can help you track and monitor each player’s betting habits, tendencies and style. By thoroughly understanding these three aspects for everyone of your active customers, you will be able to make the right business decisions for your bookie operation as a whole.

Another important aspect of an online customer profile is any credit and betting limits you wish to put in place. These are vital to creating the necessary level of control you need to be successful as a private bookie. These profiles can easily be edited to reflect any changes made at the customer level.

Other Important Player Management Tools

The biggest edge that a private bookie has over the big commercial online sportsbooks is a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail. To execute that high level of service, you need to have some special tools in your PPH bookie services’ tool box.

PPH247’s software tools gives you the ability to quickly:

  • Pull player performance reports
  • Suspend and enable online accounts
  • Adjust daily and weekly limits
  • Enable or disable various betting options
  • Adjust active betting lines

These are just a few of the ways you will have complete player management capabilities. These are also essential tools for establishing that high level of control to reduce any negative exposure that could have an impact on cash flow and overall profit.

One of the best things about running and managing your own bookmaking operation is the ability to hand pick your customer base. You can shape that base with sports bettors that meet your individual business goals. Picking your own customers lends itself to a positive working relationship. However, even with the best betting customers in the world, this does not lesson the need for effective player management and overall control.