Becoming a Bookie 101

How do you plan on starting or ending this year? Is becoming a bookie one of your goals this year? You are in luck because we intend to make your dream come true.

Anyone can become a bookie, even those with zero experience placing bets or running a business. The reason this is possible is the pay per head (PPH) industry (more details below). Here are three steps to follow to become a bookie.

Find a Pay Per Head Service Provider

Pay per head industry is based on supplying bookies with the necessary tools to run their business. The service provider is a silent partner, providing a bookie website, software, betting lines, technical team, and other resources that complete a betting business.

These companies have a plethora of knowledge about managing bookies. They hire the best line managers or oddsmakers and other experts to ensure the smooth running of your platform.

It might take you a while before you find the ideal pay per head service provider. However, we want to save you time by recommending a highly-ranked site, PayPerHead247. The company offers every tool mentioned above, plus customer support, horse racing bets, and anonymous deposit methods at a fair price per head.

Find Bettors

You can set up your pay per head bookie in a day. So, start finding clients as soon as you can.

The best part about becoming a bookie is that the PPH service provider takes up most duties of running a bookie. This leaves you with one task; to find clients.

You cannot afford to go wrong here. So, take your time to identify the type of bettors you want. Recruit as many clients as your bankroll can support.

Grow Your Bankroll

Before you become a bookie, ensure you have a bankroll. This is an amount you can use to pay clients when they win. Usually, losing clients wagers should cover the winning clients payout when the books are balanced. However, this might not always be the case.

You might need to dip into your bankroll to pay clients on time. The size of your bankroll will determine how many clients you can offer your services to.

It will also determine how long you will run your business without stressing about it. So, top up your bankroll from the profits you get until your business can stand on its own.

Now that you know the step to becoming a bookie, it is time to launch your business. You will follow the above steps to get your betting business off the ground. Contact PayPerHead247 to help you set up your bookie business in a day.