Bookie Software

Gambling in any number of forms remains as popular as ever on a worldwide basis. Whether it is at a land-based sportsbook in a casino hotel and resort on the Las Vegas Strip or online at a sports betting website, the power behind it all is specific bookmaking software.

Software applications continue to evolve in an ever-changing business environment. The overall gaming industry is also evolving through continued advances in technology that take a highly innovative approach to doing business. While there are specific applications depending on the type of betting taking place, all bookie software is related in one form or another.

One facet of the sports betting industry that has benefited the most from these rapid advances is the private bookmakerAdvanced bookie software solutions have been made extremely affordable through the Pay Per Head business model. For one low, weekly fee for each active betting customer, a private bookie can offer a full complement of online betting options.

Sportsbook Software

The basic business behind any bookmaking operation is sports. There have been sports bookies as long as sports have been played. While the days of taking bets on the phone in some smoky backroom of the local pool hall are pretty much dead and gone, the private bookmaking business for betting on sports still accounts for close to two-thirds of all the sports betting revenue in the United States alone.

Given the overall size of the independent sportsbook industry, it is no wonder that the Pay Per Head sports betting software industry continues to grow at a rapid pace as well. One of the biggest factors fueling this growth is a highly sophisticated online sports betting software solutions package that can rival even the biggest commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online.

As a cost-efficient turnkey way to start a private bookie business, the only thing needed to get things off the ground is some startup capital and some betting customers. A quality price per head shop can take care of all the rest. Along with advanced software applications to process the day-to-day transactions that go into a business of this nature, a quality pay per head provider can set a bookie up with:

  • An online betting website to promote a bookmaking service
  • Fast and sharp betting lines to build out a professional betting board
  • Real-time business analytics that help to successfully run and manage the overall operation

This extensive bookie software solutions package is not only easy to use for both booking agent and their sports betting customers, it is highly secure to ensure that every online transaction is conducted in a safe and secure viral environment.

The top PPH services in business today are backed by sports betting experts with many owners considered to be pioneers of the overall online sports betting industry.

The biggest edge the private bookie has over the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the competition simply cannot match. Price per head bookie software solutions are designed to level the playing field against the big online books with the right technical applications to mirror their advanced services.

Racebook Software

One of the first expansions outside of bookie software for sports was an application for booking bets on horse racing. As a highly profitable companion revenue stream to betting on sports, price per head shops offer everything a bookie needs to run and manage their own racebook for horses.

Today’s racebook software offers easy access to every North American race track running a daily card with expanded capabilities to bet on horses on an international level. One of the best aspects of developing this revenue stream is availability. The football season lasts six months. The basketball season expands to eight months. Horse betting is a year-round activity with any number of major graded races on the weekend slate just about every week of the year.

Almost every sports bettor takes interest in the Triple Crown racing series headed by the Kentucky Derby every May at Churchill Downs. Most bettors will also take an active interest in the annual running of the two-day Breeders’ Cup in early November.

There are some multi-million purses up for grabs with high-profile races highlighted by the $9 million Pegasus World Cup in late January. The UK offers a steady supply of high-dollar betting events and some of the biggest prize purses up for grabs are in the Japan Racing Association.

While it is the job of the private bookmaker to cultivate their horse racing business, there is no shortage of opportunities to bring in some weekly action with the support of a comprehensive racebook software application.

Once again, ease of use ranks high on the list along with the following features and benefits:

  • Access to daily race cards at over 70 North American tracks
  • Access to major graded international stakes races
  • Full betting options, including exotics and daily doubles
  • Mobile platform betting as well as toll-free phone betting

Casino Software

Another highly profitable revenue stream for independent bookmakers is online casino gambling. There are any number of online gambling sites offering access to slots, video poker and table games. However, those sites are still limited since they do not have the added dimension of sports and horse betting.

The online sportsbook industry seized the opportunity to expand their presence in the online casino industry by offering a betting application on their websites. The Pay Per Head industry followed suit by developing a software application that brings online casino gambling to a private bookie’s arsenal of betting options.

This is just another way that private bookies continue to level the playing field against the big books. By establishing an independent book as a full-service, one-stop shop for anyone’s online gambling needs, the private bookie has the opportunity to keep all of their betting customers completely satisfied.

Online casino software solutions offer the following features and benefits:

  • Hundreds of slot machine offerings
  • Video poker and other electronic gambling games
  • Popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat
  • Live dealer options for table games

The final item on the list is probably the fastest growing segment of the online casino gambling industry. Advanced software applications have made online live-dealer table games the closest things to Las Vegas a gambler can find.

From the comfort of a desktop, laptop or mobile handheld device, players can capture all the excitement of betting on their favorite casino table games. Live dealers run the games and the selection of betting options continues to expand with each passing year.

Bookie Software Closing Observations

Summarizing bookie software, there has never been a better time to successfully run and manage an independent bookmaking operation. The pay per head business model has dramatically reduced the barriers to entry with their turnkey approach to providing the necessary bookie software solutions.

Low cost pricing options combined with full customer support gives a private bookie that silent business partner that can cover the administrative end of the operation. This gives bookmakers far more time to devote their efforts to the sales and marketing end of things. With the right tools in place, the path to success both in the short term and over the long haul is about as clear as it gets.