Bookies Benefit From a Technical and Tactical Advantage With PayPerHead247

The main objective of any pay per head bookie services plan is to fully automate a private bookie business while providing the proper means to successfully run and manage that business online.


For more than two decades, has helped thousands of bookie agents accomplish each of these goals.


Based in Costa Rica, as the central location for the pay per head industry, PPH247 has established itself as a market leader through its experience and level of expertise in the entire online gaming industry.


Technical PayPerHead247 Benefits


PPH247’s ongoing success can be tied to its advanced internal operating system as well as its sophisticated online betting platform. Heavy investments into both facets are designed to keep bookie agents well ahead of the sharp technological curve that is rapidly changing the way any bookmaker conducts business these days.


Whether you are new to the industry or already operating an established book, these changes are taking place at an accelerated pace. Many of today’s PPH services are offering software solution packages that are already outdated and obsolete.


Working with PPH247 provides a significant advantage over competition from a technological standpoint. This operating system has been built with a high level of reliability that has eliminated the issues tied to online downtime.


Deeper levels of security have been put in place to ensure that every online transaction concerning your bookie business is processed in a safe and secure manner.


Moving onto to the various software solutions offered in the PPH247 base pay per head plan, they were all developed from the ground up by a professional in-house IT staff. This staff remains in place to consistently create software upgrades that improve overall performance.


Along with the ability to run and manage a sports betting platform online, you can expand your online gambling offerings to create multiple streams of revenue.


The first is an online racebook for betting on horses. Your customer base will have direct access to any track running a daily live card. This also includes the biggest horse betting events of the year such the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup.


The other option included in the base PPH package is solutions to run an online casino equipped with Las Vegas-style slots and table games.

Tactical PayPerHead247 Benefits


With the technical aspect of your bookie business covered, PPH247 has also developed tactical business tools that can help you grow and expand the range and scope of your bookmaking operation.


Player management tools can keep you way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. Betting board management tools allow you to build out that board to meet your particular business needs.


You will also have the ability to initiate line movements and changes to your betting board. This includes individual adjustments to any betting and credit limits in place on an account-by-account basis.


Working with the IT staff, you can create an online betting portal that takes a customized approach to establishing a professional online presence for your bookie business.


Best of all, everything you need is included in the base plan at a very affordable weekly fee for each of your active betting customers. You only have to pay for what you use with no hidden fees or added costs buried in the fine print.