Bookies Turn to PayPerHead247 as Industry Leader for Over 20 Years

More and more private bookies have signed on with PayPerHead247 as their software solutions provider. Backed by more than 20 years’ experience in the online sports betting industry, this PPH site offers a proven product that is backed by an in-house staff of experts.


Major advancements in online sportsbook operations have outpaced many of the existing pay per head sites competing in a crowded marketplace. PPH247 has consistently made the proper investments in the products and services it offers as an industry pioneer. The company has also positioned itself as an industry innovator with proprietary software solutions that meet and exceed bookie’s needs.


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When you have the economy of scales in place as one of the biggest bookie services sites in the marketplace, it creates a huge advantage over the competition. PPH247 has been able to fully leverage this advantage to add value to products and services it offers.


Founded in Costa Rica, the ownership group has remained committed to the bookie agents its serves. By adding true value the entire bookie services package, this also adds value to the low weekly cost of the plan. You only pay for what you use through a per head fee for active bettors.


Along with in-house sports betting experts that monitor every betting line that is released, there is a professional IT staff in place for continuous technical support. The entire customer service team comes from a sports betting background. They know and understand exactly what it takes to run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation.


When you first sign on with PPH247, you will have access to a dedicated account manager that can walk you through the simple process of taking your bookie business online. The entire in-house team at this bookie services site is there to help you in anyway possible. They are available on a continual basis every day of the year.

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As mentioned, this PPH service relies on proprietary software solutions that makes your job easier as a private bookie. Access to unlimited betting options through your sportsbook helps to build your weekly handle as well as your weekly profit.


The racebook solutions for betting on horses offers an expanded menu of North American and international racing venues. This provides year-round profits through every track running a daily card.


You can also offer Las Vegas-style gambling through the online casino solutions. This includes both slots and table games.


The goal is to establish multiple streams of revenue that can help you reach and exceed your set financial goals.


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Also mentioned was the professional in-house support team at PPH247. This is like adding a silent business partner that always keeps your interests top of mind.


You can also use the site’s customer service as a marketing tool to help expand your customer base. Avid sports bettors will appreciate the high level of service they can provide when it comes to any questions or concerns with their online betting account.


For more than 20 years, PPH247 has been earning it spot at the top of the list in the pay per head bookie services industry. Now is the perfect time to sign on and take full advantage of everything the site has to offer. This starts with a free, no obligation trial as the perfect way to give this PPH package a thorough test drive.