Boost Your Sports Product

Anyone even remotely familiar with sports betting probably knows that American football and more specifically the NFL is the biggest draw when it comes to the billions of dollars in revenue this industry pulls in on a yearly basis.

What most sports bettors probably do not know is that private bookies account for close to two-thirds of all the sports betting revenue this industry creates in the US alone. Independent sportsbooks that are run and managed by a private bookie continue to drive the lion’s share of the growth in US sports betting even as more and more individual states enter the market with both land-based sportsbooks and online betting sites.

If you are a private bookie running and managing your own sportsbook in what is still a very competitive marketplace, you should always strive to boost your sports product with the help of a quality pay per head online sports betting software provider.

Boost Your Sports Product With Expanded In-Season Betting Options

One of the easiest way to drive betting revenue to increase your sports product is by increasing the betting options for the games. A perfect example of this would be game, team and player props for individual matchups. Considering that the NBA and NHL regular season consists of 82 game ahead of an expanded postseason run spanning two extra months, bringing in some extra action on props for just a few games each week can add up to some serious profit over the course of the entire season.

Once June rolls around, the daily MLB game slate is the only consistent betting action on the board. Baseball is one of the best betting sports for props given just how many possible betting options there are in one single game.

You need to promote prop bets and other betting options within individual games to your entire sports betting base as well as to any prospective betting customers. By making them an integral part of your overall marketing plan, you will be able to maximize the added profit to your operation’s bottom line.

Boost Your Sports Product With Offseason Betting Options

Football is king when it comes to sports betting with the NFL leading the way. No matter how much money you may make during the five months there are actual games on the board, there is still more money to be made during the extended seven month offseason.

Once the upcoming regular season’s official week by week NFL schedule is released and the annual draft is in the books, there are a world of betting opportunities on the board in the form of:

  1. Expanded NFL futures
  2. Team and player props
  3. Betting odds for projected win totals
  4. NFL Week 1 game lines

You need to work closely with your price per head shop to build out your offseason NFL betting board with everything that is available leading up to summer camps and the start of the NFL preseason schedule in early August. You never want to run the risk of having even one of your sports betting customers turning to a different source to bet on something that was not available on your betting board.

The same concept of expanded offerings holds true for any major sports league during its offseason. While limited in range and scope, there are added betting options for the top two college betting sports (football and basketball) during the offseason as well.

Boost Your Sports Product by Expanding Your Entire Betting Board

If football, basketball, hockey and baseball account for the majority of the action you take in, you are leaving money on the table. While sports such as professional golf and tennis, motor racing, soccer, boxing, MMA fighting and horse racing do not have the wide-scale appeal as the top four major betting sports, they can collectively add up to both increased revenue and overall profit.

At some point during the yearly sports calendar, each of these secondary betting sports is catapulted into the national spotlight. You need to position your bookie business as a one-stop shop for everything going on in the world of sports. Whether it is one of golf’s four Majors, the Daytona 500 in NASCAR or the Kentucky Derby in horse racing, working directly with your pay per head service will help you capitalize on everything else that goes on in the sports betting world during the year.