Build a Bigger Baseball Betting Business with

April 1 marks the start of this year’s MLB regular season. After playing an abbreviated 60-game schedule last season, MLB is back bigger than ever with the full 162-game slate. Given that there are 30 teams in the Majors, that adds up to quite a bit of daily betting action.


This is action your bookie business could use to generate steady cash flow and weekly profits over the next seven months while overlapping with the new football season in the fall.


To make the most of this lucrative business opportunity, you need right by your side. For more than two decades, this PPH service has been helping bookie agents just like yourself make the most of their efforts. is committed to helping you reach and exceed any financial goals you may have set for yourself.


Building a solid base of MLB daily and weekly betting action is a big part of that plan.


Build Your MLB Handle and MLB Hold


Taking in a large amount of daily and weekly volume is one thing. Turning that high handle into an even higher hold percentage should always be your main priority. While handle pertains to the total money bet through your bookie operation, the hold percentage is how you get paid.


Your hold is the difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money collected on losing bets plus your commission, which is also referred to as juice or vig. Assuming that you charge the standard 10% juice on losing bets, your overall hold should range from 5% on the low end to more than 10% on the high end.


Your hold will fluctuate from one week to the next. If the majority of your betting customers were all over the favorites the past week when the favorites were hot, your hold is going to drop. There are also going to be weeks when the dogs were barking rather loud. This translates to a higher than normal hold. offers real time business analytics that can provide a deep level of insight into your MLB handle and hold on an ongoing basis.


More importantly, this bookie services site can provide effective ways to build both your MLB handle and hold over the course of the entire season.

Build Your MLB Profits Without Building Your Betting Base


The pay per head bookie services business model is based on one low weekly fee charged for every active bettor. offers a comprehensive base plan for around $10 per head. This covers everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business.


Since you are paying a set per head fee regardless of how much someone bets each week, it is far more profitable to have 10 active customers betting around $1000 a week each than 100 active customers betting $100 each.


In reality, you will probably have a blend of both high rollers and recreational bettors as part of your overall betting base. The main idea is to employ various techniques that can build your betting handle ( and hold) without having to increase your active betting base.


One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is to let help you build out your MLB betting board to give your customers more betting options. This will lead to a higher weekly MLB handle and hold with the active customer base you already have.