Life of a bookie
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Planning For The Future With PayPerHead247

These are tough times for private bookmakers in the wake of the current work stoppage in the world of sports. Getting through the next few months will be a challenge but the sports betting industry is poised to make a huge comeback once society can return to a sense of normalcy.


Whether you are working on ways to fill the current void with other forms of online gambling or making plans for the return of live sports, the most important part of the process is finding the right pay per head bookie services provider to help you make the most of all of your efforts.


Navigating The Current Business Climate


Going it alone right now in these unsettled times has been more than a challenge. You need a pay per head site that has the experience and high level of industry expertise that can help you squeeze as much revenue and net profit out of everything that can generate action in the absence of daily sports.


PayPerHead247 has been helping private bookie agents just like you for more than 20 years. As true industry pioneers since the very beginning of online sports betting, they have developed bookie software solutions that are both comprehensive and turnkey in their application. They also offer a much higher level of hands-on business support than the majority of their competitors.


There is no doubt that these are tough times, the toughest business conditions you will probably ever face in the bookmaking industry. Right now, you need a silent business partner that can help you quickly implement alternative revenue streams such as a racebook for horses and an online casino.


You may feel like you are only in survival mode right now. However, PPH247 can help you put the right business processes in place to get through the short term while setting the stage for long term success.


Building Business For The Future


At this point, things can only get better with time. You need to control what you can control right now while also putting plans in place to come back even stronger than your bookie business was just a few months ago.


Proper planning is all about having the right business tools in place to accomplish your goals. Maybe you never even thought of running your own racebook or online casino in the past. With the help of PPH247, you can take each of these alternative revenue streams and grow them right along with your sports betting service.


Today’s sophisticated online gamblers are looking for the one-stop shop for all of their activities. They are also looking for the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can provide and the big commercial online books can never match.


Coming off this tough stretch of road with PPH247 right by your side, you will have the ability to completely reinvent your sports bookie business as a full-service online gambling venue.


Taking action on sports, horses and casino games are all viable ways to make money. Together, they become an extremely lucrative combination that can actually take your business to a higher level.


That being said, you still need the proper plans in place. Those plans need to be backed by the right pay per head bookie service like PPH247 to accomplish the financial goals you have set for yourself.

Life of a bookiePay Per Head
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How to Create a Custom Website for Pay Per Head

Online companies offering their products and services exclusively through the internet continue to flourish in light of all the recent advances in e-commerce technology. Just think of the last time you bought something from Amazon. Every single industry across the US and around the world has been impacted by online business applications.

It was not all that long ago when the primary tools of the trade for a private bookmaker consisted of a phone and a paper tablet. Once the big offshore sportsbooks created the online capability to take bets from players in the US, private bookies located anywhere in the world followed suit with the help of a pay per head online sports betting software provider.

The same computer software programs that help offshore books take action online have been adapted to provide the proper online sports betting capabilities to a private bookie running and managing an independent sportsbook.

Competing in an Online Sports Betting Marketplace

Unless you are content with taking action from a small handful of family, friends and other close acquaintances, you need the right business tools to compete against the big commercial online books that will pull out all the stops to attract sports bettors to their million-dollar websites. It does not cost a fortune to create a custom sports betting website that does level the playing field. Having a hand in the creation of your own business website provides the following benefits:

  • A truly custom design that does set your business apart from the competition
  • An expanded betting board with access to any number of betting options both in the US and around the globe.
  • Live in-game sports betting
  • An expended Racebook for horse betting
  • An online casino complete with slots, video poker and electronic table games. This can also include an application for live-dealer table games

With all of these site features in place, you can market your bookie business as a full-service independent sportsbook with a high level of customer service and personal attention to detail. Best of all, this can be accomplished is a relatively short amount of time with the right pay per head service handling the operational end of the business.

Growing a Bookie Business Online

You can still build a sports betting customer base the old fashioned way though personal contacts and word-of-mouth referrals. Even with today’s highly sophisticated online applications, this is still the best way to get a bookie business off the ground.

Even if you continue to add customers to the fold through a personal network of sports betting fans, you will still need to create and maintain a highly professional online business presence given the way that the majority of sports bets are placed. You might still have a few old-timers that prefer to call in their bets, but today’s sophisticated sports bettors are all about placing real-time bets through an online application. This includes an advanced mobile platform working with all types of handheld devices.

As part of the weekly price per head fee you pay for each of your active betting customers, your pay per head provider can help you accomplish that goal with a custom website specifically designed for your bookie business.

Some of the more basic online sites are nothing more than a generic template with your company name. These basic sites will get the job done from an online betting standpoint. However, they will not help you distinguish your bookie services from everyone else out there taking bets.

The top pay per head bookie software providers in the online sports betting industry have made the proper investments into an IT department that can create, host and maintain a custom website. A custom design tailored to your specific business needs will provide the highly professional business image that does set you apart from the competition.

There may be some added per head cost to achieve this professional image, but it is well worth the investment when you consider how much it would cost to undertake this process on your own. The right custom website will quickly become your best and most important tool for marketing your bookie business. Best of all, it can help you project the proper business image you are looking to convey to both existing and potential sports betting customers.

Life of a bookiePay Per Head
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How to Expand Your Bookmaking Offering

Years ago, most private bookies cut their teeth taking bets on college football games and the NFL. The business would be seasonal from September through the Super Bowl in early February. As sports betting continued to grow in popularity across all segments of society, fans looked to place bets on all the major sports. Along with the expansion of sports betting options came the upgrade in sophisticated sports betting technology to book these bets online.

The pay per head bookie software business model provides the necessary online sports betting software solutions to run and manage your own independent online sportsbook. All you have to pay for this turnkey software package is a low weekly price per head fee for each of your active sports betting customers.

Pay per head bookie software presents a low cost to entry into one of the most lucrative online businesses you can run as a private bookmaker. The product offered by the top PPH services would rival what even the biggest commercial online sportsbooks uses to operate their million-dollar websites.

Building Your Bookie Business

To this day, there are private bookmakers that only take action on football and basketball as the two biggest betting sports. While you may derive quite a bit of your company’s profits for the entire year when these two sports are in season, there are five other months of the year when they are both off the board.

Building and growing a private bookie business that can meet your financial goals both in the short term and over the long haul requires the following three attributes:

  • An active sports betting customer base

There are no minimums when it comes to how many active betting customers you need to take your bookie business online with pay per head bookie software. However, you do need to establish a customer base that is large enough to meet any profit projections. Assuming you can maintain a hold percentage above five percent, you would be able to calculate how much generated revenue would be needed.

  • An expanded sports betting board that meets customer’s needs

As a private bookie, you never want to run the risk of losing even one customer to an outside betting outlet because they could not find what they were looking for on your betting board. Working closely with your price per head shop, you already have fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting lines and odds. You also have the ability to set and move your own betting lines while making any necessary changes to your betting board.

  • The proper online business applications to create multiple revenue streams

Another way a private bookie can expand revenue along with added profit to the bottom line is added revenue streams. You already have the ability to build out your sports betting board with a wide variety of betting options. You can also add a racebook for betting on horses. Access to this added application is part of the PPH service fee you are already paying. You can also expand into online casino gambling with slot machines, video poker and electronic table games. One of the fastest growing trends with this added revenue stream is live-dealer table games.

Build Your Bookie Betting Board

Being a full-service sports bookmaker still comes down to leveling the playing field with the big commercial sportsbooks that go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their bookmaking services.

Expanding your betting board to meet all of your current customer’s needs is just a starting point. Today’s advanced pay per head software solutions can generate betting lines for over 80 different sports. You can add a full list of futures and prop bets on a sport-by-sport basis as well as for special betting events such as the Majors in professional golf and major stakes races for thoroughbred horses.

You also have easy access to software applications for live in-game betting. There is nothing more exciting than betting on a sporting contest after it has gotten underway. This is also an excellent way to raise the handle for the most popular betting sports.

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, the only limit to expanding your bookmaking offerings is your own creativity when it comes to building out your board.

Life of a bookie
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Boost Your Sports Product

Anyone even remotely familiar with sports betting probably knows that American football and more specifically the NFL is the biggest draw when it comes to the billions of dollars in revenue this industry pulls in on a yearly basis.

What most sports bettors probably do not know is that private bookies account for close to two-thirds of all the sports betting revenue this industry creates in the US alone. Independent sportsbooks that are run and managed by a private bookie continue to drive the lion’s share of the growth in US sports betting even as more and more individual states enter the market with both land-based sportsbooks and online betting sites.

If you are a private bookie running and managing your own sportsbook in what is still a very competitive marketplace, you should always strive to boost your sports product with the help of a quality pay per head online sports betting software provider.

Boost Your Sports Product With Expanded In-Season Betting Options

One of the easiest way to drive betting revenue to increase your sports product is by increasing the betting options for the games. A perfect example of this would be game, team and player props for individual matchups. Considering that the NBA and NHL regular season consists of 82 game ahead of an expanded postseason run spanning two extra months, bringing in some extra action on props for just a few games each week can add up to some serious profit over the course of the entire season.

Once June rolls around, the daily MLB game slate is the only consistent betting action on the board. Baseball is one of the best betting sports for props given just how many possible betting options there are in one single game.

You need to promote prop bets and other betting options within individual games to your entire sports betting base as well as to any prospective betting customers. By making them an integral part of your overall marketing plan, you will be able to maximize the added profit to your operation’s bottom line.

Boost Your Sports Product With Offseason Betting Options

Football is king when it comes to sports betting with the NFL leading the way. No matter how much money you may make during the five months there are actual games on the board, there is still more money to be made during the extended seven month offseason.

Once the upcoming regular season’s official week by week NFL schedule is released and the annual draft is in the books, there are a world of betting opportunities on the board in the form of:

  1. Expanded NFL futures
  2. Team and player props
  3. Betting odds for projected win totals
  4. NFL Week 1 game lines

You need to work closely with your price per head shop to build out your offseason NFL betting board with everything that is available leading up to summer camps and the start of the NFL preseason schedule in early August. You never want to run the risk of having even one of your sports betting customers turning to a different source to bet on something that was not available on your betting board.

The same concept of expanded offerings holds true for any major sports league during its offseason. While limited in range and scope, there are added betting options for the top two college betting sports (football and basketball) during the offseason as well.

Boost Your Sports Product by Expanding Your Entire Betting Board

If football, basketball, hockey and baseball account for the majority of the action you take in, you are leaving money on the table. While sports such as professional golf and tennis, motor racing, soccer, boxing, MMA fighting and horse racing do not have the wide-scale appeal as the top four major betting sports, they can collectively add up to both increased revenue and overall profit.

At some point during the yearly sports calendar, each of these secondary betting sports is catapulted into the national spotlight. You need to position your bookie business as a one-stop shop for everything going on in the world of sports. Whether it is one of golf’s four Majors, the Daytona 500 in NASCAR or the Kentucky Derby in horse racing, working directly with your pay per head service will help you capitalize on everything else that goes on in the sports betting world during the year.

Life of a bookie
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Tips for a Master Agent: Methods to Grow Your Network

A bookmaking agent will normally take one of two different approaches to running and managing an independent sportsbook. The first is to develop a solid sports betting base of private customers that place all of their bets with you as a sole proprietor of that sportsbook. This has been a proven way to make a very lucrative return in the rapidly expanding sports betting industry.

The other approach to running and managing a private book is by expanding both the scope and reach of your business with the use of sub-agents that work under the umbrella of your bookmaking operation. You, as the business owner, assume the role of Master Agent in charge of the entire operation.

The easiest way to set up a bookie business as a master agent with a network of sub-agents is through a top-line Pay Per Head online sports betting software solutions provider. The bookie software solutions are designed to handle all the intricacies of placing bets online through an expanded network of agents. You will always maintain that high level of control needed to be successful as a master agent while also increasing the bottom-line profit your bookmaking operation brings in.

Proper Planning for Expansion

Once you decide to expand your bookie operation with the help of sub-agents, it is vital that you have a set business plan in place to smoothly handle this transition. The first step is to clearly define your goals over the next few months and over the next few years. Once you know where you want to take your business, you then need to put the proper plans in place to achieve those goals.

You need to keep in mind that growing and expanding any business is a work in progress and all plans are subject to change. However, you need to avoid going into anything new blindly without a clear direction in place.

How to Find the Right Sub-Agents

At the top of the list when it comes to ways to grow your network is the task of finding the right sub-agents. They need to fit into your personal business style while also possessing the ability to grow their piece of the business behind their own style and abilities.

The following is a list of 5 character traits that should be taken into consideration when recruiting a sub-agent for your bookie business:

  1. Dependability
  2. Coachable
  3. Compatible Personality
  4. Dedicated to Their Craft
  5. Sincerity

If your sub-agent is not dependable to do their job on a regular basis, they will prove to be more of a hindrance than an asset.

You do not have to find sub-agents with an extensive resume in the sports betting industry as long as they are coachable on how to run their piece of the business.

It makes all the sense in the world to work with someone you can get along with. The private bookie business relies heavily on the added level of customer service and attention to detail that the big commercial sportsbooks simply cannot provide. You need sub-agents that can mirror the higher level of service that you already provide.

Once someone does decide to become a sub-agent for your book, they need to be dedicated to both your short-term business goals as well as your long-term business plans.

Finally, you need to find sub-agents that are sincere and honest in their approach to working with their betting customers. If they work for you, they become a direct reflection of your business as a whole.

Where to Find the Right Sub-Agents

The same marketing tactics you employ to grow your sports betting customer base can also be used to find the right sub-agents to expand it. In fact, many of the best sub-agents that got into the bookie business started out as sports betting customers.

Start with your existing customer base when it comes to prospecting for potential sub-agents. Chances are that if someone loves betting on sports, they may jump at the opportunity to work in the sports betting field. Word of mouth referrals are still the best way to grow and expand your bookie business. Whether you are looking for additional customers or sub-agents that can successfully develop their own customer base.

Life of a bookie
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Maximize Your Profits

Any business owner know just how important it is to generate enough profit to meet all the financial needs of their company as well as their financial expectations for an acceptable return on investment. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why so many businesses fail, is the owner’s inability to meet those profit goals.

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, there are certain steps you can take to maximize the profit you earn on the betting revenue you bring in. A private bookie makes money on the hold percentage. This refers to the money leftover after all the winning bets have been paid and the losing ones with the juice (or commission) have been collected. As a general rule, you should be able to clear at least five percent of the total betting revenue your bookmaking operation takes in.

Working With The Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Provider

One of the biggest and costliest mistakes a private bookie will make is shopping for an online sports betting software provider on price alone. The general Pay Per Head business model charges a weekly fee for every active betting customer. Included in that price should be all the business tools needed to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook.

Your PPH service also needs to be safe and secure when it comes to processing all the daily online transactions that are part of booking bets. It also needs a reliable operating system that remains up and running 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Your price per head shop should also provide all the betting lines you need, when you need them. Fast and sharp lines are the lifeblood of a private bookie business along with the ability to quickly move those lines or change your betting board to stay ahead of the daily action coming in.

The top pay per head sites are also backed with a highly trained customer service team that can work with you as the booking agent as well as with your sports betting customer base. The online sports betting software solutions package should be able to provide real-time business analytics through a variety of online business reports.

If you current PPH service is lacking in any of the features and benefits mentioned above, it is time to find a bookie software solutions provider that can fit the bill.

Online Marketing Plans That Move the Business Dial

Today’s sports betting industry is far more advanced than it was just five years ago. The majority of sports bets are placed through a mobile betting platform with the use of a handheld device. Even most of your older betting cliental has gravitated to the internet to place their bets.

You need a marketing plan that maximizes your online presence to attract the type of sports bettors you choose to do business with. The top price per head shops can help you with this task by creating an online sports betting site that is highly professional in its presentation.

All of your online marketing efforts need to enhance the professionalism of your private book. Your plan does not have to be elaborate, but it does need to be targeted in its approach.

Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue

The easiest way to maximize profits is by increasing the services you provide. In order to build a bookie business than can meet all of your customer’s betting needs, you should offer:

  • An extensive sports betting board with a wide variety of sports and sporting events There should also be a wide array of betting options.
  • An expanded racebook for horse racing that covers the majority of the tracks in North America as well as major graded events in the UK, Dubai and Japan.
  • An online casino application for slots, other video gaming options, electronic table games and access to live-dealer table games.

The ability to market your bookie business as a one-stop shop covering every online gambling option will help to create strong weekly cash flow as well as a strong balance sheet when it comes to your company’s bottom line.

Life of a bookie
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Steps to Build a Business On a Budget

The American Dream is all about owning and running your own business. The majority of the jobs in this country are produced by small business owners that are either self-employed or running a company with the help of a small group of employees.

There are far more business failures than success stories when it comes to forging out on your own. However, that should never be a deterrent if you have a solid plan and follow the proper steps to getting any small business off the ground.

It All Starts With a Plan

It is hard to drive to a new destination without GPS or a map. It is next to impossible to start a new business without a comprehensive plan. At the top of the list is the product or service you plan to sell. A close second is uncovering a viable customer base to buy that product or service. helloyes

If you are planning to be the fourth pizza shop in a town with a very small population, you are probably trying to enter a saturated market. If you are going to be the only person cutting hair in that same town, you should already have a customer base with strong built-in potential. The bottom line to any business plan is finding a strong market need and filling it.

Your business blueprint is essential to not only getting things started, but fueling that early growth with enough market resources to expand the overall customer base. Without customers you do not have a business, just a great idea for one. Without enough customers, you do not have the necessary resources to keep that business viable.

Raising Start-Up Capital

One of the main reasons why so many new businesses fail is the lack of financial capital to weather the early storms every new business owner is bound to face. You need to expect the unexpected when you open any new business and having the ability to handle the bumps in the road with available cash is crucial.

Banks and other financial institutions are more than willing to finance solid business plans. However, they are only going to give you so much rope before you hang yourself. Being leveraged to the hilt before you first open your door for business is a very dangerous way to get any business off the ground.

You still need some cold, hard cash at your disposal to supplement weekly cash flow and your living expenses when things get a bit lean from time to time. This is extremely important if you decide to get involved in a seasonal business with major swings in business traffic.

Growing and Expanding a Customer Base

As mentioned, you really do not have a business without customers and you probably do not have a viable business without some kind of expanded business base. Growing and expanding a customer base is not too tall of a task in you are offering a product or service that is in demand.

The following is a short list of how to increase your customer base:

The two biggest takeaways from this list are ‘word of mouth’ and ‘targeted’. If you are good at what you make or what you do, you will attract a solid customer base. Having someone else sell your product or service for you because they are happy and satisfied is the quickest and most effective way to grow a business.

Shotgun approaches to reaching potential customers can work in certain instances. However, taking a targeted rifle approach to hitting potential targets is always a much more effective approach to finding the best customers for your business.

Long-Term Business Strategies

Too many businesses get caught up in early success to the point where they take their eye off the prize. A fast start out of the gate is great, but long-team planning is what will make a business financially viable for the long haul.

The main reason that people go into business for themselves is to be their own boss. You need to develop the mindset that your top priority is to be your own boss until you decide to retire. The combination of short-term and long-term planning strategies is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of any business venture.

Life of a bookiePay Per Head
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How Can Sportsbook Agents Make Money?

Sports bettors in the United States are familiar with the land-based sportsbooks located in the big casino properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Recent expansion beyond the state of Nevada into new sports betting markets in New Jersey, Mississippi and Delaware just to name a few have helped to grow and expand the overall sports betting market in the US.

Another highly popular way to bet on sports is through the betting sites of big, commercial online sportsbooks catering to US players. Given the combination of both land-based and commercial online sportsbooks, one might get the impression that making money as an independent sportsbook agent would be tough to do.

The reality of the sports betting industry in the US dictates that private bookies running and managing an independent bookmaking operation still handle close to two-thirds of all the sports bets placed in the country. Aided by a Pay Per Head business model for bookie sports betting software solutions, the barriers to entry actually remain rather low.

Private Sportsbook Agents

Working for yourself has been the American dream ever since this country first gained its independence close to 250 years ago. Unfortunately, running a successful business that can meet your financial needs over the long haul is not as easy as it seems.

The two key ingredients needed to start any new business are supply and demand. It has already been determined that the supply of sports bettors in the US is at an all-time high. With this high demand, it has also been noted that today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to their online betting account that the big, commercial sportsbooks cannot supply.

This opens the door wide open for a private sportsbook agent working with the right price per head bookie software solutions package. As a private bookmaking agent, you can supply the higher level of customer service that today’s sports bettor is looking for. Best of all, you can basically hand-pick the sports betting customer base that you wish to work with.

Your PPH service’s operating system is designed to handle the day-to-day transactions that go into booking sports bets. This creates a situation that lets you spend most of your time building and growing your overall customer base to best meet your specific business goals.

Making Money as a Private Sportsbook Agent

Successfully running and managing your own independent bookmaking operation as a sportsbook agent still requires hard work and careful planning. Working with the right price per head shop is a big part of the equation, but so is staying way ahead of all the daily betting action coming in. Even the best sports betting software solutions will be worthless if you do not learn how to use them.

The Pay Per Head business model is designed to be easy to operate in a very turnkey fashion. Real time analytics through any number of business reports can help you track the betting action on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Individual online account profiles for each of your betting customers allow you to drill down as deep as you want into these stats. The ability to set and move your own betting lines as well as change your betting board to best meet your needs is a crucial aspect of sportsbook management.

The burden of making money as a sportsbook agent still falls squarely on your shoulders, but your chances for success are increased dramatically if you work with your price per head shop as a valued business partner.

Increasing a Sportsbook Agent’s Hold Percentage

The basic way any bookmaker makes money is the difference between the winning bets paid out and the losing bets collected plus the 10 percent commission charged. The difference between the two is often times referred to as a agent’s hold percentage. A few of the basic factors that affect a hold percentage are as follows:

  • Total Weekly Betting Volume
  • Balance Betting on Either Side of a Bet
  • Betting Limits on an Individual Basis
  • Betting Options on an Agent’s Total Betting Board

All four of these areas need to be addressed on a regular basis to create a hold percentage that can meet and hopefully exceed your overall profit goals.

Life of a bookiePay Per HeadSports
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Gambling Software

Every single industry across the United States and around the world has been impacted by technology. More specifically, advanced online technology in conjunction with the internet. This evolution over the past few decades has dramatically changed the way we do business today.

It was not that long ago that gambling at a casino resort was limited to the state of Nevada. Las Vegas quickly grew to become the gambling capital of the world with some of the biggest and most famous casino resorts on the famous Strip.

These days, gambling has not only expanded across the country through land-based casino resorts and race tracks. It is now available wherever there is access to the internet.

Origins of Sports Gambling Software

Las Vegas was also known as the sports betting capital of the world for its proliferation of land-based sportsbooks located in most casino resorts. Sports betting also existed online with the expansion of offshore sportsbooks in certain Caribbean and Central America countries in the early 1990’s. Many of these books successfully tapped into the US sports betting market despite the federal government’s attempts to prohibit sports betting in the country.

Along with land-based books in Las Vegas and online through a wide variety offshore books, the local bookie still commanded the lion’s share of the revenue generated by people betting on sports. The tools of the trade early in the private bookie industry were a phone, paper and pen. Their primary market consisted of local bars, social clubs and pool halls.

Flash forward to today’s sports betting industry in the US and nothing has really changed except how sports bets are placed. Recent changes in the law have opened the gateway to land-based sports betting in a number of states such as New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi and Pennsylvania with many more to come. The online sportsbook business is still booming with a grocery list of options for US players.

However, the biggest share of the sports betting market still belongs to the private bookie with the help of an online sports betting software solutions provider.

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Software

The main reason why independent bookmakers still dominate the sports betting industry is the online business model for booking bets. Just as the offshore sportsbooks developed specific software applications to take their business online, other software developers turned their attention to online sports betting solutions tailored towards a private bookie.

Known as “Pay Per Head”, a private bookie can contract all the business tools needed to run their operations online. The startup cost is minimal and the proper bookie software solutions can be obtained for a low, weekly fee for each active sports betting customers. Also known as price per head shops, these bookie software solutions have specifically been designed to help the private bookmaker level the playing field with the big commercial online sportsbooks.

Continuing advances in pay per head sports betting software have further refined the entire process to help fuel growth in this segment of the sports betting industry. Today’s highly sophisticated sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service and attention to detail that a private bookie can provide and a big books could never match.

The Nuts and Bolts of Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The typical pay per head site will present their online sports betting software solutions package in terms of features and benefits.

Some of the most basic features include:

  • Online Sports Betting Bookie Dashboard
  • Account Profiles for All Sports Betting Cliental
  • Fast Access to Sports Betting Lines and Odds
  • Real-Time Business Analytics Through Activity Reports

Once a bookie business goes online with a pay per head provider, the entire process of booking bets becomes completely automated and turnkey on a 24-hour a day basis, every day of the year. All the vital information is stored on a database that is operated with a very high level of redundancy. The operating system is also designed with security features that ensure that every online transaction is completed in a safe and secure manner.

When it comes to the most important benefits that pay per head bookie software can provide, the short list would look as follows:

  • Cost Efficient Business Model
  • Applications for Multiple Revenue Streams
  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • Mobile Betting Platform for Handheld Devices
  • Advanced Online Marketing Tools

Successfully running and managing an independent sportsbook still takes hard work and dedication. A quality pay per head provider can fill the role of the silent business partner handling the operational end of things. This will free up more time for building and growing the business with a specific marketing plan.

The best price per head shops in business today understand the concept that their future financial health and prosperity is directly tied to their bookie agent’s long-term success.

Other Pay Per Head Gambling Software Applications

What really adds value to the pay per head business model for private bookies is software applications that can generate multiple streams of revenue. As part of the weekly fee paid for active sports betting customers, the private bookie can expand their services to horse betting with an online racebook as well as casino gambling with online access to slots, video poker and table games.

One way that a private bookie can level the playing field with the big online sportsbooks is by becoming a full-service bookmaker. Along with an expended sports betting board with a wide variety of options, a racebook for horses and an online casino covers any customer’s online gambling needs. Offering all three online gambling services is also the perfect way to fill the seasonal gaps in the sports betting calendar.

Horse betting is a year-round activity given the sheer number of race tracks running a daily card in North America alone. Online casino gambling mirrors a land-based venue with slots, video poker and other electronic gambling games. The fastest growing segment of gambling online is specialized software offering access to live-dealer table games. Customers can interact with an actual dealer as well as other players at their table. Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are the three biggest live-dealer offerings.

Summarizing Gambling Software Solutions for Private Bookmakers

It would be next to impossible for any private bookie to duplicate the gambling software applications offered by pay per head services given the prohibitive start-up cost. The barriers to entry becoming a private bookie are extremely low as compared to starting any number of other independent businesses. The low, weekly price per head fee is a highly cost-effective way to acquire all the necessary business tools needed to run a sports bookmaking business.

Any apprehension towards taking a start-up bookie business online can easily be resolved by taking these pay per head software solutions for a test drive. Most quality PPH services offer a free trial period to decide if their software solutions are a good fit for a bookie’s specific business needs.

Most of these online sports betting software packages are turnkey and extremely easy to navigate. As a big plus, they are also supported by a trained customer service teams with experience in the online sports betting industry.

Life of a bookiePay Per Head
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Click Here For The Meaning of Pay Per Head

Anything charged on a ‘per head’ basis implies that there will be a cost for each individual involved in using a specific product or service. An all-you-can eat buffet at a restaurant or a per person tax related to an offered service immediately come to mind.

The term ‘pay per head’ is also related to the online sports betting industry. This is the weekly fee that is charged for access to online sports betting software often used by private bookies to run a bookmaking operation. Sometimes this particular business model for leasing online sports betting software applications can be presented as a “price per head” service fee. The software package is also known as “online sports betting solutions.”

Regardless of how it is presented by the various companies offering these services, a private bookie can successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook by simply paying a low, weekly per head few for each sports bettor utilizing the online sports betting application.

Pay Per Head Features

Given the complexities of running an online bookie business, you need to have the proper business tools in place. The main function of pay per head is to process all the various daily transactions that go into a business of this nature as a low-cost alternative to duplicating these software solutions on your own. Given the basic economies of scale associated with the pay per head business model, the more sports betting customers you serve, the more cost efficient your operation will be.

Some of the most basic features included in pay per head online bookie solutions are:

  • An online interface for placing sports bets
  • A mobile betting platform for handheld sports betting applications
  • Easy access to a line setting service to build out your betting board
  • Backend software access for key business reports

This list just scratches the surface when it comes to all the features included in a quality pay per head plan. Two very important things to always keep in mind are that all price per head shops are not equal and price should never be a major determining factor in which PPH service you choose.

Pay Per Head Benefits

There are more than enough pay per head providers trying to sell their services by price alone. If something seems to be too good to be true, cross that PPH service off the list. If you are just starting your bookie business, paying a higher price for a premium pay per head plan might appear to be overkill. However, having access to all the primary benefits now will allow you to grow into the role.

The last thing you want is to get hit with added fees and hidden costs when you need to add a service to a list. For example, receiving bet alerts in real time may be included in certain plans, but treated as an add-on cost in others. Whether you are booking five bets a day or 500, you will always want to stay way out in front of the betting action coming in.

The most important aspect of your bookie business is the ability to market your services online. Some PPH services will provide a generic online betting portal with your business name the only customized part of the site. Other price per head shops employ an in-house design team that can fully customize your company website to meet your specific business needs. They will also maintain that site as the host company.

Since the majority of sports bets are placed online these days, you need a highly professionalized online presence that can attract sports bettors to your services. Your built-in edge against the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and attention to detail that you can provide.

However, if you have a third-rate website that looks like it was designed by your nephew in grade school, you will be viewed as a third-rate bookie.

The Right Pay Per Head Service

Finding the right price per head shop that can meet all of your business needs will be the most important business decision you will need to make as a private bookmaker. Making the right decision right out of the gate will save you hours of frustration and aggravation further down the road.

When you think of your pay per head service as a crucial but silent business partner, it will help to keep things in their proper perspective.