Keeping Up With Your Rivals Using Pay Per Head Solutions

Prominent sportsbooks are slowly moving to each state that is legalizing sports gambling. This leaves you in a highly competitive market because you have to convince clients to stay with you instead of jumping ship. But, if your offering is basic and accessing your product is a pain, your clients will have no reason to stay.

The good thing is that there is a solution to help you keep up with your rivals. This solution puts you on the same level as prominent sportsbooks minus the high running costs.

By using pay per head (PPH) solutions, you can keep earning good profits even when several prominent sportsbooks have launched in your state. Here is how PPH solutions can help your business.

It Saves Time and Money

Prominent sportsbooks have adapted to technology. They know better than to ignore technology.

So, you have to adapt too. Get a pay per head bookie software at a fraction of the cost prominent sportsbooks spend. For instance, PayPerHead247 charges $7 per player to allow bookies to use their bookmaking solutions.

This is the cheapest running cost. The software is web-based. In other words, you will not need to invest in expensive hardware and rooms to house them.

This lowers the running cost further. Using this software saves time too. How?

Instead of feeding your excel sheet with player data manually, this software allows you to create player accounts easily. It also records and grades bets automatically, tracks payment, and automates many other processes, saving you time.

Largest Selection of Gambling Options

How many betting lines do you offer in a day, week, or month? Do you think these lines are enough to keep your clients betting?

Take any prominent sportsbook in your state and scroll through it. You will find that it offers over 40 sports betting markets, and thousands of betting lines each day, among other things.

Meanwhile, you only offer less than 30 betting lines every day. Most bookies cannot even offer odds for more than one sport at a time. Continuing like this is like playing in a landmine.

When you use pay per head solution, you can increase your offering. You can offer odds for over 15 sports and leagues. You can even offer horse racing bets.

Pay per head industry is the future. It is not going anywhere. If anything, even prominent sportsbooks that purchase expensive software will switch to using pay per head service.

You do not have to wait until these sportsbooks realize that they can make more money by using the PPH solution. Contact PayPerHead247 today to set up your bookie and see your business survive and perform even better among rival sportsbooks.

PayPerHead247: The Software for Pro Bookies

There comes a time when you cannot run your bookie business casually. If you intend to make good profits in a market where every other bookie is sacrificing everything, you cannot follow the same basic step. Becoming a pro bookie that makes significant profits will require you to invest in the best tools.

One of these tools is bookie software. Today, we look at the characteristics that make PayPerHead247 the best software for pro bookies.

Around-the-Clock Customer Support

Customer service is crucial for bookies. You might think that your site is perfect and that your clients will never encounter issues. But, issues occur more than you would think.

Judging by the review bettors leave on complaints sites, bettors encounter issues withdrawing, depositing, verifying their accounts, claiming bonuses, closing accounts, placing bets, and others. This means that there is a potential issue in every step your bettors take.

So, it would help to have an active customer support line through which clients can seek help. Yet, you cannot commit to picking up a call in the middle of the night. PayPerHead247 offers customer service around the clock.

User-Friendly Software

Client-based bookie software can be hard to master and use. You would need to hire a few experts to help with the technical aspects.

Fortunately, web-based bookie software is better. However, some are still hard to use.

PayPerHead247 is different. Even a novice tech user can master and use this software. The software is configured to your betting platform.

It is ready to launch and accept bets from clients. You will not need to hire an expert to run the platform. Your clients will love placing bets on the site too.

Generally, the software is user-friendly for both bettors and bookie agents. It is easy to navigate, place bets, withdraw, and complete other tasks.

Dynamic Sports

Your sportsbook website would be incomplete without sports betting markets to offer your clients. So, PayPerHead247 has included numerous sports on the menu.

Your clients can have access to sports markets such as soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and others. The pay per head service provider also features different leagues for various sports. That way, your clients can wager on many betting lines.

PayPerHead247 is designed to help bookies grow their businesses. The software not only comes with dynamic sports but is also user-friendly. The provider also offers customer support.

There are many other features to benefit from when you sign up with PayPerHead247. Contact the site today to set up your bookie website. Work closely with the agents at the site to leverage every tool attached to the software.

Types of Bookie Software ( Is Pay Per Head Bookie Software Better?)

Every bookie in today`s bookmaking industry needs bookmaker software. This is a tool that bookies use to run their businesses. It can track your operation, automate processes, allow you to offer more betting lines, and make your work more efficient, among many other things.

The bookie software comes with several common features and several other unique characteristics. These unique features differentiate a perfect software from the rest. There are two types of bookie software, including:

Client-Based Bookie Software

Client-based bookie software is installed on your computer. Once you purchase it, it becomes your private bookie software.

Being the sole owner of the software means several things. For instance, you are responsible for upgrading the software in time. You will need to hire an in-house team to assume this responsibility or ask the original software developer to come in regularly to upgrade or maintain your software.

Client-based bookie software is expensive. The initial buying cost and running costs are high. But, you will have complete control of the software.

You must have a high-level technical knowledge to use this software. Otherwise, you will frustrate your operations and your employees.

Some of the brands that likely use this type of software include William Hills, DraftKings, and other prominent sportsbooks you know. They have the resources to afford the software and have employed a team of experts to keep the software updated and optimally working.

Web-Based Bookie Software

This is a more user-friendly bookie software. Anyone can use it after a few minutes of looking at it.
A web-based bookie software allows you to take your business online. This means that you can reach a wider audience without spending thousands of dollars.

Web-based bookie software is inexpensive. So, if you have a small budget yet want to launch your betting services, web-based bookie software is the best for you.

You do not even have to install it on your computer to use it. You also do not need special skills to run it.
A pay per head bookie software is web-based. Anyone can use it, even though they have never touched a computer before. It is also cost-effective.

For instance, PayPerHead247 offers the software in addition to other bookmaking solutions. The site charges $7 per head.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to purchase the software, you can get it for $7 for every player that places a wager with you. The best part is that you will never cover the upgrading cost every few weeks.

You can run your betting business without fussing about the technical aspect of the business. Does it sound like something you like? Contact PayPerHead247 to get your software today.

Use These Easy-Peasy Tips to Revolutionize Your Pay Per Head Bookie

Are you contemplating closing your betting business? Sometimes, the only feasible solution is to close a business. However, if you still think there is something you can do to revolutionize it, do it.

Today, we look at three ways bookies can completely change their business for the better. By implementing these tips, you will start making much more money, eliminating any reason you may have to close your business.

Expand the Range of Sports for Bettors

How many sports betting markets have you activated? Most bookies in the USA focus on American football, basketball, hockey, and tennis. They forget to realize that prominent sportsbooks market themselves by offering the best odds for these markets.

While you can still offer betting lines for these sports, you need to expand your offering. One of the reasons bettors seek offshore betting platforms is to wager on other sports other than American football and basketball. They enjoy the thrill of betting on soccer, cricket, darts, ice hockey, politics, TV shows, and other events.

Having a wider range of sports to wager on entices your clients to find new lines to wager on. a client might have joined your platform to wager on American football. Upon seeing other markets, the clients will be inclined to check other betting lines too.

Follow the Betting Market Closely

Bookie agents are not the only people that want to improve their game and income. Bettors, too, want to find out how they can gain an advantage over a bookie. So, if you let your guard down, you will lose your bankroll in a day.

The only way to navigate the betting market is by following the trends. Find out what is happening and why it is happening. Visit various sites dedicated to sports betting and consume information to help you stay ahead of the game.

Exhaust the Resources and Tools Provided By Your Pay Per Head Service Provider

Your pay per head service provider will provide numerous resources and tools to run your business. Each of these elements is important. So, take your time to learn how you can maximize their use.

For instance, PayPerHead247 offers anonymous payment methods that you and your clients can use to complete transactions. By using these payment methods, you can expand your business to a bigger region. You and your clients will be able to pay and receive wagers and winnings.

There are many other tools provided by PayPerHead247. Utilizing each exhaustively can revolutionize your income.

How PayPerHead247 Can Help You Set Up Your Business

Almost everyone now has set up their goal for the year. Yours could be to launch an online bookie business. Some of you have even narrowed it down to the type of business you want to start.

So, if you have decided to start a betting business, this article will come in handy. Before you read further, we would like to let you in on a secret. You do not need thousands of dollars for PayPerHead247 to partner with you for bookmaking services.

Usually, people start picturing the millions of dollars they need to start a sportsbook. This either means you can do (if you have the funds), borrow, or give up the dream entirely. But, PayPerHead247 can help you set up and run your bookie business at only $7 per active bettor.

How? Here is how the site turns into a guardian angel for our betting business.

Provides a High-Quality Betting Template

To become the best bookie in your area, you must have a way of showing it. In other words, you will need a professionally looking betting site that matches your needs and the needs of bettors. This site must be customizable and have proper functions, such as a bet slip, to ensure the best player experience and make running a bookie efficient.

PayPerHead247 designs a sportsbook website that will take your business to a new, better level. This site can stand amongst sites from prominent sportsbooks in your state and perform similarly well. The site is also pre-designed, which means that you can launch it in a few hours after several customizations.

Sportsbook Software

The best sportsbook software has a multi-level security system. The software should also be compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Installing and configuring the product requires minimal resources or time because it has a convenient interface that allows you to understand the program.

All these are the characteristics of the sportsbook software from PayPerHead247. Apart from that, the software has a payment system to facilitate online transactions. This makes it easier to get payments from your clients, pay their winnings, and pay the overhead fee.

The software is also licensed. This eliminates any legal issues that might cross your business if the software did not have the proper licensing.

PayPerHead247 bookie software is fully functional and already integrated into your betting platform. It has all the necessary systems needed to run your bookie.

These are the two primary things you need to start a betting business. When you partner with PayPerHead247, you can begin offering odds for various sports and horse racing events. The site will continually provide quality odds, and offer technical support, and customer service, letting you focus on finding new bettors.

Upgrade to a Premium PPH Sportsbook Software

Are you looking for a cheap solution to your online bookie business? Some people will advise you not to. We will also offer the same advice if the quality of the solution you are buying is not above basic standards.

You do not have to subscribe to the most expensive pay-per-head (PPH) to get the best solution. Sometimes, the best solution is behind a small fee, such as $7 at PayPerHead247.

This fee covers several things. These include:

Sports and Horse Racing Betting Lines

Are you worried that you do not know how to create quality betting lines? This should not be an issue. Your only concern should be to get clients to agree to place their bets with you.

Your pay-per-head provider can create quality betting lines. They can provide odds that your clients cannot help but bet. The odds are competitive and favor both the players and bookie agents.

PayPerHead247 has a sportsbook platform and a racebook. This increases the number of betting lines you can offer monthly.

There are more than enough horse racing events in the USA and internationally. You can decide which horse races to feature on your bookie based on your target clients. Meanwhile, depending on the season, you can combine this offering with bets for different sports.

Live Chat Support for Bookie Agents and Bettors

Imagine never picking up calls from your clients at 3 am. You can begin having a full night’s sleep before returning to your day job in the morning.

If you have a day job, you are already tired before evening. You can only spare another two hours managing your bookie before resting for the day. Yet, you cannot do that if you have to provide solutions to your clients in the middle of the night or day when you are busy with other things.

Fortunately, PayPerHead247 offers support through a live chat feature. This communication channel makes communications instant. In other words, your clients can get the assistance they need instantly.

High-Quality Betting Platform

Today, you cannot use any sportsbook website. You need the best, especially because your targets demand it.
Bettors will not spend time learning how your betting platform works. They want to log in to your platform and head straight to placing their bets. If your platform is inconvenient, bettors will look elsewhere.

PayPerHead247 offers a high-quality professional betting platform. The site is optimized for mobile and is user-friendly.

You can get premium services by subscribing to PayPerHead247. These services are designed to help you make money, improve your bookmaking, and keep your clients happy. Contact the site today to upgrade your services with its premium PPH software.

Becoming a Bookie 101

How do you plan on starting or ending this year? Is becoming a bookie one of your goals this year? You are in luck because we intend to make your dream come true.

Anyone can become a bookie, even those with zero experience placing bets or running a business. The reason this is possible is the pay per head (PPH) industry (more details below). Here are three steps to follow to become a bookie.

Find a Pay Per Head Service Provider

Pay per head industry is based on supplying bookies with the necessary tools to run their business. The service provider is a silent partner, providing a bookie website, software, betting lines, technical team, and other resources that complete a betting business.

These companies have a plethora of knowledge about managing bookies. They hire the best line managers or oddsmakers and other experts to ensure the smooth running of your platform.

It might take you a while before you find the ideal pay per head service provider. However, we want to save you time by recommending a highly-ranked site, PayPerHead247. The company offers every tool mentioned above, plus customer support, horse racing bets, and anonymous deposit methods at a fair price per head.

Find Bettors

You can set up your pay per head bookie in a day. So, start finding clients as soon as you can.

The best part about becoming a bookie is that the PPH service provider takes up most duties of running a bookie. This leaves you with one task; to find clients.

You cannot afford to go wrong here. So, take your time to identify the type of bettors you want. Recruit as many clients as your bankroll can support.

Grow Your Bankroll

Before you become a bookie, ensure you have a bankroll. This is an amount you can use to pay clients when they win. Usually, losing clients wagers should cover the winning clients payout when the books are balanced. However, this might not always be the case.

You might need to dip into your bankroll to pay clients on time. The size of your bankroll will determine how many clients you can offer your services to.

It will also determine how long you will run your business without stressing about it. So, top up your bankroll from the profits you get until your business can stand on its own.

Now that you know the step to becoming a bookie, it is time to launch your business. You will follow the above steps to get your betting business off the ground. Contact PayPerHead247 to help you set up your bookie business in a day.

Why PayPerHead247 Was 2nd Top-Rated as the Best PPH Software of 2022

There are many pay per head service providers. Only a few make up the best PPH software list. For instance, PayPerHead247 was ranked second in 2022.

Several factors led to this. This article will look at the top three reasons that contributed to PayPerHead247`s top ranking.

State-of-the-Art Technology and User-Friendly Platform

Most bettors are between the ages of 18-45. They are tech-savvy. They recognize a good platform from mediocre websites.

PayPerHead247 understands this. As such, it has invested in the latest technology to design a modernly appealing website that your clients will love and enjoy using.

The firm also utilizes the latest technological security measures. That way, clients` data is protected.
PayPerHead247 also has cross-platform sportsbook software. This makes your bookie betting website accessible on mobile and desktop devices.

Using state-of-the-art technology, PayPerHead247 ensures that your bookie website stands on a level with big brands such as FOXBet, Caesars, and others. The PPH service provider also ensures that your site is up 24/7, around the year.

A Complete Betting Package

Whether you want to offer sports bets, horse racing bets, or both, PayPerHead247 has your back. The PPH provider creates thousands of betting lines for various sports and horse racing events. That way, your clients can find numerous betting lines any time they log in to your platform.

Having many betting lines to offer your clients increases engagement. Suppose you offer ten betting lines daily while another bookie offers 100. The latter is likely to make more money because clients find more odds to wager on.

Ideally, PayPerHead247 provides numerous betting lines. This keeps your clients happy while your profits increase. You can decide which betting lines to make available to your clients.

Bookmaking Tools

Another reason PayPerHead247 is loved is the tools it offers to help run your betting business. The PPH provider has included many tools to help manage your players and the website and mitigate risks.

Suppose you want to set the minimum and maximum wager limit for players. You can use player management tools to edit settings.

Bookmaking tools help bookies run their businesses efficiently. They make running a bookie fun and profitable.
Would you like to run a profitable bookie business? PayPerHead247 has been helping bookies run their businesses without incurring huge losses. The service provider has been in the industry for over ten years, getting the necessary skills to run a successful bookie.

Get an All-in-One Bookie Software

An all-in-one bookie software is a system that focuses on growing your income with integrated tools and features. As a bookie, you will look for various ways to increase your income. Sometimes, you will look too far without realizing that you only need to get better bookie software.

What are the characteristics of better bookie software? For starters, it is comprehensive. Here are some elements that make bookie software a complete package.

A Rich Sports Betting Platform

Clients are interested in what you can offer them. So, the first place they will visit when they log in is the betting platform.

The site should be user-friendly. It will help if the layout is similar to other sportsbooks.

That way, clients can easily navigate. For instance, the main menu should be placed at the top of the page, on the left or right side.

The platform should also be optimized for desktop and mobile devices. This will allow clients to access the betting platform from their preferred device.

It would help to have several betting markets. Consider your target clients and activate the betting markets they would love to bet on.

Confirm the betting platform has the necessary elements, including a bet slip, a payment system, and links to various pages. This will ease the betting process for players.

Customer Support

You either have to accept to take phone calls in the middle of the night or ignore the calls. But, you do not have to pick up the calls yourself. If you can afford it, you can set up a call center.

Alternatively, you can work with a pay per head service provider. The service is comprehensive as it comprises a betting website, betting lines, customer support, and much more.

Bookie Management Tools

There are several things you need to run your bookie efficiently. This includes player and bookie management tools.

These tools are designed to help you retain control over your business. For instance, you can use a line mover to adjust lines accordingly.

Suppose a client is wagering $1000 every day. While the client will not win every game, they will likely win several.

Suppose you have several high-roller clients. You could deplete your bankroll in one game. But, you can control how much players can wager by setting a limit.

When shopping for bookie software, you need to consider its benefits. These benefits come from the elements of the bookie software, including management tools, the quality of the betting platform, and customer support.

PayPerHead247 bookie software has all the above characteristics that promote various benefits, including increased income. Contact the service provider to get your sportsbook software.

A Call Center Is Essential for an Online Bookie

Technology will continue making everything better. It will replace some things that need to be done manually and bring about innovation. However, some things will remain constant, like the importance of a call center.

No technology can replace the need to have a call center for online bookies. As long as customer support continues to be an important aspect of customer satisfaction, having a call center will always be crucial.

Being able to answer your clients’ calls is essential. As much as it might be fun to hear from your clients, phone rings at 9 am will start making you mad. It will no longer be fun to run your business.

Can Automatic Reply on Your Sportsbook Software Help?

Most brands have integrated an automatic reply system into their sportsbook software. That way, clients can get a response to their issues instantly. For instance, some websites have a live chat feature that pops up when you open the site.

When you send a message, you will likely get a response instantly. The reply could be helpful if the issue is common. However, it might also be insufficient.

You might not get the precise solution you are looking for because the AI responding does not have human skills. So, while the automatic reply is good, it is not entirely helpful if you want to achieve customer satisfaction.

Call center technology could be the most expensive thing you could ever invest in. Apart from the technology, you will need to hire customer representatives. Furthermore, you will need a team to work at night and another during the day.

Only prominent sportsbooks can afford such a call center. But, that does not mean that you will take your clients’ calls in the middle of family time. With pay per head (PPH) service, your clients can enjoy customer service without digging deeper into your pockets.

Pay Per Head Call Center

Pay per head bookie service is a comprehensive package for bookies that want to take their business online. It comprises a website and other bookmaking tools and features.

Apart from that, some sites offer customer service to your clients. You only need a few dollars per player every week to get the full PPH service package, including customer support.

Clients can call the call center any time of the day or night to seek help. Usually, the customer representatives are professional and knowledgeable. As such, they can provide effective solutions to your clients.

At PayPerHead247, we offer customer support to bookie agents and bettors. We have a start-of-the-art call center and the best customer representatives to handle your clients’ problems. Contact us today to start enjoying the best bookmaking services.