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Increased Online Security With PayPerHead247

Cyber threats such as malware and other computer viruses remain a serious issue in any industry that conducts business through the internet. Given that the majority of today’s sports bets are placed online, the sports betting industry becomes a prime target for internet crime.

If you are a private bookie taking action online with the help of a pay per head site, you need to ensure that the proper security measures are in place to keep you and your betting customer’s information safe and secure.

The good news is that today’s advanced bookie software solutions can contain the proper security measures to keep everyone’s private information safe and secure. It can also ensure that every online transaction will be processed in a safe and secure manner.

The concern for you as a private bookie should be the level of security that your pay per head site actually employs in their day-to-day operations.

Security, Development and Privacy at PayPerHead247

As one of the most respected providers of bookie software solutions in the online sports betting industry; security, development and privacy are a clearly stated priority at PayPerHead247. While other PPH services will turn to standard online security measures to protect their database from cyber threats, this top-rated service takes a much more stringent approach to safeguarding information.

All the personal information gathered from your betting customers is encrypted. This adds a much higher level of security and privacy to the entire database. As part of this PPH service’s commitment to development, the operating system is constantly being upgraded to respond to all the new threats that emerge in today’s online business environment.

Also regarded as one of the most trusted pay per head sites, PayPerHead247 guarantees a safe bet environment that is accessible on a round-the-clock basis 365 days a year.

Leveraging the PayPerHead247 Edge

Running and managing an online independent sportsbook with a very high level of security, development and privacy gives you the peace of mind needed to proper in what can be a very competitive industry. It also gives you a very powerful marketing tool that can be leveraged in your ongoing efforts to grow and expand your existing customer base.

Anyone who bets on sports online is also looking for that high level of security and privacy that safeguards their personal information. By working with a pay per head site that can ensure the highest of both, you will only enhance the reputation of your bookmaking operation.

Your betting customers may work with you as a private bookie. However, they are also going to want more background information on the pay per head site your are using to take your bookie service online. They will be logging onto that service to manage their online betting accounts even if it is through your own company website. That is why you need a highly reputable service such as PayPerHead247 to completely legitimize the entire process of betting sports online.

PayPerHead247 is a True Business Partner

The goal of any private bookmaker is to meet and hopefully exceed any set financial expectations both in the short term and over the long haul. Nobody wants to stay awake at night hoping that the pay per head site they entrusted to handle the day-to-day operations is doing their job.

A smart private bookie wants an online sports betting software solutions provider that takes security and privacy issues completely off the table. There are far too many other concerns that need to be addressed on a regular basis running and managing your own independent sportsbook. You need a true business partner such as PayPerHead247 that can continually excel in their role of the entire operation.

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Increase Your Weekly Betting Handle With PayPerHead247

There are basically two different ways a private bookie can increase weekly revenue and profit. The first is by increasing your overall sports betting customer base. The other is by increasing the weekly handle from your existing betting customers. The best approach to building a bookie business that meets all of your financial goals is a combination of both.

Increased Weekly Handle Through an Increased Customer Base

Increasing your overall customer base does come at an added cost. Since your weekly fees for a quality pay per service apply to active bettors, the more customers you have the higher the weekly cost. The main thing you need to take into consideration is the weekly handle (or sports betting revenue) you take in on each individual customer. While heavy bettors more than make up for the low weekly pay per head fee, a causal bettor with a very low weekly handle may actually cost you money in the long run.

One of the best things about running and managing your own private bookmaking service is the ability to hand pick the sports bettors you take action from. Your goal is to build a customer base than can support your overall profit projections. It is not always about the quantity of players in your overall base, but the quality. Your overall marketing efforts to recruit new players should be aimed at attracting bettors with an avid interest in creating some weekly action on the games.

Increased Weekly Handle Through Increased Betting Options

If you have created a customer base of avid sports bettors, chances are they will be looking for more ways to bet on the games as well as different betting options across a larger spectrum of sporting events.

Every private bookie knows that football is the most heavily bet sport followed by basketball. However, those two sports only scratch the surface when it comes to the overall number of different sports you can offer action on. This is where PayPerHead247 separates itself from the competition when it comes to bookie software solutions.

You need a PPH service like PayPerHead247 that can deliver sharp betting lines and odds for more than 80 different sports both in the US and around the world. You need a service with online applications for an extended racebook for betting on horses as well as an app for an online casino that can mirror anything a land-based casino can offer. This includes fast and easy access to live-dealer table games.

Multiple streams of revenue is the most profitable way to increase the weekly handle your bookmaking operation takes in. Giving more bettors more options to bet should be the primary focus of your overall marketing plan.

Experience the PayPerHead247 Difference

Whether you have worked with other PPH services in the past or you are taking your bookie business online for the first time, you owe it to yourself to find the best option for all of your online gambling needs. From NFL betting lines to live-dealer Blackjack, PayPerHead247 is a proven and time-tested source for bookie software solutions that provide a low-cost and turnkey system that can handle every operational aspect of your bookie business.

Owned and operated by sports betting and online gambling software experts, this is a pay per head provider that has the experience and know-how to provide the right bookie business tools at the right price per head fee. Whether you are working with five customers or 500, everything you need to run and manage a successful independent sportsbook is included with no added costs or hidden fees.

To ensure you are getting everything you need in a turnkey business software solution, you can take advantage of a free trial that gives you a chance to test drive everything PayPerHead247 has to offer.

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Profit-Driven Results With PayPerHead247

Betting on sports adds excitement to the games for the average sports fan. For private bookies taking those bets, it is all about the bottom-line profit at the end of the day. It is a known fact that the average sports bettor loses more than they win over the course of the year. Why do you think that sports betting in the US alone has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry?

Private bookies still handle close two-thirds of that volume which is why running your own independent sportsbook can be such a lucrative business opportunity. The main ingredient for any successful business starts with a viable product or service that remains in high demand. Sports betting earns high grades in both categories, but it still takes a solid business plan to fully capitalize on running a private book.

PayPerHead247’s Proven Business Plan

The only thing you really need to be a bookie is some betting customers and enough cash reserves to cover the weekly action taken in. To be a successful bookie running and managing a profitable bookmaker service, you also need a formal way to run the operation. Taking down bets on the phone and recording them in a notebook can only get you so far.

Online sports betting dominates this industry and bookies need fast and easy access to an online betting portal that can automate the bet-taking process. That is where the pay per head industry fills the void.

The top PPH services offer a comprehensive and turnkey bookie software package that can process all the daily transactions that go into a business of this nature. Your pay per head online betting software provider can cover the operational end of things while you work on the marketing end to grow and expand your customer base.

The trick is finding the right bookie software services at a weekly per head cost that will not dig too deep into your gross profits. Owned and operated by sports betting experts with a wealth of experience in the online gambling software industry, PayPerHead247 offers a turnkey business system at a very affordable price.

Building Bottom-Line Profit With PayPerHead247

As previously mentioned, every private bookie is looking to maximize the profit made on the action taken it. The hold percentage between paying winning bets and collecting the commission or juice on losing ones can sometimes be rather thin. When you subtract out the weekly per head fee for each of your active betting customers, that becomes a direct cost to your bottom line.

One way to minimize the impact of price per head fees while also increasing your overall hold percentage is by increasing your overall weekly betting volume per active online betting account. You are still going to have some casual bettors with small betting bankrolls, but they need to be supplemented with some high rollers looking to max out their betting limits.

There is a fine line managing a diverse customer betting base which is why PayPerHead247 has time-tested software features that can always keep you way ahead of the curve on the action coming in.

The first step in the process is creating individual account profiles that allow you to set betting and credit limits for each customer you take action from. These profiles will also be the basis for generating real-time betting analytics to track and monitor each player’s daily activity. This can then be rolled up to weekly and monthly business reports that paint a very clear picture of your bookie operation on a number of different levels.

Your bookie business plan is the blueprint and PayPerHead247’s bookie software solutions are the action plans to put things in motion.

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Turnkey Bookie Solutions With PayPerHead247

The busiest time of the year in the sports betting industry is just a few weeks away. The start of another season of football leading right into an extended run of basketball betting action is when private bookies make most of their money.

Small time operations will try and go it on their own relying on antiquated means to book their action. They are happy with the small profit their small little bookie business brings in during these two seasons.

Private bookies with vision and a desire to build a long-term bookmaking business that can generate a lucrative return on investment already know there is a better way. They will turn to an online sports betting software provider to handle the operational end of the business while they spend their time growing and expanding their customer base.

If you are thinking of starting your own independent sportsbook, now is the time to decide which direction you wish to take.

The Ins and Outs of Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Whether you are an established bookie or just staring out, you probably have some basic understanding of the pay per head bookie software business model. The PPH service provides everything you need to take your bookie business online for one weekly fee for each active betting customer. If you take action from 20 different bettors each week and your pay per head fee is $10, you would owe your service $200.

When you add in the concept of a “turnkey” software application, you should be able to quickly take your bookie business online with everything you need already in place. That sounds great on paper, but the reality of the situation is that every pay per head service is not created equal.

The cut-rate operations with try and reel you in on price alone. This has proven to be a fatal mistake for many bookies who failed to get their business off the ground.

There are the shrewd operations that will try and upsell you on that weekly fee for added services that may not apply to your particular bookie business.

What you are really looking for is a turnkey online sports betting software solutions package at a fair per head price.

The PayPerHead247 Turnkey Bookie Software Solution

PayPerHead247 was designed with the average private bookie in mind. First off, this is not the cheapest plan on the block, Second, this top-rated PPH service does offer all the bells and whistles for independent sportsbooks looking to directly compete against the big commercial online books at a higher pay per head price.

Between those two extremes, is a turnkey and comprehensive bookie software solutions package at a very affordable weekly cost. PayPerHead247 can offer the best of both worlds since the company is owned and operated by experienced online sports betting experts that fully understand what it takes to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook.

The turnkey aspect of this PPH service will have you up and running online with the help of a highly trained customer service team.

The comprehensive aspect of the plan offers everything you need to be successful such as:

  • An advanced mobile betting platform for all applications
  • Real-time business analytics and performance reports
  • A state-of-the-art online business dashboard
  • Access to online applications for multiple revenue streams

Getting Started with PayPerHead247

The first step is just a phone call away or online with a request form for some basic information. From there, you can set up your bookie business with a free trial of everything this PPH service has to offer. This provides an excellent chance to test drive everything before the start of the upcoming football season.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed at PayPerHead247

Just about every company selling a product or service used the catch phrase ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. Some companies will refund you money if you are not happy with its particular products or services. What they do not tell you is what kind of hoops you need to jump through to actually obtain a cash refund. In reality, every company selling a product or service should guarantee complete customer satisfaction or they should not even be in business.

When it comes to online sports betting software solutions to take a private bookie business online, there is a virtual grocery list of pay per head bookie software providers lining up to take your initial deposit.

As a private bookmaker running and managing your own independent sportsbook, finding the right pay per head site that can meet all of your business needs, will be the most important decision you will ever make. Since it is not really practical to switch pay per head providers on a regular basis, this is the type of decision that is going to require some extra time to properly go through the vetting process.

The Exact Role of a Quality Pay Per Head Site

The concept of booking bets is rather simple in nature. A player wins that bet they get paid accordingly based on the closing odds. A player loses a bet, they lose their entire stake plus the commission charged by the bookie (also known as juice or vig).

The operational end of taking those bets online with the use of highly sophisticated sports betting software is a whole other story. Today’s modern bookmaker needs a software solutions package that can efficiently process every day-to-day transaction that is part of a business of this nature. You also need a software package that can gather, collate and distribute real-time business analytics that keeps you way ahead of the curve on all the daily and weekly betting action coming in.

Any bookie software solutions package needs to be comprehensive in its approach to running and managing a successful independent sportsbook. Every PPH services will boast they can deliver the goods, but upon further investigation, a surprisingly high number of companies come up short in what they have to offer.

PayPerHead247 Lives Up to All The Hype

The one pay per head provider that should be on every private bookie’s short list in the vetting process is PayPerHead247. This PPH service is operated by sports betting industry professionals with an extensive history in the online gambling software industry.

There is a reason why the top pay per head sites base their operations in Costa Rica. This highly stable Central American country offers a regulated online gambling jurisdiction that is extremely business-friendly. It also offers an educated and motivated workforce when it comes to building a customer relations department.

PayPerHead247 has spared no expense to compile a customer service team of subject matter experts in the products and services it offers. One call to this customer service department can quickly verify this claim, no matter who you talk to. Once you do sign on with a price per head shop, you should be able to look at that company as a silent business partner handling the operational end of things. You should not have to look over your shoulder to make sure it is providing everything that was promised upfront.

The first thing you will notice on the home page at is a sign-up box for a free trail of everything this PPH service has to offer. By taking this comprehensive bookie software solutions package for a free test drive, you will never have to worry about your satisfaction being guaranteed.

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Bookies Are Ready For Some Football With PayPerHead247

The long wait for another football season in both the college ranks and the NFL is almost over. The month of August starts the countdown for sports bettors and sports betting outlets as well. Betting options for football futures and props are filling the betting boards along with the early betting lines for all the opening day games.

New for the 2019 football betting season are more land-based sportsbooks in states that recently legalized sports betting. The large list of big commercial online sportsbooks catering to US bettors also continues to expand. As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, the competition will be as tough as ever.

Fortunately, you can turn to PayPerHead247 for all of your online sports betting software needs. For a low weekly pay per head fee for just your active betting customers, you will have fast and easy access to a turnkey online sports betting solutions package that can completely automate the operational end of the business. In turn, this will free up your time to build and grow your overall sports betting customer base while also building the bottom-line profit of your independent book.

PayPerHead247 and a Bookie’s Competitive Edge

While competition for sports bettors is on the rise, this recent expansion in betting options has actually expanded the entire US market. More and more football fans are looking to add some betting action to the weekend games. The lion’s share of total US sports betting revenue is still controlled by private bookies working with a quality pay per head site.

Your biggest edge as an independent bookmaker is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can provide and the big commercial books can never match. When you add PayPerHead247’s highly sophisticated bookmaking services to the mix, you will put yourself in excellent position to have your best football season ever.

These bookie software solutions provide that competitive edge with:

  • Individual account profiles with specific credit and betting limits
  • An online business dashboard that keeps you way out in front of the action coming in
  • Fast and easy access to adjusting betting lines and changing your betting board
  • Real-time business analytics that monitor every aspect of your bookie business
  • A highly professional online business presence as a powerful marketing tool

This is just a small sampling of the main benefits this top-rated PPH service brings to the table. Everything you need to be successful as a private bookie is included in the low weekly price per head fee. You will never have to worry about any hidden fees or added costs to run and manage your own book.

PayPerHead247 Expanded Football Betting Options

One of the most important aspects of running your own bookmaking service is getting the betting lines you need, when you need them. Having fast access to razor-sharp betting lines to build out your betting board is vital to leveling the playing field against the big commercial online books.

Nobody knows your betting customers better than you, so you never want to risk losing even one bet on something that was not on your board. PayPeadHead247 works with some of the best Oddsmakers in the industry to generate betting options for over 80 different sports both in the US and on an international level.

When it comes to college football and the NFL, you can expand your overall revenue and hold percentage profit with a wide selection of betting options for all the games. From basic spreads, total lines and moneyline odds to team and player props on a game-by-game basis, your bookmaking operation will be a one-stop shop for all of your customer’s betting needs this football season.

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Start Your Free Trial Today at PayPerHead 247

The start of another season of football is less than two months away. If you are a private bookie trying to run and manage a successful independent bookmaking service, now is the time to get your ducks in a row. Whether you are just starting up your bookie business or you are a seasoned veteran with a solid betting base, the pay per head online sports betting software service you decide to work with will be the biggest business decision you will ever have to make.

Finding the Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Provider for the Right Price

The list of available pay per head services runs deep, but they are not all created equal. If a price per head site has caught your attention with a really cheap per head cost, you are searching in the wrong direction. Nobody wants to pay a high per head price for add-ons they do not really need, but the bigger mistake is not getting all the business tools you do need by going with a cut-rate PPH service.

Quality, experience and dependability are three key benefits that define PayPerHead 247. While this pay per head site offers highly affordable bookie software solution packages, they do not tout themselves as a discount site. What they do boast is a complete turnkey software package that can handle every aspect of the day-to-day operational end of your bookie business. This will free up your time to work on the sales and marketing end of things.

You will not only get what you pay for at PayPerHead 247, you will also receive valued-add features and benefits that go well beyond justifying the cost of the plan. A few examples of these value-added benefits include:

  • An advanced mobile betting platform compatible with desktop, laptop and handheld applications
  • Up to date business reports using real-time analytics
  • A fully automated online sports betting dashboard monitoring all the daily action
  • Multiple streams of revenue with fast and easy access to the sportsbook, racebook and online casino software applications.

This is just a small sampling of everything PayPerHead 247 brings to the table as one of the top-rated PPH services in the online sports betting industry. Their in-house customer service staff comes from a sports bookmaking and online gambling background. As a bookie agent, you can rely on a trusted source for any questions or concerns. You betting customers will love the fast and easy access to their online betting accounts that are fully supported by that same in-house customer service staff.

PayPerHead 247 has been built from the ground up on core values such as reliable and consistent service along with a high level of integrity in all of their business practices.

Take PayPerHead 247 for a Free Test Drive Today

To ease any lingering concerns with taking your bookie business online with PayPerHead 247 sports betting software solutions, they are offering a free extended trial. Just about every PPH service claims that their online sports betting software is easy to navigate and simple to use. However, that is clearly not the case across the board.

It makes all the sense in the world to find out for yourself how PayPerHead 247 walks the walk with their pay per head bookie software solutions package. They remain fully committed to the business relationship they have already developed with their bookie agents as true partners in their independent bookmaking operations. They welcome the opportunity to show you just how easy it is to become a part of the winning team at PayPerHead 247.

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Pay Per Head 247 Offers The Best in Customer Service

When choosing to work with a pay per head bookie software solutions provider, too many private bookmakers overlook the customer service aspect of the equation. Some bookies shop by price per head alone, which is probably the worst thing you can do. Others get too hung up on all the bells and whistles in the actual software package.

Price and software features are two very important things to take into consideration. However, a quality customer service support team can be worth its weight in gold. Running a complex business, such as an independent sportsbook, can be difficult to do on your own. Having a support staff of trained sports betting experts at your disposal 24 hours a day is like having a silent business partner supporting the operational end of the business.

The Pay Per Head 247 Customer Service Team

Pay Per Head 247 has risen to the top of the list in providing quality online sports betting software solutions for three main reasons:

  • Highly Sophisticated Bookie Software
  • Proven Success in a Competitive Industry
  • A Dedicated Staff of Employees Trained in Their Field

Over the years, this PPH service has spared no expense in putting together a comprehensive software solutions package that gives private bookies all the tools you need to be successful over the long haul.

Based in Costa Rica, Pay Per Head 247 has been a sports betting industry pioneer with a long and successful track record working with bookie agents.

The biggest reason why this pay per head service is the choice of serious bookie agents looking to run and manage an independent sportsbook is a highly dependable customer service team.

Everyone that works for Pay Per Head 247 comes from a sports betting background. They know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie and they have the knowledge and skills to help you every step of the way.

There is a reason why the biggest and best price per head shops have their base of operations in Costa Rica. This Central American country has always provided a great working environment for the offshore sports betting industry. It also offers a highly educated workforce to staff a quality customer service team. Pay Per Head 247 goes the extra mile by maintaining a highly motivated staff that is at your service on a round-the-clock basis.

Quality Customer Service and The Private Bookie

The sports betting industry in general continues to grow and expand each and every year. With private bookmakers still handling the bulk of the betting action, especially in the United States, this presents a golden opportunity to earn a very lucrative return on investment as a private bookie.

The industry has also become highly sophisticated in its approach to doing business. Today’s private bookmaker needs the help of dedicated pay per head customer service support team to successfully run and manage an independent book.

The complex bookie software solutions package has been designed to level the playing field with the big commercial online sportsbooks. This is still a people-first business that requires a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail. That is the primary edge a private bookie agent has against the big online books.

Working with a pay per head service that also offers a highly level of customer service to you as a bookie and to your entire sports betting customer base is the best way to fully capitalize on that edge.

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What to Consider When Adjusting Your Own Odds

A quality pay per head site for online sports betting software solutions offers a long list of features along with the associated benefits they provide. A feature is a business tool that helps fill the box with everything a private bookie needs to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook. A benefit is the enhancement that feature brings to your overall operation.

Everyone is in business to make money. A key feature can help you accomplish that objective. An important benefit can help you achieve the overall financial goals you have set for yourself. Low-cost bookie software solutions through a pay per head provider can also help reduce your overall operating cost which is a major benefit to your bottom line.

Pay Per Head Betting Lines and Odds

One of the most important features the right PPH service provides is fast and easy access to all the betting lines and odds you need, when you need them. The top price per head shops either employ their own in-house oddsmakers or work directly with some of the best oddsmaking services in the sport betting industry. The lines are fast and sharp covering betting options for over 80 different sports.

The main benefit of this feature is the ability to meet all of your customer’s needs. The last thing you want as a private bookie is one of your sports betting customers turning to a different source to place a bet on something that was not on your board.

As an independent bookmaking operation, you are free to build out your betting board in any manner you choose. However, you should always keep in mind that you are paying a weekly per active better fee for a service that was designed to help level the playing field between your private book and the big commercial sportsbooks operating online. This will allow to meet all of your current customer’s needs while also building demand for things they did not know they could bet on.

Setting, Moving and Changing Betting Lines and Odds

Balance and control are two extremely important factors for running your own sportsbook. Your goal is to continually balance out the betting action coming in on any sporting event. You make your money on the difference between what is paid out for winning bets verse the money plus commission or juice taken in on the losing ones. The end result is your bookie business’s hold percentage. Creating balance between the action coming on either side of a bet is still the best way to maintain a hold percentage that will meet your overall financial goal.

Credit and betting limits across individual online betting accounts or for your customer base as a whole is one of the best ways to assert a level of control within your bookmaking service. Avoiding unwanted negative exposure not only helps you sleep at night; it helps you maintain healthy cash flow and weekly profits.

The best way to enhance both balance and control is by closely monitoring all the daily action with the help of your pay per head business reports. Real-time betting analytics can help you make the right decisions when it comes to setting or moving a betting line while also changing your betting board to best meet your business needs.

Fortunately, there is no extra cost or hidden fees to make these line moves or board changes. Whether it is a mass edit tool or moves and changes at the account level, you will always be able to stay way out in front of the action coming in.

The Science and Art of Moving Lines and Changing Your Board

There is a certain science to running your own private book.

A few tools that can help you make a quantitative decision are:

  • Fast access to new betting lines
  • Real time online betting dashboard
  • Mass edit capabilities
  • Individual account profiles

The qualitative aspect of moving lines and changing your board is more of an art. Getting to know your betting customer’s strategies and habits can go a long way to understanding how they are going bet this Sunday’s big game or next week’s major sporting event.

As a bookie, you need to develop a feel for making spot moves and adjustments. This comes with time and experience as well as a strong understanding of what your PPH service can provide to aid the process.

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Take Advantage of a Dynamic Live Betting Platform

The online sports betting industry continues to evolve with advances in specific applications that can enhance the experience for avid sports bettors. Big commercial online sportsbooks go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their online betting sites. However, today’s sophisticated player is looking for the value-added experience a private bookie can bring to the table.

For anyone adapt at running and managing an independent sportsbook, they know that their biggest advantage over the big online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail a private bookmaker can provide and they cannot match.

Working with a quality pay per head provider for the proper online sports betting software solutions, a private bookie has access to everything the big online books use to power their million-dollar websites. Best of all, everything is included for a low weekly fee for each active betting customer.

The Basics of Live Sports Betting

One of the more recent advances in the online sports betting industry is wagering on actual games after they have gotten underway through a dynamic live betting platform. This added feature may cost extra with certain pay per head bookie software plans, but it is well worth the added investment.

Live in-game betting is the ultimate way sports bettors can add even more excitement to the action taking place on the field, court or ice for just about every major sporting event. Betting lines are constantly updated based on what is going on in a game. Possible live bets can range from which team wins the next quarter, period or inning to a ‘what happens next’ during a particular time frame.

For example, a live betting platform allows bettors to wager on the next drive of a football game in terms of what will happen. Bettors can wager on a field goal, touchdown, punt or turnover as a possible outcome on a drive-by-drive basis throughout the game. Dynamic lines are always in motion and frequently updated during time outs and commercial breaks.

Add Bottom-Line Profit with a Dynamic Live Betting Platform

Private bookies are always looking for ways to improve their overall hold percentage. This pertains to the amount of money paid out on winning bets verse the amout of money plus commission collected on losing bets. In a typical game, the bookie will try and balance out the money wagered on either side through periodic line movements. The goal is to come away with a hold percentage higher than five.

Live in-game betting should be viewed as supplemental betting action that can add profit right to the bottom line. This is fast-paced betting action that relies much more heavily on luck than any type of handicapping skill. The added thrill of live in-game betting tends to increase the overall handle a private bookie takes in. The combination of each of those factors can often times increase the overall hold percentage for the money wagered on a specific game.

Pay per head sites offering a dynamic live betting platform can also offer a wider array of live in-game betting options. This can include specific props as well as adjusted betting lines for spreads, totals and money line odds. The more options on the board, the more overall bets will be placed by any active customer base. These types of bets can be graded immediately and real-time analytics will be able to quickly calculate the running total on an account-by-account basis as well as for the betting action as a whole.

Tips for Promoting Live In-Game Betting

Offering a dynamic live betting platform is one way to set a bookie business apart from the competition. The ability to level the playing field against the big commercial online books is an important aspect of the business tools a pay per head service brings to the table. It is still up to the private bookmaker to market the various betting options offered to their entire sports betting customer base.

A good way to cover the bases for live betting are as follows:

  • Communicate live in-game betting options on a regular basis
  • Highlight a featured live betting “Game of the Week”
  • Build promotions or special incentives around live betting
  • Offer a wide variety of different sports with live in-game options