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All you need to know about MLB’s Field of Dreams game in Iowa

For sports fans, things are always about being inspired, about dreaming of the perfect game, about a new championship, about that perfect trade or signing for next season. It’s all about magic when it comes to enjoying the game they love. Movies have also become an important part of sports in general, but also about fans’ lives, they provide that extra ingredient that we sometimes need, that story or coverage that makes our eyes water, and inspire us to try to be better.


A few years ago, back in 1989 to be more specific, Universal Pictures, Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Amy Madigan and a few more, gave us fans, and baseball fans specially, one of the best sports movies of all times, “Field of Dreams”, a movie based on a 1982 book called “Shoeless Joe”, and a movie that stayed in baseball fans’ mind and heart forever. “If you build it, he will come”, most of you will understand and will get goosebumps probably.


In the movie, the main character struggles with personal situations, and when he’s about to lose his farm, he decides to build a baseball field, to try and turn things around, surrounded by mystical and magical events, that lead up to “ghost players” coming to play in his field, and eventually being able to bring people over and make some money to save his family’s lands. Just to make a really quick and general summary. Anyway, the movie became one of baseball’s treasures, it has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry, and MLB didn’t lose any time, and made sure to join the hype, and try to give something back to the fans.

There will be an official MLB Field of Dreams game


An actual ballpark was built right next to the original field in Iowa, it’s a specially constructed 8000-seat stadium in Dyersville, Iowa, which was unveiled by the MLB, and an official game will take place there on August 12th, White Sox vs Yankees, and it will be open to public, knowing that this will be a remarkable moment in MLB history, and that fans will appreciate it for life.


Originally, the game was supposed to be played on August 13th of 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic quickly changed all plans. The game had to be postponed, and the MLB switched to the St. Louis Cardinals instead of the Yankees, but when they decided to move it to 2021, the league went back to the original plan, White Sox vs Yankees, to honor the movie.


The White Sox will be the home in the matchup because of their role in the 1989 movie, in which the ghosts of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and other members of the 1919 Black Sox play on the diamond in the Iowa cornfield. Game tickets will be available to residents of Iowa only, as well as a few MLB guests and former players who will attend, and there will be a lottery for the chance to get the tickets, similar to the system they already use for big events like the FIFA World Cup, or UEFA Euros, where people from all over the world must register and opt for the chance to purchase their tickets

Jason Kidd to coach the Dallas Mavericks

Interesting moves in the NBA as we get closer to the NBA Finals, which will start very soon, and for which we have four candidates still, Phoenix Suns vs. LA Clippers in the West, and Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks in the East.


Everyone else is in the offseason already, and this is where things start to get interesting, when teams start moving their pieces and completing their puzzles to try to get better for next season. In this case, it’s the Dallas Mavericks who are stirring things in the NBA, as it was announced on Friday that the team reached an agreement with Jason Kidd to be head coach and replace Rick Carlisle, who decided to leave the team just a few days ago.

Jason Kidd is an NBA legend, Hall of Fame point guard as a player, however, he hasn’t had that much luck as a coach so far in his short career. He coached the Brooklyn Nets back in the 2013-2014 season, and then the Milwaukee Bucks from 2014 to 2018, and his record is 183-190. After that Kidd landed an Assistant Coach job with the LA Lakers, where he has been for the past two seasons, being an important part of the whole LeBron and Anthony Davis era so far, and one of the minds of the Lakers last championship run in the 2020 Orlando bubble.

LeBron James was actually one of the first people to refer publicly to Kidd’s new head coach job, and he did it on Twitter, where he said: “Damn I hate to lose JKidd man but damn I’m happy for him at the same time! Good luck Kidd!”.

Jason Kidd’s history in Dallas


Jason Kidd was originally drafted by the Mavericks back in 1994, but his first steps with the team were not that successful, and he was later on traded to the Phoenix Suns, in 1996. With Phoenix he made his jump to true stardom in the NBA, and won 3 assist titles, before being traded to the New Jersey Nets, where he stayed for 7 seasons, and won 2 more of those assist titles in the league. He was also an All-Star in most of those seasons.


Kidd went back to Dallas in February of 2008 and stayed there for 5 more seasons, and that’s where he finally became an NBA champion, along with Dirk Nowitzki, after beating LeBron James and his Miami Heat, on James’ first season with the team. After that, Kidd played one final season with the Knicks, before deciding to retire and become a coach, right next season.


In the end, Jason Kidd played a total of 1391 games, and started in 1350 of them, averaging 36.0 minutes per game, 8.7 assists per game, 1.9 steals per game, and with a 40% FG average. He played a total of 21 seasons, 8 with Dallas, 7 with the Nets, 5 in Phoenix and 1 in New York. Since then he coached 1 season in Brooklyn, 4 in Milwaukee, and had 2 seasons as assistant coach in Los Angeles, that’s a total of 28 seasons of Jason Kidd in the NBA already, his first coaching the Mavericks will be his 29th. A true NBA legend is taking his next step, his next big adventure, and we all hope he does a great job.


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All set and ready to go for a new Premier League season

For many football fans from around the world, the English Premier League is the best, and most exciting league on the planet. There is no question about the fact that this league is, in fact, one of the most balanced, where there are more teams each season which can actually fight for a chance to win the championship, and where every single game gives fans the biggest emotions and excitement.

Now that all major international tournaments are over, all the Premier League biggest stars are back in training, and ready to kick off the new season, which will start on Friday, August 13th. This will be the Premier League’s 30th season, let’s remember that this has been the league’s name only since 1991, and the biggest winner so far is Manchester United, with 13 titles.

However, the current EPL champion is Manchester City, while United hasn’t been able to win a title since a few years back, when Sir Alex Ferguson left the team and decided to retire. Liverpool was the league’s champion the year before.

Manchester City had a great run last season, under the leadership and management of the great Pep Guardiola, one of the best coaches in the world nowadays. The Citizens got a total of 86 points in 38 games played during the season, and a +51 goal difference, being also the team that, by far, scored the most goals in the season, a total of 83.

2020-2021 Premier League season recap


Behind Manchester City, Manchester United was the team which had the best season, finally showing some good assets, and giving an actual fight for the championship, after a few disappointing years. The team closed the season with 74 points. Liverpool was third, with 69 points, and Chelsea finished fourth, with 67 points. These four teams are the ones that will play in the UEFA Champions League this season, while Leicester City, West Ham United, and Tottenham will play in the UEFA Europa League tournament. Arsenal, one of the league’s big teams, usually finished 8th in the table, and was left out of European tournaments this time.


Premier League 2021-2022 season, Matchday 1 recap


A Premier League debutant will be the one to kick off the season on Friday, August 13th, at home and facing Arsenal. A total of seven games will be played on Saturday, Manchester United vs. Leeds United, Burnley vs. Brighton & Hove Albion, Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace, Everton vs. Southampton, Leicester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers, Watford vs. Aston Villa, and Norwich City vs Liverpool. Two more games will be played on Sunday, Newcastle United vs West Ham United, and Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City.


What do you think will happen this season in the Premier League? Will Manchester City win another league title, or will any other team be able to take the trophy from them? Will this be finally Manchester United’s year? Will we see any big surprises this season? Things are about to get interesting in England, and we’re in for a treat!


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Inter Milan ready to defend their Italian Serie A championship

The new Italian Serie A soccer championship will start on August 21st, as opposed to the other two major leagues in the world, La Liga, and English Premier League, which will start a few days before, on August 13th. The season is expected to finish on May 22nd of 2022, if everything goes as planned.


Italian fans and football in general are on party mode right now, as Italy just crowned themselves European champions, after defeating England, at Wembley, in the UEFA Euro 2020 final, just a few weeks ago. This title confirms the good moment that Italian football has been living in the past few seasons, finally getting back to the level that they got us used to.


Serie A’s defending champion is Internazionale Milano, or Inter Milan, as most of us know it.


This is the first time any other team wins the title, other than Juventus, in many years, so it’s big news for Italian football, and it shows precisely what we were saying, that the league’s level has been growing.


2020-2021 Italian Serie A season recap


Inter Milan won the championship with the most points in 38 games than any other of the big European leagues, a grand total of 91 points, and a goal difference of +54, being able to score 89 goals throughout the season, for an average of 2.35 goals per match.


Second place in the league was AC Milan, 12 points behind, and showing an impressive level of play after many years of not being able to; they finished off the season with 79 points. Atalanta finished third, and Juventus fourth, with 78 points each, and these four teams are the ones that will play in the UEFA Champions League this season. There is a lot of expectation about what these teams will be able to do this season, hopefully bringing back a European title back to Italy for the first time in years.


Napoli, Lazio, and AS Roma will be the three teams to play in the UEFA Europa League, leaving Sassuolo out just by a tiny bit in their goal difference.


Benevento, Crotone, and Parma were relegated to Serie B, while Empoli, Venezia, and Salernitana were promoted to Serie A.

Italian Serie A 2021-2022, Matchday 1 recap


Four games will be played on Saturday, August 21st, Verona vs. Sassuolo, Inter Milan vs. Genoa, Empoli vs. Lazio, and Torino vs. Atalanta. Four games will also be played on Sunday, August 22nd, Bologna vs. Salernitana, Udinese vs. Juventus, Napoli vs. Venezia, and AS Roma vs Fiorentina. Finally, two games will be played on Monday, August 23rd, Cagliari vs. Spezia, and Sampdoria vs. AC Milan.


Which are your top picks for this new season in Serie A? Will Inter Milan be successful in defending their championship? Will Juventus bounce right back and get back on top? Or will this finally be AC Milan’s championship season? Other big Italian teams like Roma, Lazio, Napoli, and Atalanta weren’t successful last season, will they be able to pick up their game and fight for the championship? It’s your your pph service ready for this? We are at www.payperhead247.com


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Aaron Rodgers declined Packers new offer and his NFL future is uncertain

If you’ve been following the news and the NFL in the past few weeks, you already know about the hottest topic in the league. This is something that most of us wouldn’t have though or pictured a few months back, but Aaron Rodgers is quite unhappy with the Green Bay Packers’ management team and could not ever play in a Packers uniform again, according to reports.


Rodgers has only been with the Packers in his NFL career, he was able to come and fill in some of the biggest shoes in NFL history, replacing Brett Favre successfully, winning a Super Bowl already, becoming a multiple NFL MVP award winner, and becoming one of the most influential players in the league.

However, management decisions made back in 2020 stirred the pot in Green Bay and upset Rodgers in a big way. Specifically, the biggest issue comes from back in the 2020 NFL Draft, when the Packers selected Utah State’s QB Jordan Love as their first pick, without ever talking to Rodgers before. This decision clearly upset the legendary QB, it made him feel unsafe in his position, replaceable, and disrespected by the team.


Anyway, Rodgers went out and gave the Packers another MVP season, literally, and took them far in the playoffs again. But that’s where we stop, because now, as we get ready for the 2021-2022 NFL season, Rodgers has publicly declared that he is unhappy with the team, and he’s willing to explore other options. In the past few days, he even declined a new 2-year contract which would have made him the highest paid player in NFL history, that’s how upset he is.


Aaron Rodgers has not only been open to see different teams, but he has even been open to a career change, after he made an appearance in a popular TV show as a host, where he had a really good time, and he did a great job, on Jeopardy, specifically. He has also taken his time to think and been on an extended vacation with his fiancé in Hawaii, apparently with in no rush to come back.

Aaron Rodgers’ NFL career in numbers


In 2020, Rodgers played 16 games, threw 48 TD passes and a total of 4299 yards, with only 5 interceptions and a 70.7% pass completion rate.


In his career, he has played 197 games, out of which he has started in 190, throwing a total of 412 TD passes, 51245 passing yards, a 65.1% pass completion rate, and he has thrown 89 interceptions. His overall quarterback rating is 103.9, but it was 121.5 last season.


He was a Super Bowl Champion in 2011 after the Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV, and he was that Super Bowl’s MVP, he has been NFL MVP three times, in 2011, 2014, and 2020. He has also rushed for 3271 yards and scored 31 rushing touchdowns, he holds many of the NFL’s QB records to date, including the single season best passer rating in NFL history, of 122.5.


And just as a curious fact, as of July 20th, 2021, Aaron Rodgers is also an NBA Champion, as he is part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, so you can add that to his resume.


Will we see him back in green and at Lambeau Field next season? We’ll just have to wait and see!

2021 Copa America will start on June 13th and was moved to Brazil

It has been a long wait for all football fans from around the globe, but it’s finally time to cheer and celebrate, as the oldest international tournament in the world takes center stage, Copa America 2021 will take place in Brazil now, and is set to start on June 13th.

There have been quite a few complications for this tournament to actually take place, so let’s just appreciate the fact that we finally get to enjoy it. Copa America was originally planned to take place in 2020, and it was going to be hosted in two different countries, Colombia, and Argentina. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament was postponed and moved to 2021, in the hopes to have a better overall picture, and hopefully have fans in the stadium again
Colombia was removed as host city by CONMEBOL recently, as heavy protests are taking place in the country, demanding social and economic change and evolution. Argentina was set to take the task, but just last Sunday, CONMEBOL made another important announcement, due to the rising Covid-19 numbers in the country, they decided to move again, and decided to take the Cup to Brazil, as the country is well prepared to take in all the action after rebuilding and getting ready for the Olympic Games in Rio first, in 2012, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the Copa America 2019 as well, among other big tournaments that have taken place there recently.

This is how Copa America 2021 will be played

Originally, 12 teams were set to play Copa America 2020, all ten CONMEBOL national teams, plus Australia and Qatar, the two previous winners of the AFC Asian Cup. However, after the pandemic hit, they both withdrew from the tournament, and CONMEBOL decided not to invite anyone else to replace them.

The ten teams are now divided into two groups, by geographical zones, South Zone, and North Zone. In the South Zone group we have Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In the North zone group we have Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

It’s important to mention that Brazil, aside from being the host this time, is also the defending champion, after beating Peru in the final match of Copa America 2019, with a 3-1 score at Estadio Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro.

Teams will play against each other in the group stage, for a total of four matches each, and only the last one in the table will be eliminated. Four teams from each group will advance to the knockout stages, straight to quarterfinals. The group stage will take place from June 13th to June 28th, quarterfinals will take place on July 2nd and 3rd, the semifinals will be played on July 5th and 6th, the match for the third place will be on July 9th, and the big final match will take place on July 10th, great timing, just a day before the UEFA Euro final, so that we can enjoy both.

Could the MLS go to lockout?

The 2020 MLS season ended not too long ago, with Columbus Crew FC lifting the MLS Cup trophy after defeating the Seattle Sounders last December.


A new season would usually start in late February or early March, but due to Covid-19 related issues, league officials have decided to move the date back to the beginning of April for the 2021 season, the latest start in over a decade. Regular season would end in early November, with the MLS Playoffs kicking off on November 19 and the MLS Cup 2021 taking place on December 11.


It’s important to mention as well that there will be a new team this year, Austin FC, and with them, there will be a total of 27 teams already in the MLS, which remains with the same format as we know it, Eastern and Western Conferences, and a playoff system at the end of the season.

A possible lockout is in the near future for the MLS


The league issued a memo recently, in which it warns teams and staff of the possibility of a lockoutor strike, which would be the first in MLS history.


Why? It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world hard in many aspects, one of them being economics. Not being able to have fans in the stadiums has been the biggest blow for all sports teams in the world, as this represents a big chunk of their income season after season. The MLS alone reported a los of nearly $1 billion in 2020, and most of it due to the pandemic’s effects.


Things are looking a bit better now, but the pandemic is far from over or from being controlled, and this means that the possibility of bringing fans back to the stadium is still far-fetched, and both league and teams need to take this into consideration for their season projections.


So, why a lockout in the MLS?


Basically, the MLS and the MLSPA need to come to an agreement on how they will handle the economic part of the business now and in the next few years. The whole issue is due mainly to a disagreement on how salaries and salary caps will be handled for the next few seasons. The league is trying to prevent a possible worst-case scenario, while the MLSPA is trying to look out for the players interests.


There have been some concessions made already by both parts, like insurance issues for example, for players and their families, but when it comes to salaries and salary increases for the upcoming years, things have not been as easy.


Who’s to blame for this? Nobody really, because what’s been happening with the pandemic is basically a test for everyone, and there are no guidelines or correct answers in most cases, just trial and error. Both parts here are trying to do what they think is best, but the truth is, if they don’t agree on something soon, we might be heading to the league’s first lockout ever, and that is a scary thought for everyone, considering that the 2026 FIFA World Cup will be played in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and these years are key to building a successful plan, not only for the tournament, but for the future of all North American soccer leagues in general.

Tiger Woods slowly recovers from crash as world of golf pays tribute

Tiger Woods might just be the greatest golfer of all time, we all have that clear. He had an impeccable career for many, many years, until he hit a rough spot in his personal life, and then things quickly came crashing.


Woods’ marriage came to an ugly end back in 2009, but as ugly as it was already on a personal level, media, paparazzi, and fan frenzy made it all ten times as bad, and it was a rough pill for him to swallow. It affected his professional life, he never again played at the same level as before, he lost many of his sponsors, he lost his family, as well as much of his yearly income, and all of this mixed and of course, ended up in a self-destruction pattern for him, that included alcohol and drugs, a problem that he had to deal with for many years.


Since 2013, when this happened, Tiger Woods could not win a single title again for nearly five years, until he finally won again in 2018. He won The Masters Tournament in 2019, and that was a day of joy for golf fans, to see him finally at the level we were used to seeing him in for many years, and then he won another title in late 2019, right before the pandemic hit.


Last Tuesday, February 23rd, when we read the news that Tiger Woods had been in a major car accident, many thought the worst. The DUI’s and the drugs crossed everyone’s minds, but the truth is, police already clarified that Woods was not under the influence of anything, and it was just an accident, as it sadly happens sometimes. However, the injuries he suffered in his legs are quite serious.

Tiger Woods could have even lost a leg due to his car crash


Orthopedic trauma specialists who are attending Tiger Woods serious leg injuries decided to surgically release the covering of the muscle, just to make sure blood pressure could release, because if it didn’t, they were worried he could lose his leg. With that said, we’re just happy now, that didn’t happen, but he did suffer serious damage in his lower right leg and ankle.


In fact, his leg injuries were “comminuted and open”, which means the bones were fractured in more than two places, and they were exposed to open air, which increases the risk of infection. “His right leg was basically crushed”, is what his correspondent for Golf Digest said on CNN the day after. However, as bad as that is, Tiger was stable, he remained conscious and calm, and in fact, according to reports, right now he doesn’t even remember the crash itself in detail.


PGA Golfers pay tribute to Tiger Woods and all wear red


On Sunday, February 28th, on WGC-Workday Championship’s last round, many of the golfers in action showed up wearing Tiger Woods’ usual red shirt and black pants, from earlier in his career. The same thing happened at the Puerto Rico Championship, where the entire grounds crew wore the same.


The red shirt and black pants attire was suggested by Tiger Woods’ mom when he was taking the first steps in his career, and it just became a tradition for him.