Click Here For The Meaning of Pay Per Head

Anything charged on a ‘per head’ basis implies that there will be a cost for each individual involved in using a specific product or service. An all-you-can eat buffet at a restaurant or a per person tax related to an offered service immediately come to mind.

The term ‘pay per head’ is also related to the online sports betting industry. This is the weekly fee that is charged for access to online sports betting software often used by private bookies to run a bookmaking operation. Sometimes this particular business model for leasing online sports betting software applications can be presented as a “price per head” service fee. The software package is also known as “online sports betting solutions.”

Regardless of how it is presented by the various companies offering these services, a private bookie can successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook by simply paying a low, weekly per head few for each sports bettor utilizing the online sports betting application.

Pay Per Head Features

Given the complexities of running an online bookie business, you need to have the proper business tools in place. The main function of pay per head is to process all the various daily transactions that go into a business of this nature as a low-cost alternative to duplicating these software solutions on your own. Given the basic economies of scale associated with the pay per head business model, the more sports betting customers you serve, the more cost efficient your operation will be.

Some of the most basic features included in pay per head online bookie solutions are:

  • An online interface for placing sports bets
  • A mobile betting platform for handheld sports betting applications
  • Easy access to a line setting service to build out your betting board
  • Backend software access for key business reports

This list just scratches the surface when it comes to all the features included in a quality pay per head plan. Two very important things to always keep in mind are that all price per head shops are not equal and price should never be a major determining factor in which PPH service you choose.

Pay Per Head Benefits

There are more than enough pay per head providers trying to sell their services by price alone. If something seems to be too good to be true, cross that PPH service off the list. If you are just starting your bookie business, paying a higher price for a premium pay per head plan might appear to be overkill. However, having access to all the primary benefits now will allow you to grow into the role.

The last thing you want is to get hit with added fees and hidden costs when you need to add a service to a list. For example, receiving bet alerts in real time may be included in certain plans, but treated as an add-on cost in others. Whether you are booking five bets a day or 500, you will always want to stay way out in front of the betting action coming in.

The most important aspect of your bookie business is the ability to market your services online. Some PPH services will provide a generic online betting portal with your business name the only customized part of the site. Other price per head shops employ an in-house design team that can fully customize your company website to meet your specific business needs. They will also maintain that site as the host company.

Since the majority of sports bets are placed online these days, you need a highly professionalized online presence that can attract sports bettors to your services. Your built-in edge against the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and attention to detail that you can provide.

However, if you have a third-rate website that looks like it was designed by your nephew in grade school, you will be viewed as a third-rate bookie.

The Right Pay Per Head Service

Finding the right price per head shop that can meet all of your business needs will be the most important business decision you will need to make as a private bookmaker. Making the right decision right out of the gate will save you hours of frustration and aggravation further down the road.

When you think of your pay per head service as a crucial but silent business partner, it will help to keep things in their proper perspective.