Complete Player Management With PayPerHead247

One of the most important aspects of running and managing a successful independent bookmaking operation is creating a high level of control. Private bookies always need to stay way out in front of all the daily and weekly action coming in. Working closely with the right pay per head bookie services site is the best way to maximize that necessary level of control.

As a private bookie, you understand the benefits of taking an automated approach to running your business. Your pay per head provider handles the day-to-day online operational end of things, so you can spend most of your time on the marketing and customer service side of the equation. For a low weekly fee for each of your active betting customers, you receive everything you need to run an independent online book.

What some bookies fail to realize is that all PPH services are not created equal. With hundreds of bookie software sites to choose from, some are better than others in the products and services they offer. One site that does standout from all the rest is PayPerHead247.

There are a number of ways that this PPH service goes the extra mile. However, one of the most important ways is offering the right business tools for complete player management.

PPH247 Sports Betting Customer Profiles

The player management process begins and ends with customized online profiles for each of your betting customers. This becomes the central database for many of the business performance reports you will run on a regular basis. It is also a complete history of each of your betting customer’s online gambling activity.

The PPH247 customer profile is a running snapshot that can help you track and monitor each player’s betting habits, tendencies and style. By thoroughly understanding these three aspects for everyone of your active customers, you will be able to make the right business decisions for your bookie operation as a whole.

Another important aspect of an online customer profile is any credit and betting limits you wish to put in place. These are vital to creating the necessary level of control you need to be successful as a private bookie. These profiles can easily be edited to reflect any changes made at the customer level.

Other Important Player Management Tools

The biggest edge that a private bookie has over the big commercial online sportsbooks is a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail. To execute that high level of service, you need to have some special tools in your PPH bookie services’ tool box.

PPH247’s software tools gives you the ability to quickly:

  • Pull player performance reports
  • Suspend and enable online accounts
  • Adjust daily and weekly limits
  • Enable or disable various betting options
  • Adjust active betting lines

These are just a few of the ways you will have complete player management capabilities. These are also essential tools for establishing that high level of control to reduce any negative exposure that could have an impact on cash flow and overall profit.

One of the best things about running and managing your own bookmaking operation is the ability to hand pick your customer base. You can shape that base with sports bettors that meet your individual business goals. Picking your own customers lends itself to a positive working relationship. However, even with the best betting customers in the world, this does not lesson the need for effective player management and overall control.