Create a Pay Per Head Sportsbook in Five Minutes

For a second there, you might have wondered how it is possible to start a sportsbook in five minutes. You can put that doubt aside now because it is true that you can begin offering betting services five minutes from now. Here is a guide.

Call a Few Friends to Become Your First Clients

The first step is to gather some clients. Fortunately, you must have some friends who would hold it down for you no matter what. Call them and ask them to become your first clients.

Tell them you want to refer them to your best online sportsbook. That way, you protect your source of income and not sound like you are running an illegal scheme.

Partner With PayPerHead247

This process would have taken longer if you did not know who to partner with. But, since you do not have to search for a pay per head site, you can take the five minutes as we promised.

So, you need to contact PayPerHead247. This site will provide you with bookmaking tools, customer support for your clients, a sportsbook website and software, a payment system, player management tools, and betting lines, among other things you might need to launch a bookie.

The company has provided bookmaking services for over 15 years. Therefore, you can trust its expertise to run an efficient bookmaker.

You need some money to get the PayPerHead247 service. You also want some cash in your bankroll to pay your clients. Therefore, ensure you have enough funds to cater to the PPH service and some more to run your operations for several weeks or months.

Launch Your Sportsbook

The last step is launching your sportsbook. Usually, PayPerHead247 has ready betting templates. Therefore, you can launch your betting services a few minutes after contacting the company.

Choose the sports betting markets you want to provide to your clients. You can start with two or three famous sports events. This will entice your clients to start betting and ask for more betting events in the future.

Confirm whether the sportsbook is working perfectly. Ensure it loads fast on mobile and desktop browsers, the payment system is working correctly, and everything else is running smoothly.

Do you now believe you can create a pay per head sportsbook in five minutes? You have all you need to launch a successful bookie. Therefore, establishing a sportsbook in a few minutes is not impossible.

Contact PayPerHead247 today to get the process started. The company will respond to your message immediately and set up your account as soon as you give a green light.