Expanded Sports Betting Options With PayPerHead247

Both the big commercial online sportsbooks and private bookmakers have been scrambling to keep their betting board filled since the coronavirus grounded most live sports and sporting events.

The future is starting to look a bit brighter with NASCAR returning to live racing on May 17 while the PGA Tour has live tournaments scheduled starting in June. Yet, the bulk of the betting public is eagerly anticipating the return of live NBA, NHL and MLB games.


It looks like that wait is going to be longer than expected. The good news is that the NFL still has plans to release its 2020 regular season schedule in anticipation in starting Week 1 on time in early September.


Through it all, PayPerHead247 has been working closely with bookie agents to help maximize every betting opportunity possible. A perfect example was an expanded prop bet board for the recent NFL Draft. That will probably go down as the biggest betting event this spring.


As a private bookie, the most important thing you can be doing right now is engaging your entire customer base with a variety of betting options. If your current PPH service is coming up short in this department, now is the time to turn to PPH247 as your bookie services provider.

PPH247 Offers The Inside Track to Betting Options


What really separates PPH247 from the average pay per head service is experience and expertise. For close to two decades, this site has been able to position itself as an industry leader and innovative pioneer.


With the necessary experience in the sports betting industry coupled with a high level of expertise in developing online gambling software solutions, the entire package comes together in one comprehensive pay per head business plan.


This type of longevity in a very competitive business environment has left PPH247 well connected in the industry. The owner/operators of the site through their deep roots in Costa Rica have been able to establish a long-lasting relationship with the best oddsmaking services in the industry. There is also an in-house staff of sports betting experts that help to formulate betting options across a wide spectrum of events.


What this means to a private bookmaker like yourself is an endless array of betting options at your disposal. It is always up to your discretion when building out your betting board but you will never have to wait around for new options to appear.


Using Multiple Betting Options to Market Your Bookie Services


You current sports betting base may have zero interest in betting international ping pong. Yet, the simple fact that you actually have that option on your board demonstrates just how diverse your bookmaking services really are.


PPH247 remains committed to getting you all the betting lines you need when you need them. They are also committed to helping you use new and exciting ways to market your services. This includes your existing customer base as well as potential sports bettors looking for something new and exciting.


SIMs games and eSports will not fill the void that currently exists due to the lack of live games. Yet, they can still appeal to the action junkies out there looking for something to bet on.


The name of the game right now is to keep some betting revenue coming in while continuously engaging your customer base and potential customers. PPH247 has access to the betting options that can address both of these areas.