Fast and Sharp Betting Lines With PayPerHead247

With three of the biggest US betting leagues planning to restart their seasons in the next few weeks, the need for fast and sharp betting lines remains rather high. These lines and odds are a private bookie’s life blood when it comes to generating the right hold percentage and net profit on the action taken in.


That is why so many bookie agents have turned to PayPerHead247 for their online sports wagering software solutions. For more than 20 years, this has remained a top-rated pay per head site for both the products and services it can offer.


Coming off more than four months of brutal business conditions due to the coronavirus shutdown, now is the time to let PPH247 jump start your independent bookmaking business.

Expert Line Setting and Betting Board Management


PPH247 has been able to fully leverage its industry standing through strong business relationships with the best oddsmaking services in the world. Combined with in-house sports betting experts, the end result is fast and sharp betting lines for more than 80 sports leagues on an international basis.


Even more important, this site’s proprietary management tools will always keep you in full control of your betting board. Under normal conditions, things can change quickly in the unpredictable realm of sports betting.


Coming off an extended layoff with COVID-19 concerns still looming, properly managing your board is going to be especially challenging on a day-to-day basis. Opening lines need to be on point to avoid heavy leans one way or the other.


The most up-to-date information possible will have to be factored into each day’s betting lines. You need a pay per head site with a proven track record in its execution. You also need time-tested business tools to actively monitor all the daily action coming in.


Professional In-House Business Support


Running and managing your own private bookmaking service requires a high level of dedication and a strong work ethic. However, this is still a very tough business environment to go it alone.


Signing on with PPH247 is like adding a silent business partner that brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. You are still running the show on a daily basis but you are not alone. From bookie agent account specialists, advanced IT support to a knowledgeable customer service staff, this pay per head site has you covered with a high level of business support.


You can think of your weekly pay per head fees for active bettors as covering the online betting software solutions. The elevated level of business support is what adds the true value to those fees. This is where PPH247 separates itself from the competition as a major point of difference.


Heavy investments are constantly made upgrading the internal operational system and external software products. PPH247 also invests heavily in the people it employs. Based in Costa Rica, every employee comes from a sports betting background with a deep understanding of the online gambling industry. They know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie. They also keep your best interests top of mind.


Signing on with PPH247 has never been easier. You can start your free trial today by filling out some basic contact information online. There is also a contact email or toll-free number to get more information about everything this PPH service has to offer.