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The best form of advertising has always been word of mouth. This has never been more true than in today’s world of social media. Consumers are more than happy to post their opinion on all sorts of products and services they use.

When it comes to premier bookie software solutions, continues to garner excellent grades right across the board. As one of the most tenured bookie services sites in the pay per head industry, has excelled in its role as both an online gaming industry pioneer and innovator. as an Industry Pioneer

Going back to the mid-1990’s, the online gaming industry was in its infancy. The first offshore commercial sportsbooks started to expand their market reach with the use of an online sports betting platform.

Around that time, was first launched to give private sports bookie agents the same capabilities when it came to running and managing their bookmaking business online. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this bookie services site came from a background in both sports betting and online gaming software solutions.

Building off of its early success, hired its own team of professional gaming IT programmers. Their task was to keep private bookie agents well ahead of the industry curve when it came to the most advanced online gaming technology and the most sophisticated gaming software solutions.

Earning its reputation as an industry pioneer, built up an impressive base of bookie agents over the past 25 years in business. Never one to rest on its laurels or past accomplishments, continues to invest heavily in all the bookie gaming products and services it offers. as an Industry Innovator

The entire sports betting industry has been evolving at an accelerated pace over the past few years. Innovation remains the driving force with more and more sports fans interested in fast and easy ways to wager on the games. has risen to the occasion with proprietary gaming solutions that keep bookie agents well ahead of that changing industry curve. What was considered state of the art just a few years ago is already obsolete by today’s industry standards. Using its vast economies of scale as a top-rated PPH site, can offer best-in-class gaming solutions at a very affordable per head weekly rate.

By signing on with as your bookie solutions provider, you will have access to a weekly pay per head plan that is comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its online application. In simple terms, you will have everything you need to run and manage a successful private bookie operation.

That business will be fully automated in its day-to-day operations. A high level of internal reliability ensured that you are up and running online on a continual basis. The online sports betting platform is also highly secure. This ensures that every online transaction tied to your active betting base will be processed in a safe and secure manner.

This may sound like common business sense but unfortunately reliable and safe online PPH service is not an industry standard. has taken the proper steps with an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online sports betting platform. That is industry innovation at its best.