[ June 19, 2020 ]

Getting Started With PayPerHead247

Starting your own private bookmaking service is actually rather easy to do. All you really need are a few steady sports betting customers and enough cash reserves to more than cover the weekly action coming in.


The next step is to contact PayPerHead247 for the necessary bookie software solutions package to operate that business online. This bookie services site has been an industry leader for the past 20 years and it has helped thousands of bookie agents just like yourself get things off the ground.


PPH247 Start-Up Process


Based in Costa Rica, PPH247is licensed and regulated in a country that has created a highly favorable business environment for the entire pay per head industry. This basically covers any legal concerns surrounding an independent sportsbook.


The only information you need to provide to get started is your name, your preferred agent name, email address and an approximate number of active weekly players. You will then have to create a password to set up your online business account.


PPH247 does not require a minimum number of players to get started. However, this site does offer per head breaks in weekly fees when you reach certain player levels.


Going Online With PPH247


Working with a specified account manager, PPH247 will take care of all the rest. If you are just starting your bookie business, all of your individual player’s online accounts will be set up from scratch. If you have an existing customer base with a different pay per head site, all that information can easily be transferred over to your new PPH247 database.


As you add any new players, the first step in the process is setting up that online account profile. This is the centralized point where all your business activity originates. Individual account profiles are used to set any betting or credit limits you wish to have in place. It is also the starting point for any online activity.


PPH247 Business Reports


The comprehensive data stored on an account by account basis is vital to your entire business operation. Detailed real time business analytics are designed to roll-up this information to produce general operational reports for any number of business processes.


From a report covering one particular player’s gross profit (or loss) on a weekly basis to your overall hold percentage for that same time frame, you will always have fast and accurate information that you can use to run and manage your bookie business on a regular basis.


PPH247 Betting Board


The other big aspect of working with PPH247 is your online betting board itself. You will always have complete control over betting lines and betting options. You will also have the ability to move those lines and change those options to best meet your business needs.


The main role that PPH247 plays in the overall process of setting your board is access to betting options. Covering more than 70 sports on an international basis, their job is to provide all the betting lines you need, when you need them.


Through business relations with world-class oddsmakers as well as expert in-house line setters, PPH247 can help you create a comprehensive betting board that will completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks. You will never have to worry about losing even one customer because they had to turn elsewhere for a betting option you could not offer.



PPH247 Business Support


The biggest thing that PPH247 brings to the table is ongoing business support. You may be starting this bookie business on your own but you will never be left in the position of running it by yourself.