Getting Started With

Whether you are just starting a new private bookmaking business or looking to upgrade your current sports betting software solutions plan, offers a premium bookie services package at highly affordable weekly rates.


Based in Costa Rica as the perfect business environment for offshore sports betting operations, Pay Per Head 247 has been helping private bookies fully automate their bookmaking business for more than 20 years.


Owned and operated by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software solutions, this bookie services provider has made the necessary investments to develop a comprehensive PPH service that is also turnkey in its application. You will have fast and easy access to everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business online.


Signing On With


One of the first things you will see when clicking into the site is a form to sign on. The only information required is your name, email, preferred agent name and approximate number of betting customers. Adding a phone number is optional.


There are no minimum amount of betting customers needed to get started. Pay Per Head 247 also offers an extended free trial with no upfront cost or long-term obligation. This provides an excellent way to test drive everything this pay per head site has to offer with no risk on your part.


Once signed on, you will work with a dedicated account manager to walk through the start-up process. After setting up all your betting customers with an individual account profile, you are ready to start taking action online.


Other than a name and account number, no personal information is stored online for any of your customers. Pay Per Head 247 employs a deep level of encrypted security to ensure that every online transaction is processed in a safe and secure manner.


The Bookie Services Plan


The Pay Per Head 247 weekly bookie services plan starts at $10 per active bettor. There are quantity discounts in place that can lower this cost based on the size of your active betting base.


This weekly fee covers everything you will need to run and manage a fully automated bookie business online. You will never find any hidden fees or added costs buried in the fine print.


Building Out Your Betting Board


As a private bookie, you have the benefit of creating a betting base that meets your particular business model. You might want to form a smaller base of high-volume players. Maybe you are only interested in recreational players.


Whatever the case may be, as you continue to build and expand that betting base, Pay Per Head 247 can help you build and expand a betting board to meet everyone’s needs.


You will have the opportunity to also offer horse betting on daily live cards through an online racebook software solution. You can also provide Las Vegas-style slots and table games through your own online casino software. Both of these added revenue streams are included in your base pay per head plan.

Ongoing Business Support


As part of the package, you will have ongoing access to the internal business support team at Pay Per Head 247.

  • An IT staff is in place to help you create a professional online presence for your business.
  • Sports betting experts can help you build and manage your betting board on a regular basis.
  • A professional in-house customer service team is in place to help both you as the bookie agent and your customers on a round-the-clock basis.