Getting Started With PayPerHead247

If you are interested in pay per head bookie software solutions, you probably fall into two different categories. The first group is someone that is interested in starting their own private sports betting business. The other group is active sports bookmakers looking for a better way to run and manage an existing customer base.

Either way, you have come to the right place to learn how to get started with PayPerHead247 as a best-in-class provider of superior bookie software solutions.

The Story

The pay per head bookie services industry dates back to the mid-1990’s when the first offshore commercial sportsbooks started to offer sports betting through an online betting platform.

Around the same time, the ownership group behind designed and built the necessary infrastructure and software products to run and manage a private bookmaking business through the internet.

With close to three decades of experience under its belt, continues to offer innovative online gaming software products that let private bookies continue to prosper in this very lucrative industry.

The demand for private bookmaking services is higher than ever. Today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for that added level of personal customer service that you can offer as an independent sports bookmaker. Working closely with, there are ways to further enhance that edge through advanced technology and software solutions.

Taking the First Step Towards Business Success

Signing on with is as simple as submitting your name, email address, phone number and preferred agent name through an online business registration form. There are no minimum requirements for active customers, so you can get started with just one or two players.

From that point, you will work with a dedicated account manger that can walk you through the simple startup process. This involves the setup of online account profiles for each of your customers. These profiles become the basis for tracking all online betting activity. This information can then be used to launch a comprehensive suite of useful business reports.

You can easily track daily betting activity, player positions, risk assessment studies and projected settlement reports through your online bookie dashboard of analytic reports. Each report runs on real time data for the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Best of all, you can have your bookie business up and running online the same day you first sign on at

Added Features Offering Added-Value Benefits

The weekly bookie software solutions plan at is filled with added features that directly translate to value-added benefits. The entire basis of this weekly plan is only paying for what you use. Starting as low as $7 per active head, your weekly cost with 10 active players would only be $70.

This fee includes everything you need to run and manage your bookie business online. This gives you fast and easy access to sharp betting lines. You can quickly level the playing field against the big commercial books when it comes to the overall depth of betting leagues and betting markets offered.

You will also have the means to offer online horse betting through your own racebook covering every track running a live daily card. You can also add Las Vegas-style slots and table games to the mix through your own online casino. Both the racebook and casino software solutions are part of your base plan.