Horse Racing Software

One of the easiest ways to gamble in the United States is betting on horses. There are over 70 land-based racetracks in North America alone offering live racing schedules at various times throughout the year. Many states also have land-based off-track betting venues with access to every track running a live card. National websites such as TwinSpires and TVG offer horse betting online.

Despite easy access to betting on horses through a wide spectrum of land-based and online venues, the private bookie still handles a great deal of the action betting on the “Sport of Kings”.

Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions

The pay per head bookie software industry followed in the same footsteps of offshore sportsbooks located in Caribbean and Central America countries with legal and regulated sports betting. Both of these industries have developed the necessary online applications to offer their services to customers in the United States.

Since pay per head sites operating in legal municipalities are not subject to US federal laws, they can provide everything a private bookie needs to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook.

If you are looking to take an existing bookmaking business online or start a new one, a quality price per head shop can handle the operational end of things for a low, weekly per head fee for all of your active betting customers.

Pay Per Head Racebooks

The key to being successful as a private bookie is developing multiple streams of revenue. As a natural progression of the proper software solutions to run a sportsbook for betting on over 80 different sports, the top pay per head sites developed software solutions to run a racebook for horse betting.

With fast and easy access to every horse racing track in North America as well as high-profile international tracks, horse racing software applications offer the following features:

  • single login horse racing platform
  • A comprehensive account management application
  • Betting reports tracking real-time daily action
  • Automated event creation and results
  • Separate horse betting capabilities through the sportsbook

The most important feature of your horse racing software application is the fact that it is already included in the price per head fee you are paying for active bettors. You can market this service to all of your sports bettors as an added way to gamble online.

Today’s sophisticated online bettors are looking for a one-stop solution for all of their online gambling activities. Since they are already placing all of their sports bets through your bookmaking services, adding horse betting capabilities to the menu makes all the sense in the world.

Making the Most of Horse Betting Software

The biggest cost for any private bookie is the per head fees you pay for online betting capabilities. That is why it is so important to make the most of that weekly fee with added services like horse betting. Your PPH service can handle the operational end of things, but you still need to market your racebook to your existing customer base as well as prospective customers looking for a private option to place their horse bets.

As previously mentioned, access to horse betting is easy to find. You need to give your sports betting customers a reason to also bet on horses through your book. One of the main reasons why private bookies still handle the majority of the betting action on sports is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big commercial online sportsbooks simply cannot provide.

The same stands true with your private racebook. Horse racing fans can easily find places to bet on the races, but none of those other venues can match the same level of customer service that you can provide.

The use of bonuses or other promotions can be a great way to start marketing your racebook services. Once a sports bettor realizes just how easy it is to also wager on horses through your online betting application, you will have them hooked. Getting them to make that first bet might require an initial incentive as a push.

Horse racing is a year-round betting activity highlighted by special events such as the Kentucky Derby as part of the Triple Crown racing series in May and June along with November’s Breeders’ Cup.

There is money to be made with your own racebook and your pay per head site’s horse racing software opens the door to those added profits to your bottom line.