How Much are You Paying for Weekly Bookie Solutions?

One of your biggest costs of doing business as a private bookie is the money spent weekly on bookie software solutions. While this is a vital part of the operations end of that business, that weekly pay per head fee comes right off the bottom line.

Going cheap when it comes to finding the right bookie services site is not a wise business decision. That cheap per head rate will be accompanied by cheap and unreliable online service. Security issues with this low level service can cause some major headaches down the road.

You also do not need to pay an exorbitant amount of money for quality bookie software solutions. These type of PPH services tack on added fees and hidden costs for bells and whistles that do not move the dial when it comes to profitability per active betting customer.

What you really need is an affordable weekly per head rate that covers everything you need to run and manage a successful private bookie business. What you need is Business Credentials

The first thing that jumps off the page when it comes to as far as bookie services credentials is business experience. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group that founded this site are true pioneers in the pay per head industry.

Going back to the mid-1990’s when the first offshore commercial sportsbooks expanded their market reach through online sports betting platforms, was providing the same services for private bookmakers.

Over the past 25 years plus, has grown into a market leader by taking an innovative approach to the products and services offered. Along with that wealth of experience comes a high level of expertise in the entire online gaming software industry. The weekly bookie solutions package offered includes the means to add an online racebook for horse betting and an online casino filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games at no extra weekly cost. Bookie Services Features and Benefits

Private bookies tend to place too much emphasis on the weekly per head cost they pay for each active bettor. The more important analysis should be on what are you actually getting for that per head fee?

Because of its tremendous economies of scale as a tenured bookie solutions provider, is already on the lower end of weekly costs starting around $7 per active customer. However, the main focus should be on the value-added benefits that are included for that low cost basis.

Simply put, everything you need to run and manage your own successful private bookie business in included in the base plan. This includes easy access to a internal sports betting platform that would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting sites.

Proprietary bookie software solutions take all of the guesswork out of the decision making process. Everything is backed by an in-house business support team that can help you maximize both the effort and time you are putting into your bookie business.

Your book can be up and running online the same day you first sign on with with the help of a dedicated account manager. You will work with a professional gaming IT department when it comes to customizing your own sports betting site. You will also work with sports betting experts when it comes to building out your sports betting board.