How to Run an Online Pay Per Head Racebook

Pay per head service providers have a racebook as part of the package. This is an incredible bonus platform as it acts as an additional revenue source. A racebook plays a huge role in stabilizing your income when there are fewer sports betting markets to wager on.

There are over 220 horse racing tracks worldwide. Therefore, finding a horse racing event every week is not hard. This also means that a racebook provides a constant means of income.

You only need to decide to activate the racebook. Before you do, read the remaining parts of this article to learn how to run an online racebook.

Get the Right Software

The most affordable way to own a racebook software is through a pay per head service. The software must have the right features to keep your clients happy and your income constant.

For instance, it would help if the software is user-friendly, has a bet slip, and has numerous featured horse racing tracks. If you are looking for the best racebook software, check out the program from PayPerHead247.

This software is everything you want to see on racebook. You and your clients will love it.

Offer a Variety of Bets on a Large Selection of Racing Tracks

There are several prominent horse racing betting sites. The only way to compete with them is by featuring many racing tracks on your racebook. Clients love a variety of betting markets.

It entices them to spend more time on your site finding more betting lines. Moreover, having a large selection of racing tracks will stop your clients from looking elsewhere.

Once you feature many horse tracks, consider adding numerous bet types. For instance, you can offer win, place, and show bets. You can include exotic bets too.

Novice bettors love win, place, and show bets. However, experienced players will be looking for exotic bets. Therefore, it is crucial to consider different types of players and package your services to motivate them to wager.

While at it, ensure your odds are competitive. This will encourage players to wager with you instead of looking for another bookie offering better odds.

Manage Your Books

There is a high possibility for a punter to win a five or six-figure payout. For instance, a player can wager a $10 exotic bet with a potential payout of $10,000.

You cannot risk such a payout, especially with your small bankroll. You have to set the maximum payout for individual bets. That way, you can only pay what you can afford to lose.

Would you like to offer bets on horses and jockeys? Contact PayPerHead247 to set up your racebook.