How to Spot Fake PPH Sportsbook Software

A pay per head (PPH) sportsbook software is necessary if you want to run an efficient bookmaking business. However, you will find good and bad software providers wearing the same cloak.

As such, it is difficult to tell the good and bad apart unless you remove the cloak. Here are some tips to spot the fake PPH sportsbook software.

Low Rating

One of the red flags to look out for is a low rating. Some people do nothing but spread bad reviews.

They barely have anything positive to comment on about a product. You can be lazy and believe their words instead of looking further. Find out whether other people feel the same about using the pay per head sportsbook software.

If more than three different sites share a negative rating, reconsider your decision to buy the software. You can also look at how old the reviews are. For instance, you cannot rely on bad reviews written when a company is just starting, as it might have had time to improve.


A good marketer can sell the worst product. They are paid to make sales. However, whatever they sell must reflect in the product.

For instance, if the market promises over 100 betting lines weekly, the bookie should be able to see these lines weekly. This is crucial because you decided to use the PPH services based on the promises made.

The best way to know whether the PPH service provider is overpromising is by using the free trial. There should not be an upfront fee to get the free trial; otherwise, you will be stuck with the software until you decide to switch.

Hidden Fee

Some companies offer the lowest overhead fee. Some amounts are unimaginable as they go below a dollar. The advert usually misleads bookies that the fee covers the comprehensive service.

Yet, you will be prompted to pay extra money to access additional features. A legit PPH service provider discloses its fee before you sign up.

The company might not publicly advertise the fee. But, you should get a breakdown of the overhead fee and what it covers.

Now that you know what fake pay per head sportsbook software looks like, it will be easier to choose one. It just needs to have the opposite of the above characteristics.

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