Is It Necessary for a Bookie to Have a Call Center?

Customer support is crucial in all fields. But, it is even more critical in the service and gambling world. This is because customer retention relies on good customer interaction and support.

As a bookie, you will receive many calls from your clients. Some will enquire about their account verification, some will claim bonuses, and others will even contact you to enquire about their payments. Ideally, there are many reasons a bettor will want to talk to you.

This means that you need a call center. Below, we look at the reasons you need a call center and how much you would need to set up one.

The Benefits of a Call Center

The first use and benefit of a call center is handling betting inquiries and disputes. As mentioned earlier, your clients will always have something to contact you for despite trying to make your services perfect.

Fortunately, a call center allows bookmakers to handle a multitude of betting inquiries, disputes, and concerns from their customers. Customers may have questions about odds, specific bets, payment processes, or account-related issues.

Having a dedicated call center ensures that these inquiries are promptly and professionally addressed, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in the bookmaker’s services.

Secondly, a call center enables bookmakers to offer personalized customer service, addressing bettors’ individual needs and concerns. This one-on-one interaction helps build a solid rapport with customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business. Moreover, the call center can handle personalized promotions, bonuses, or incentives, adding a personal touch to customer interactions.

Another use of a call center is account verification. A call center can implement robust verification procedures.

This may involve verifying customer identities over the phone before processing high-value transactions or withdrawals. This added layer of security is essential for protecting both the bookmaker and the customers.

How Much Will It Cost You to Set Up a Call Center?

Setting up a call center can be expensive. It includes investing in infrastructure, technology, and software installation. Ideally, your call center will need phone lines, headsets, computers, customer relationship management software, and a call management system.

Most bookies cannot set up a call center because it is beyond the amount they can afford. Apart from the initial cost, you need operational cost. This is the money you use to pay customer representatives, utility bills, and other expenses to keep your operations running.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative. Bookies can subscribe to pay per head services.

For instance, when you sign up with PayPerHead247, you can get customer support for you and your clients at $7 per player. See how much less you need to give your customers the best customer support? Call PayPerHead247 to give your clients access to 24/7 customer support.