Keeping Up With Your Rivals Using Pay Per Head Solutions

Prominent sportsbooks are slowly moving to each state that is legalizing sports gambling. This leaves you in a highly competitive market because you have to convince clients to stay with you instead of jumping ship. But, if your offering is basic and accessing your product is a pain, your clients will have no reason to stay.

The good thing is that there is a solution to help you keep up with your rivals. This solution puts you on the same level as prominent sportsbooks minus the high running costs.

By using pay per head (PPH) solutions, you can keep earning good profits even when several prominent sportsbooks have launched in your state. Here is how PPH solutions can help your business.

It Saves Time and Money

Prominent sportsbooks have adapted to technology. They know better than to ignore technology.

So, you have to adapt too. Get a pay per head bookie software at a fraction of the cost prominent sportsbooks spend. For instance, PayPerHead247 charges $7 per player to allow bookies to use their bookmaking solutions.

This is the cheapest running cost. The software is web-based. In other words, you will not need to invest in expensive hardware and rooms to house them.

This lowers the running cost further. Using this software saves time too. How?

Instead of feeding your excel sheet with player data manually, this software allows you to create player accounts easily. It also records and grades bets automatically, tracks payment, and automates many other processes, saving you time.

Largest Selection of Gambling Options

How many betting lines do you offer in a day, week, or month? Do you think these lines are enough to keep your clients betting?

Take any prominent sportsbook in your state and scroll through it. You will find that it offers over 40 sports betting markets, and thousands of betting lines each day, among other things.

Meanwhile, you only offer less than 30 betting lines every day. Most bookies cannot even offer odds for more than one sport at a time. Continuing like this is like playing in a landmine.

When you use pay per head solution, you can increase your offering. You can offer odds for over 15 sports and leagues. You can even offer horse racing bets.

Pay per head industry is the future. It is not going anywhere. If anything, even prominent sportsbooks that purchase expensive software will switch to using pay per head service.

You do not have to wait until these sportsbooks realize that they can make more money by using the PPH solution. Contact PayPerHead247 today to set up your bookie and see your business survive and perform even better among rival sportsbooks.