Make Money on Horse Racing With PayPerHead247

One of the biggest betting events of the year takes place the first Saturday in May with the running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. This race also marks the start of the Triple Crown racing series for this year’s class of the best three-year old Thoroughbreds.


As a private bookie, horse racing in general presents an excellent opportunity to establish a viable stream of revenue that compliments betting on sports. To make the most of this opportunity, you need the help of as a top-rated bookie services site.’ Sportsbook Software Solutions


This pay per head service was launched more than two decades ago around the same time the first offshore sportsbooks expanded their reach though an online sports betting platform.


PPH247 took a different approach in its business model. An in-house IT staff created proprietary software solutions to fully automate a private bookie’s business while also running it online. Over the years, PPH247 has continued to invest heavily in the products and services offered.


The current approach is designed to keep private bookies way ahead of the technological curve that is driving today’s sports betting industry. As a market leader, PPH247 has developed a strong following as a superior sportsbook software solutions provider.’s Racebook Software Solutions


As part of your weekly pay per head plan with PPH247, you have access to professional software solutions to run and manage your own online racebook for horse racing. This software gives your betting customers fast and easy access to any track running a live daily card of horse races.


Your online racebook can offer access to every major race track in North America as well as international racing hot spots in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai. Similar to your sports betting board for sports betting, you will always have complete control of what you offer in terms of horse betting.


One of the downsides to sports betting are gaps and lulls in the schedule during certain times of the year. Horse racing is a year round way to generate a steady stream of revenue. There is no added cost in your weekly pay per head plan to take advantage of this add-on betting option.


In fact, this is an excellent way to increase your weekly handle and hold without having to increase your active customer base. This is the ultimate way to maximize the value in the weekly fee you are already paying for each active bettor.

Now is the Time to Jump-Start Your Racebook


With this year’s Kentucky Derby right around the corner, now is the best time of the year to launch your PPH247 racebook. Many of your sports betting customers are going to be looking for ways to bet on this race. Why give them an excuse to go elsewhere when you can offer the exact same betting experience through your bookie business.


Signing on with PPH247 only requires your name, email, agent name and estimated player base. There are no up-front costs or player minimums in place. You can use a free, no-obligation trial to test drive everything this premium bookie services site has to offer.


A dedicated account manager can walk you through the entire start-up process to enable your bookie business to start taking bets on the Kentucky Derby that same day.