Pay Per Head Free Trial

Pay per head (PPH) free trial is a period given to bookies by PPH service providers to test bookmaking tools and services. While this is a necessary period, only a few PPH sites offer the program. Yet, this is the only time you can learn about the price per head software and services and determine whether they fit your bookie business or you should pass.

The PPH provider determines the free trial period. Usually, it can last between one week to six weeks. Here are three key features you should find about the PPH software during the free trial.


PPH software must generate different reports to help you run your business efficiently. For example, a history report will show the betting history of your players.

This report can show when a player placed a bet, how much they wagered, whether they placed the bet on the phone or internet, how much they won or lost, and much more. You can use this information to customize your services for players. For example, if a client loses every time he bets, you could give a cashback offer to encourage the player to continue playing.

Other reports include agent exposure, cash flow, action by player, hold percentage, real-time betting, and open bets, among others. Ask your account manager to help generate different reports and confirm whether they will help run your business better.

Betting Services

The primary goal of a bookie is to offer betting services. Pay-per-head service providers simplify this by creating betting lines and adjusting odds accordingly.

You should test this to confirm your offering falls within the same standard as prominent sportsbooks In your market. Otherwise, players will have no reason to prefer your services over other sportsbooks.

Find the amount of betting lines your PPH shop offers each day. Inquire about the markets covered by the price per player shop. Ideally, ensure your bookie runs 24/7 and has more than enough betting lines all the time.

Customer Support

You can have quality betting lines like other prominent sportsbooks. However, that might not be enough reason to attract clients. The only other way to attract a significant client list is by offering top-notch customer service to your clients.

In other words, you have to personalize customer care for your clients. So, find out whether your pay per head shop can afford that.

Pay per head free trial is crucial when choosing the best PPH software. At PayPerHead247, you will get a 4-week free trial to test the product and services. This is enough time to navigate the software, and features and test customer support to confirm whether the product is right for your growing bookie business.