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Build an Effective 2021 Business Plan with PayPerHead247

Despite all the ups and downs in the sports betting industry in 2020, private bookies with a solid business plan in place still did quite well for themselves.


Whether you are in the start-up phase of your bookie business or trying to take things to a much higher level in 2021, you need to have the proper business plans in place.


These plans should cover three main areas:
  • Internal Operations
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Goals


The next step in the planning process is finding the right pay per head bookie services provider to help you every step of the way.


PayPerHead247 Operations


Once you make the decision to fully automate your bookie business by running it online, you need a proven source of bookie software solutions. For more than two decades, PayPerHead247 has been helping bookie agents just like yourself run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation.


This site can do the same for you with its comprehensive approach to bookie services. This starts with a reliable internal operating system that can process every online transaction in a safe and secure manner.

By turning the operational end of your business over to PPH247, you already have the proper plan in place to address this key area.


PayPerHead247 Marketing Strategies


There are two basic ways to make money as a private bookie. The first is to increase your customer base to increase your weekly handle. This is an effective approach to growth at a higher business cost due to increased pay per head fees.


The other way to make money is by increasing your weekly handle across your existing customer base. This will stabilize your weekly pay per head cost while increasing net profit.


PPH247 only charges a weekly fee for active betting customers. A larger active customer base might be eligible for quantity discounts based on its actual size. Advanced online marketing tools are part of the PPH247 plan if you decide to go this route.


Through a wider array of daily and weekly betting options, PPH247 can help you build out your betting board to generate more betting action from your existing customer base. This keeps the cost of your weekly bookie services package stable while increasing your weekly hold percentage and net profit.


PayPerHead247 Financial Goals


Whether you build your betting base or increase your weekly handle, PPH247 can help you achieve your overall financial goals. The best course of action is a combination of both. Adding bettors with a bigger weekly budget can be very favorable to your bottom line.


The other way PPH247 can help you earn your expected return on investment is through multiple revenue streams. Along with the proper software solutions to run your sportsbook online, you can also take action on horse betting through your own online racebook.


Your customers will have fast and easy access to any racetrack running a live daily card. They will also be able to bet on the biggest horse races of the year.

Pay Per Head
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Making The Most of Your PayPerHead247 Free Trial

As a private bookie, one of the biggest business decisions you will ever have to make is signing on with the right pay per head site. There are any number of choices in a very crowded marketplace but do not fool yourself into thinking that all pay per head providers are the same.


This could not be farther from the truth. Many of today’s newer sites are only looking for the quick buck as the overall sports betting industry expands. Others have built their reputation on past accomplishments.

Unfortunately, many of those PPH services are stuck in the past with obsolete products and services.


PayPerHead247 comes to the table will a wealth of experience and expertise tied to more than two decades in the pay per head industry. Known as a pioneer, PPH247 is best described as an online gambling software innovator.


The ownership group at this site continues to make steep investments in both the products and services offered. This pertains to constantly upgrading its proprietary software products through a professional in-house IT staff.


Signing-On With PayPerHead247


Based in Costa Rica, now is the best time of the year to get started with PPH247. As one year ends and another one begins, you are starting a brand new calendar of sports and sporting events.


If you are already running and managing an established bookie business, making the switch now sets the plate for much bigger and better business results in 2021.


If you are just starting a private bookie operation, making the right decision the first time makes the most business sense. Too many bookies find out the hard way that the cut-rate PPH service they signed on with ended up costing them quite a bit of money in the long run.


You can start today by filling out a quick online registration form. All you need is your name, email address, phone number (optional) and preferred agent name. There is no minimum amount of active players to get started. You simply have to estimate how many players you expect to have.


PayPerHead247 Next Steps


If you are switching over to PPH247 from your current pay per head provider, an account manager can facilitate the necessary transfer of customer information. If you are just starting out, a dedicated account manager is available to walk you through the entire start-up process.


Once you have created online profiles for each of your betting customers, you are ready to start booking bets through an online betting platform. PPH247 offers an advanced mobile interface to process bets placed through any handheld device with internet access.


As part of the initial start-up process, you can work with PPH247’s in-house staff of sports betting experts when it comes to building out your board.


The main goal in this process is to meet each of your customer’s betting needs. You never want to risk losing even one bet on something that was not on your board. The ultimate goal should be to completely level the playing field against the big commercial books you still have to compete against.


Take Full Advantage of the PayPerHead247 Free Trial


There is no upfront cost or hidden obligations to take everything PPH247 has to offer for an extended test drive. This is the best way to familiarize yourself with the software package while also getting to know the entire business support team that is at your disposal 24/7.

Pay Per Head
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As another year ends, hopes for bigger and better things are high heading into the next one. That has never been more true than now. This past year was more than a challenge in many ways.


The coronavirus pandemic disrupted every facet of everyone’s life in one way or another. Fortunately, things are looking up with the arrival of a vaccine. Looking ahead to 2021, the sports betting calendar should return to some sense of a new normal.


Both the new NBA and NHL regular season schedule have been pushed back but that could actually be a good thing as they extend into the summer months with their postseason schedule. Individual sports events that were cancelled are postponed in 2020 should take place as normally scheduled on the 2021 sports betting calendar.


Renewed enthusiasm for betting on sports is at an all-time high. This is another big plus for anyone running and managing a private bookmaking business.


Why Does Rank so High?


When it comes to bookie services, turned in another strong performance as one of the top-rated pay per head sites in 2020.


Coming off another round of strong industry reviews, PPH247 is not about to start resting on its laurels in 2021. There is a reason why more and more independent bookies have signed on for the products and services it offers.


For more that two decades, this Costa Rica-based online gambling software solutions provider has been helping private bookies achieve the business goals they have set for themselves. PPH247 can do the same for you in the coming year.


Whether you are new to the sports betting industry or looking to make a change, signing on with PPH247 is the first step in the right direction. From a comprehensive bookie solutions plan to professional in-house business support, you will have fast and easy access to everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business online.


Everything starts with an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their online betting platform. This system has earned high grades for reliability while processing every online transaction in a safe and secure manner.


Through the use of proprietary software solutions, PPH247 has put together a bookie services plan that lets you run your own sportsbook for sports betting, racebook for horse betting and online casino featuring Las Vegas-style slots and table games.


Best of all, this comprehensive solutions package is turnkey in its application. The software is easy to navigate for both yourself as the bookie agent and your betting customers. Has Big Plans for 2021


Turning to the New Year, PPH247 remains committed to providing the same high level of service while continually improving everything it has to offer.


There has never been a better time to be a private bookie. The overall size of the betting base is expanding at an accelerated pace. Today’s sports bettors are looking for the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that private bookies can provide and the big commercial books can never match.


To reach all the business goals you have set for yourself this up coming year, you need the right bookie services provider by your side. You can think of PPH247 as a silent business partner that always keeps your best interests top of mind.

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Increase Your NBA Handle and Profits With PayPerHead247

After the NFL for football, the NBA is the next biggest professional sports league in the US sports betting industry. This year’s regular season gets underway on Tuesday, Dec. 22 with a pair of matchups followed by a full slate of games the next day.


Plans call for a full 72-game schedule followed by the playoffs leading up to the NBA Finals. This creates a tremendous opportunity for private bookies working with PayPerHead247 as their sports betting software provider.


Based in Costa Rica, has been helping independent bookmakers run and manage a profitable operation for more than 20 years. The ownership group has a wealth of experience in sports betting along with a keen understanding of online gambling software solutions.


Understanding Your Handle and Hold Percentage


The two most important business metrics for private bookies is the overall handle and the hold percentage taken in. You need both to build a business that is big enough to support your individual financial goals.


While the handle pertains to the total amount of betting action you book, the hold percentage on that handle is how you make money. Your hold is the difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money plus commission (juice) collected on losing ones.


Ideally, you want your hold to fall between five and 10 percent. Anything lower than five makes it much tougher to reach those goals.


Increasing Your Handle


PPH247 has in-house sports betting experts working with the best external oddsmakers to expand your betting options for every major sport. Most of the action taken in cover straight bets on the spread, total and money line for NBA games.


However, you can expand your board by offering quarter and half lines, alternative spreads and totals and a host of game, team and player props.


The goal is to increase the amount of money bet on the games without having to increase your overall customer base. It is far more profitable to have 50 customers betting $500 a week than 500 customers betting $50.


By building out your NBA betting board with as many betting options as available, you are also leveling the playing field with the big commercial online books. You want to make sure that everything your customers are looking to bet on is available through your bookmaking service.


Increasing Your Hold


By offering a diverse betting board offering numerous options to generate some action on the games, you are increasing the win probability in your favor.


As with NFL games, sharp spreads and totals for NBA games are basically a 50/50 proposition. Additional wagering options tend to give the house a slightly better edge. This higher edge translates directly to a higher hold on those particular bets.


PPH247 offers a full complement of real time business analytics that track every aspect of your bookie business. You can drill down as deep as you want to get a better understanding of where you are making your money. This can help you create a betting board that best meets your financial needs.


Now is the time to put together a comprehensive business plan for the upcoming NBA season with the help of PPH247. From advanced sports betting software solutions to an in-house staff of industry experts, you will have everything you need to make this the most profitable season ever.

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Add Value to the Cost of Your Bookie Services Plan With

There are any number of reasons why private bookies attempt to go it alone without the help of a quality pay per head site. This strategy will only take you so far in today’s advanced and highly competitive sports betting marketplace.


Other private bookies working with a pay per head bookie services site make the equally crippling business mistake of staying with an inferior provider. This marketplace has gotten overcrowded with PPH sites that are working with obsolete software solutions while trying to make a quick buck.


If you fall into either category as a private bookmaker, a new year offers a new chance to change your ways while also changing the trajectory of business upward.


Maybe you have just decided that 2021 is the year to start your own bookie business. Maybe you’re a seasoned vet looking to increase your weekly handle while also increasing the money you make on that action.


Whatever the case may be, now is the time to get on board with For more than two decades, this top-rated PPH service has been helping bookie agents just like yourself run and manage a successful bookmaking business online.’s Fully Automate Approach to Bookie Services


Providing the necessary software to book bets online is just part of the products and services offers through its weekly plan. Starting at $10 per head or less, everything you need to fully automate your bookie business is included in this comprehensive package.


You will have fast and easy access to sharp betting lines covering a wide variety of sports and sporting events. This includes the right solutions for offering live in-game betting to your customers.


If interested, you can expand your bookie services to include horse betting through an online racebook. You can also offer Las Vegas-style slots and table games through your own online casino.


Turning your small bookie business into a full-service online gambling site has never been easier. Best of all, these added software solutions are included in your weekly PPH plan.’s Hands-On Approach to Business Support


There are a number of PPH services that are more than happy to simply collect your weekly fee while offering little in return. continues to make a substantial investment in an in-house business support team that is at your disposal 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


–You will have a dedicated account manager to walk your through the entire start-up process.

–You will also have direct access to a professional IT staff when it comes to setting up a customized business presence online.

–There are sports betting experts working with external line-making services to help you build out your betting board to meet all of your customer’s needs.

–Finally, there is a highly trained and knowledgeable customer service team that comes from a sports betting background. They know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie and they will go out of their way to help you and each member of your entire betting base in any way they can.


This elevated level of business support is one of the main reasons why so many bookie agents turn to as their bookie services provider. Sign on today and you can take full advantage of a no-cost, no-obligation trial of everything this site has to offer.

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Time-Tested Bookie Solutions at PayPerHead247

There is no substitute for a high level of experience and expertise when it comes to any business solutions package. You need the right tools to get the job done right. For more than two decades, private bookies have relied on PayPerHead247 to run and manage a successful bookmaking business online.


PPH247 was launched around the same time the first offshore sportsbooks started offering their bookmaking services through an online betting platform. Based in Costa Rica, this ownership group has an extensive background in both sports betting and online gambling software solutions.


The main goal back then as well as today is to provide a comprehensive bookie services software package that is turnkey to apply online.


Getting Started With PayPerHead247


A big part of the turnkey aspect of these bookie services is ease of use. Once you sign-on with PPH247, your bookie business will be up and running right away. There is no complex start-up process involved in going live. You will have a dedicated account manager to guide you every step of the way.


Each of your betting customers will have their own online account profile. This will be the basis for the day-to-day management tasks involved with running a bookie business. You can add and adjust any credit and betting limits on an account by account basis with the use of these individual profiles.


Through the use of your own personalized online business dashboard, you can monitor all the action coming in on a daily basis. One of the primary benefits of working with PPH247 is the ability to stay way out in front of the curve as far as player positions and potential exposure.


You will have the right tools to take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time while minimizing any potential issues after the fact. You will also have an in-house business support team in place to help you in any way they can.


PPH247 has not only made a substantial investment in its internal operating system and proprietary bookie software solutions, it has also invested heavily in its people. Everyone comes from an extensive background in the online sports betting industry and they remain committed to helping you make the most of what can be an extremely lucrative business opportunity.


Gain a Competitive Edge With PayPerHead247


As a private bookie, you have the luxury of working with a hand-picked group of sports betting customers. However, you still operate your business in a highly competitive business environment. You need the right bookie solutions that can completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks that are always marketing to your customers.


Your first main point of difference as a private bookie is excellent customer service. Your active betting customers will be more than impressed with the high level experience and expertise in your pay per head service.


PPH247 has gone out of its way to develop, build and nurture an in-house staff of customer service representatives that can complement your personal efforts as a full-service bookmaker.


The result is a team approach to creating a main point of difference between your bookie services and the competition. This also aids in player retention and attracting new betting customers to the fold.

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College Basketball is Back at PayPerHead247


One of the biggest betting events of the year is the annual men’s basketball NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately, last season was cut short ahead of March Madness. That left more than a few college basketball bettors wanting more.


The wait is over and a new season tipped off the day before Thanksgiving. As a private bookie, now is the time to partner with to make up for lost time and lost revenue. As a top-rated bookie services provider, you can build out a college basketball betting board that would rival even the biggest commercial online sportsbooks.


Working with the best oddsmaking services in the world, PPH247’s in-house team of sports betting experts can deliver sharp betting lines for all the games. With over 30 different conferences and 350 different teams, you can generate a daily betting handle that results in higher bottom-line profits.


The PayPerHead247 College Basketball Plan


Most of the betting action you bring in for college basketball will be on the games themselves. Using spreads, total lines and money lines, you can engage your entire betting base with the early games.


The early rankings are filled with the most popular programs in the country such as Duke, Kentucky and Kansas. This makes it easy to create some excitement on a regular basis. The new NBA season has been delayed to give college basketball the early spotlight.


Football is still king heading into the final month of the year. However, college hoops provides an excellent way to increase the betting handle during the week. With fast and easy access to PPH247’s sharp lines, your customers will always have a full betting board of games to choose from.


If you are looking to expand your betting options, PPH247 can provide betting lines for first and second half wagers that include both spreads and totals. You can even add in a few betting props for every high profile matchup.


You are always in control of the betting options you offer. PPH247 is in charge of giving you everything you need. As a private bookie, this means that you can always provide the action your customers are looking for.



The PayPerHead247 Advantage


The new college basketball season offers a tremendous opportunity to end this year on a high note while laying the groundwork for an even more successful run in 2021. The overall sports betting industry is booming, and with PPH247 as your business partner, you can take full advantage of a very favorable situation.


Launched in Costa Rica more than two decades ago, this is a bookie services provider with a wealth of experience in sports betting as well as a high level of expertise in online gambling software solutions.

Included in your pay per head package are multiple ways to expand your hold percentage and net profit. This includes an extensive racebook for horse betting and an online casino offering Las Vegas-style slots and table games.


PPH247 has developed a comprehensive system for running and managing a successful bookie operation. You can focus all of your attention on sports or expand your betting site to offer multiple forms of online gambling.


You will have all the tools necessary to meet and exceed your personal financial goals. You will also have continuous business support to achieve a level of success you only ever dreamed of.

Pay Per Head
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What is Included in Your PayPerHead247 Weekly Fees?

The business concept behind pay per head bookie services is easy to understand. Private bookies looking to run and manage their business online need the proper software solutions to effectively accomplish this task.


Pay per head sites could be compared to online sportsbooks. Instead of booking the bets themselves, they process all the daily transactions that go into a business of this nature. The top-rated PPH services such as PayPerHead247 are the operational arm for thousands of private bookie businesses around the world.


PPH247 makes its money from the weekly per head fee charged for every active bettor. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this popular site understands that their current and future prosperity is directly tied to the current and future success of the bookie agents the company serves.


What do You Get for Your Money at PayPerHead247?


In business for more than two decades, PPH247 has been willing to make the proper investments into its internal operating system. What may have got the job done a few years ago is already obsolete.

By continually upgrading technology and software solutions with the help of a professional in-house IT staff, PPH247 will keep your bookie business well ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing online sports betting industry.


Safe, secure and convenient service is a direct byproduct of the investments PPH247 has made over the years and continues to make today. As a private bookie, you can rest easy that your business will remain up and running online 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


That security and peace of mind alone is worth the low, weekly per head fee you pay for active betting customers. But in reality, that is just a small piece of PPH247’s comprehensive bookie services package.

Along with reliable internal operating system, PPH247 offers sophisticated software solutions to generate multiple streams of revenue.


Sports betting remains at the top of the list. However, you can supplement that income with an online racebook to cover horse betting at every live track offering a daily race card.


If you are looking to become a full-service online gambling site, you can also offer Las Vegas-style slots and table games through your own online casino. These solutions include access to live-dealer table games such as Blackjack and Roulette.


Both the racebook and online casino solutions are included in the per head weekly plan. They are both excellent ways to increase your weekly betting handle without increasing the size of your customer base.


How Can You Make More Money With PayPerHead247?


Now that you have a comprehensive bookie services package that is turnkey in its online implementation, you can use all these tools in increase both your hold percentage and net profit.


As a private bookie, you do not get paid on the weekly handle your customer base generates. You get paid on the overall hold percentage on that handle. This is the difference the money paid out on winning bets and the money and juice (commission) collected on losing bets.


If you can maintain a consistent hold percentage between five and eight percent, you can make quite a bit of money if your betting volume is high enough.


Working with PPH247, you can build out your betting board and increase your daily and weekly betting options. You always want your customers to bet within their means. However, you do not want to leave any money on the table due to a small selection of betting lines and odds.

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South Carolina Gamecocks at Florida Gators College Football Betting Preview

College football schedules are different in 2020, and this weekend marks the earliest on the calendar that the No. 3 Florida Gators (1-0) and South Carolina Gamecocks (0-1) have ever met. The SEC East rivals have played in November in 26 of the last 28 seasons.

This Saturday’s game kicks off at noon ET at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Fla., and will be televised on ESPN.

These teams have met 40 times over the years, with Florida leading the series 28-9-3. Last year the Gators won in South Carolina 38-27, and they have taken four of the last five.

South Carolina’s last win in Gainesville came in 2014, and after the game, current Gamecocks head coach Will Muschamp was fired by Florida. Muschamp is 2-6 in this series, 1-3 with each school.


South Carolina Gamecocks Betting Outlook: Help Hill


The offense struggled to run the ball against Tennessee in a 31-27 home loss Saturday. The Gamecocks tallied 89 rushing yards, 64th in the nation, and 290 passing yards, which rank 19th in the country. The defense allowed 261 passing yards, 133 rushing yards and 394 total yards, all ranking in the middle of the pack.

Colorado State transfer Colin Hill got the start at quarterback and threw for 290 yards on 25-of-39 passing. The senior had one touchdown passing, one rushing and threw one interception.

Running back Kevin Harris led the ground game with 55 yards on 13 carries and scored a touchdown. Zaquandre White had 19 yards on seven carries, while Deshaun Fenwick had six carries for 31 yards.

Shi Smith was the top target for Hill as he caught 10 balls for 140 yards and one score. Xavier Legette had four catches for 61 yards, while Nick Muse had four catches for 50 yards. Out of the backfield, Fenwick had four catches for 45 yards, and Harris had one for nine yards.

The Gamecocks’ defense did not force a turnover against Tennessee. Kingsley Enagbare had both South Carolina sacks while kicker Parker White nailed both of his field-goal attempts.


Florida Gators Betting Outlook: Feed the Kyles


Dan Mullen and the Gators got off to a dream start on offense but really struggled defensively in a 51-35 win at Ole Miss Saturday. Their 642 total yards and 446 passing yards both rank second in the nation. while the 51 points are third and the 196 rushing yards are 24th. The defense allowed 443 passing yards, the third-most in the country, and the 613 total yards were the third-most ever allowed by a Florida squad.

Quarterback Kyle Trask entered the Heisman conversation with six touchdown passes and 416 passing yards. He was 30-for-42 and found 11 different receivers. His most frequent target was standout tight end Kyle Pitts, who caught eight passes for 170 yards and four touchdowns.

Trask also threw touchdowns to Kadarius Toney and Trevon Grimes. Toney caught five passes for 59 yards and ran twice for 55 yards. Grimes had three catches for 64 yards, and wide receiver Jacob Copeland also had three catches for 29 yards.

The backfield is mostly new for the Gators, and Toney led the way with 55 yards. Dameon Price had a team-high nine carries for 65 yards while Malik Davis ran seven times for 49 yards.

The defense was missing two starters in the secondary, one at linebacker and two contributors on the line. Ole Miss took advantage with big plays, but the Gators did record four sacks, 11 tackles for loss and a Gervon Dexter interception.

South Carolina Gamecocks at Florida Gators College Football Betting Lines

● South Carolina spread: +18.5 (-110); South Carolina moneyline: +650
● Florida spread: -18.5 (-110); Florida moneyline: -1000
● Total points: 59.0 (over -110, under -110)

Neither defense showed the ability to stop drives without points in the opener. Florida is definitely not going to hold back against its former coach, and the onus will be on the Gators defense to step up and improve if this team is a legit contender. South Carolina will need to run the ball better to use the clock and stay in the game.

Head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at

Free Pick: Over 59 points (-110)

Pay Per HeadSports
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Ohio State Buckeyes at Illinois Fighting Illini College Football Betting Preview

The Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0) found themselves ranked No. 4 in the first College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday. They have another chance to make a statement as they travel to face the Illinois Fighting Illini (2-3) this weekend in Big Ten action. The Saturday, November 28 game kicks off at Noon ET on FS1 from Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Ill.

These teams don’t meet annually anymore as they are in opposite divisions but Ohio State has won all nine matchups since an Illinois upset in 2007. Overall the Buckeyes lead 68-30-4 and they have won 11 straight in Champaign dating back to a 10-7 Illinois win in 1991.


Ohio State Betting Outlook: Don’t Let Up


In betting with us at the Buckeyes are 2-2 ATS this season and the over is 2-1-1 in their four games. They blew a big lead and failed to cover against Indiana last week in a 42-35 win. The Buckeyes offense ranks eighth in the nation in total yards (535.3 ypg) and seventh in scoring (45.3 ppg) while the defense is 12th best against the run (98.5 ypg).

Quarterback Justin Fields dropped to third in the Heisman odds race at +400 after turning the ball over three times against Indiana. On the season he has completed 80% of his passes for 1,208 yards with 13 touchdowns and three interceptions in four games.

The Buckeyes use a running back by committee and ride the hot back. Last week that was Master Teague III who had 169 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries while Fields added 78 yards and a touchdown. Teague has 380 yards and six scores on the season while Trey Sermon has 232 yards rushing.


Wide receiver Garrett Wilson had seven catches for 169 yards and two scores against Indiana while Chris Olave had eight catches for 101 yards. Wilson leads the Buckeyes with 31 catches for 513 yards while Olave has 26 catches for 389 yards. Both wideouts have four touchdown catches while tight end Jeremy Ruckert has three.


Illinois Fighting Illini Betting Outlook: Stop the Run


Betting with us at the Illini are 3-2 ATS and the under is 3-2 in their five games. They beat Nebraska outright last week on the road as a 17-point underdog and have covered in both of their wins. The Illini are 20th in the nation rushing the ball (222.4 ypg) but 101st in scoring (21.8 ppg) and the defense ranks in the bottom third in points allowed (32 ppg), rushing yards allowed (194.6 ypg) and total yards allowed (448.2 ypg).

Quarterback Brandon Peters returned from the COVID list and stabilized the Illini offense Saturday at Nebraska. He threw for 205 yards and a touchdown while two Illini running backs went over the century mark. Mike Epstein ran for 113 and a score while Chase Brown had 110 yards and two touchdowns.


The Illini have played four quarterbacks this season with Peters tallying 292 yards and Coran Taylor has 379 yards. Quarterback Isaiah Williams ran for 192 yards and threw for 104 in the win over Rutgers.

Brown leads the Illini with 357 yards and 61 carries on the season. He has two touchdowns while Epstein has 338 yards and four touchdowns.


Against Nebraska wideout Josh Imatorbhebhe had four catches for 71 yards and a touchdown while Donny Navarro had five catches for 58 yards. Imatorbhebhe leads the team with 15 catches for 215 yards and two scores while tight end Daniel Barker has 12 catches for 174 yards.


Ohio State Buckeyes at Illinois Fighting Illini Betting Line

Head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at where the Buckeyes are favored by 28 points with a total of 70.5 points.


Betting Analysis


This is a great matchup for Ohio State as they run the ball well and the Illini cannot stop the run. Defending the pass has been an issue for the Buckeyes but the Illini are 113th in the nation in passing the ball and when they do they tend to turn it over. It’s all about style points now for the Buckeyes so look for them to run it up if given the chance.

Free Pick By Gameadvisers: Buckeyes -28.0 (-110)