• Stay Ahead of the Action With PayPerHead247 Real Time Betting Data

    Control is the name of the game as a private bookie. A big part of that control is tied to always staying way ahead of the daily and weekly action coming in. By taking any guesswork out of the decision making process, you can take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time while eliminating the […]

  • Marketing Your Bookie Business to High Rollers With PayPerHead247

    One of the best things about running and managing your own bookmaking business is the ability to hand pick your betting clientele. Some private bookies tend to shy away from high rollers because of the added financial risk. However, the upside is a higher financial gain. Players who bet big also tend to lose big. […]

  • Prevent Unwanted Negative Exposure With PayPerHead247

    Running and managing a successful independent sports bookmaking business is all about establishing a high level of control. You need to properly control both your betting board and your active betting clientele. If either of these two aspects of your bookie business are not closely monitored at all times, you are liable to incur unwanted […]

  • PayPerHead247 Offers the Safest Way to Run a Bookie Business

    Despite the rapid expansion of the online sportsbook industry in recent years, there is still a strong demand for private sports bookmakers. Today’s sophisticated players are looking for the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that independent bookies can offer and the big commercial books can never match. With easy access […]

  • PayPerHead247 Closes Out Another Year on Top

    Going all the way back to the mid-1990’s, quite a few private bookmakers were making a decent living running a scaled-down operation in the absence of any sports betting technology and computer software solutions. The ownership group at PayPerHead247 still saw an opportunity that reached deep into the future of the entire sports betting industry. […]

  • All you need to know about MLB’s Field of Dreams game in Iowa

    For sports fans, things are always about being inspired, about dreaming of the perfect game, about a new championship, about that perfect trade or signing for next season. It’s all about magic when it comes to enjoying the game they love. Movies have also become an important part of sports in general, but also about fans’ […]