Life of a bookie
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Boost Your Sports Product

Anyone even remotely familiar with sports betting probably knows that American football and more specifically the NFL is the biggest draw when it comes to the billions of dollars in revenue this industry pulls in on a yearly basis.

What most sports bettors probably do not know is that private bookies account for close to two-thirds of all the sports betting revenue this industry creates in the US alone. Independent sportsbooks that are run and managed by a private bookie continue to drive the lion’s share of the growth in US sports betting even as more and more individual states enter the market with both land-based sportsbooks and online betting sites.

If you are a private bookie running and managing your own sportsbook in what is still a very competitive marketplace, you should always strive to boost your sports product with the help of a quality pay per head online sports betting software provider.

Boost Your Sports Product With Expanded In-Season Betting Options

One of the easiest way to drive betting revenue to increase your sports product is by increasing the betting options for the games. A perfect example of this would be game, team and player props for individual matchups. Considering that the NBA and NHL regular season consists of 82 game ahead of an expanded postseason run spanning two extra months, bringing in some extra action on props for just a few games each week can add up to some serious profit over the course of the entire season.

Once June rolls around, the daily MLB game slate is the only consistent betting action on the board. Baseball is one of the best betting sports for props given just how many possible betting options there are in one single game.

You need to promote prop bets and other betting options within individual games to your entire sports betting base as well as to any prospective betting customers. By making them an integral part of your overall marketing plan, you will be able to maximize the added profit to your operation’s bottom line.

Boost Your Sports Product With Offseason Betting Options

Football is king when it comes to sports betting with the NFL leading the way. No matter how much money you may make during the five months there are actual games on the board, there is still more money to be made during the extended seven month offseason.

Once the upcoming regular season’s official week by week NFL schedule is released and the annual draft is in the books, there are a world of betting opportunities on the board in the form of:

  1. Expanded NFL futures
  2. Team and player props
  3. Betting odds for projected win totals
  4. NFL Week 1 game lines

You need to work closely with your price per head shop to build out your offseason NFL betting board with everything that is available leading up to summer camps and the start of the NFL preseason schedule in early August. You never want to run the risk of having even one of your sports betting customers turning to a different source to bet on something that was not available on your betting board.

The same concept of expanded offerings holds true for any major sports league during its offseason. While limited in range and scope, there are added betting options for the top two college betting sports (football and basketball) during the offseason as well.

Boost Your Sports Product by Expanding Your Entire Betting Board

If football, basketball, hockey and baseball account for the majority of the action you take in, you are leaving money on the table. While sports such as professional golf and tennis, motor racing, soccer, boxing, MMA fighting and horse racing do not have the wide-scale appeal as the top four major betting sports, they can collectively add up to both increased revenue and overall profit.

At some point during the yearly sports calendar, each of these secondary betting sports is catapulted into the national spotlight. You need to position your bookie business as a one-stop shop for everything going on in the world of sports. Whether it is one of golf’s four Majors, the Daytona 500 in NASCAR or the Kentucky Derby in horse racing, working directly with your pay per head service will help you capitalize on everything else that goes on in the sports betting world during the year.

Pay Per Head
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White Label Sportsbook

The sports betting industry in both the United States and regulated gambling markets around the world is comprised of three different types of betting outlets. There are land-based sportsbooks, online sportsbooks and private bookmakers.

The typical land-based sportsbook in the US are connected with casinos and horse racing tracks in states with legal sports betting. The best example of this type of betting venue is the sportsbooks located in many casino hotel and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey.

The advent of betting on sports through the internet added online sportsbooks to the mix. Most are located offshore in regulated Caribbean and Central American countries. Some of the biggest online books are also located in Canada and the UK.

The final group is private bookies working with their own select group of sports betting customers. Most of these bookmakers work closely with a pay per head bookie software provider to conduct business online.

As a relatively new offshoot of the pay per head business models where independent bookmakers pay a weekly fee for each of their active betting customers is the White Label Sportsbook. This evolution of an ever-expanding independent bookie industry takes things to a whole new level with a professional online book operated by private ownership.

Definition of a White Label Sportsbook

The concept for a white label sportsbook was a natural progression of the pay per head system that was originally designed to take a private bookie operation online. With the white label business model, the emphasis shifts heavily towards producing the proper software solutions to run and manage an independent sportsbook.

While most price per head bookie software plans include an online dashboard and betting platform, the white label approach takes things to a whole new level with a professionally designed website that has been completely customized for the owner’s particular needs.

This level of online professionalism is so high that it would be hard to tell the difference between a privately owned white label sportsbook and a big commercial sportsbook. They are designed to completely level the playing field with even the biggest offshore books operating online.

There are a few companies that specialize in white label sports betting solutions. However, the growth in popularity is being driven by the pay per head industry. This has become the next generation of sports betting software solutions for bookmakers that are looking to take their business to a whole new level. It is one thing to run a private bookie business with a set customer base. It becomes a whole new ball game when a bookie has the ability to market an independent sportsbook on a global scale.

The four-step process for starting a white label sportsbook is as follows:

  1. Finding the Right Source For Your White Label Sportsbook
  2. Crafting an Agreement That Meets Your Needs
  3. Working With The In-House Design Team on Customization Features
  4. Sign Off on The Finished Product Ahead of the Online Launch

White Label Sportsbook vs. Pay Per Head Sportsbook

The basic concept behind a white label sportsbook and pay per head bookie software are the same. They are each ways that an independent sports bookmaker can completely automate their sports betting business.

The white label approach mirrors the big commercial sportsbook. It is designed to reach sports bettors across the nation and around the world. The pay per head software solution package is designed to take a bookie’s business online with a select group of sports betting customers.

Any private bookie looking to expand a betting base well beyond its current status can turn to the white label sportsbook as the ultimate marketing tool to achieve that objective. A few of the top features and benefits that separate a white label book from the typical pay per head application are as follows:

  1. All URL’s are optimized for search engine visibility, including meta tags for keywords, descriptions, content headings and other relevant tags.
  2. High end graphics and sound that carry through on any number of browsers and devices.
  3. N-tier affiliate program capabilities with in-house support for a variety of online marketing media venues.
  4. Implementation of various bonus incentives that offer betting vouchers, coupons, point-based loyalty programs and customer referral benefits.
  5. Fraud protection to block unauthorized transactions as well as early detection of any fraud patterns that may arise.

One of the biggest differences between a white label sports betting solution and a pay per head plan is cost. Most while label sportsbooks incorporate a revenue share program to pay for this service, while the pay per head cost is always tied to an active betting base.

Learn about the features of our White Label Sportsbook Service

The Future of The Independent Sportsbook Industry

As much as the sports betting industry as evolved over the past few decades with the advent of online betting software, the next few decades could be even more turbulent when it comes to advanced technology and complex software solutions.

The expansion of legal sports betting in the US on a state-by-state basis will add even more competitive pressure on the offshore books that had this market basically to themselves. The rapid expansion of land-based sportsbooks tied to casino gambling venues and horse racing tracks will also work to increase competition.

The positive aspect of this growth phenomenon is the overall expansion in the volume of people betting on sports given its new stature in the US market. Keep in mind that even with the recent expansion of land-based sports betting and an existing network of hundreds of online commercial sportsbooks, private bookies are still handling close to two-thirds of the sports betting action in this country alone.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to their online betting accounts. The idea of working with a private bookie or independent sportsbook has a wide level of appeal that the big commercial sportsbooks will never be able to match. This is the kind of competitive edge that will always keep the private bookie in business.

This does not mean that it will be easier to run and manage a successful independent bookmaking business. It simply means that the demand for this service will more than likely increase with a much larger sports betting customer base.

The business tools provided by either a white label book or pay per head software package are comprehensive enough to give bookmakers everything they need to be successful in today’s competitive business environment.

Looking forward, the quality bookie software providers will continue to refine and improve their operational systems. The market leaders have consistently made the necessary investments to keep pace with the ever-evolving sports betting industry. The most successful private bookies and independent sportsbooks have a high level of professionalism in their business practices. These operators will continue to prosper both in the short team and over the coming years.

The true sign of a successful business is the ability to fill a market need with the right product or service. As the overall sports betting industry continues to expand in both size and volume, the private bookmakers and independent sportsbooks that best fill the increased demand will prosper the most.

Life of a bookie
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Tips for a Master Agent: Methods to Grow Your Network

A bookmaking agent will normally take one of two different approaches to running and managing an independent sportsbook. The first is to develop a solid sports betting base of private customers that place all of their bets with you as a sole proprietor of that sportsbook. This has been a proven way to make a very lucrative return in the rapidly expanding sports betting industry.

The other approach to running and managing a private book is by expanding both the scope and reach of your business with the use of sub-agents that work under the umbrella of your bookmaking operation. You, as the business owner, assume the role of Master Agent in charge of the entire operation.

The easiest way to set up a bookie business as a master agent with a network of sub-agents is through a top-line Pay Per Head online sports betting software solutions provider. The bookie software solutions are designed to handle all the intricacies of placing bets online through an expanded network of agents. You will always maintain that high level of control needed to be successful as a master agent while also increasing the bottom-line profit your bookmaking operation brings in.

Proper Planning for Expansion

Once you decide to expand your bookie operation with the help of sub-agents, it is vital that you have a set business plan in place to smoothly handle this transition. The first step is to clearly define your goals over the next few months and over the next few years. Once you know where you want to take your business, you then need to put the proper plans in place to achieve those goals.

You need to keep in mind that growing and expanding any business is a work in progress and all plans are subject to change. However, you need to avoid going into anything new blindly without a clear direction in place.

How to Find the Right Sub-Agents

At the top of the list when it comes to ways to grow your network is the task of finding the right sub-agents. They need to fit into your personal business style while also possessing the ability to grow their piece of the business behind their own style and abilities.

The following is a list of 5 character traits that should be taken into consideration when recruiting a sub-agent for your bookie business:

  1. Dependability
  2. Coachable
  3. Compatible Personality
  4. Dedicated to Their Craft
  5. Sincerity

If your sub-agent is not dependable to do their job on a regular basis, they will prove to be more of a hindrance than an asset.

You do not have to find sub-agents with an extensive resume in the sports betting industry as long as they are coachable on how to run their piece of the business.

It makes all the sense in the world to work with someone you can get along with. The private bookie business relies heavily on the added level of customer service and attention to detail that the big commercial sportsbooks simply cannot provide. You need sub-agents that can mirror the higher level of service that you already provide.

Once someone does decide to become a sub-agent for your book, they need to be dedicated to both your short-term business goals as well as your long-term business plans.

Finally, you need to find sub-agents that are sincere and honest in their approach to working with their betting customers. If they work for you, they become a direct reflection of your business as a whole.

Where to Find the Right Sub-Agents

The same marketing tactics you employ to grow your sports betting customer base can also be used to find the right sub-agents to expand it. In fact, many of the best sub-agents that got into the bookie business started out as sports betting customers.

Start with your existing customer base when it comes to prospecting for potential sub-agents. Chances are that if someone loves betting on sports, they may jump at the opportunity to work in the sports betting field. Word of mouth referrals are still the best way to grow and expand your bookie business. Whether you are looking for additional customers or sub-agents that can successfully develop their own customer base.

Pay Per Head
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Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook

The sports betting industry is booming all across the United States as well as on a global scale. As more and more states turn to land-based sportsbooks and online sports betting as a way to increase tax revenue, more and more sports fans are beginning to bet on the games they use to just watch.

A big part of the sports betting industry is all the big commercial offshore sportsbooks taking action online. However, what most people do not realize is that the private bookie running and managing an independent sportsbook still accounts for over two-thirds of the country’s betting action.

The main reason why private bookmakers remain in high demand is the higher level of customer service and attention to detail they can provide. Another big factor driving this demand is the much higher level of sophistication private bookies bring to the table with the help of a Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider.

What is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

The term ‘pay per head’ refers to the bookie software business model of charging one, low weekly fee per active betting customer for all the online software solutions needed to book sports bets. There are no upfront costs for the booking agent other than an initial deposit to cover the first few weeks of pay per head fees depending on their active customer base.

Pay per head bookie software solutions offer the following basic benefits:

  1. Turnkey Business Solution
  2. Safe and Secure Online Transactions
  3. Fast and Easy Access to Betting Lines
  4. Online Dashboard With Real Time Business Analytics

This is just the short list of what today’s best pay per head providers bring to the table at a very manageable weekly per head cost. It would be next to impossible to start your own online bookie business if you had to acquire all of these services on your own. The pay per head online sport betting software you will be working with is modeled after the same software the big commercial books use to power their million-dollar websites.

Booking Bets vs. Running a Sportsbook

The days of booking sports bets in the back room of the local pool hall, sports bar or social club are pretty much dead and gone. These locales are still a great source for finding sports bettors, but taking your bookmaking business online with the help of a PPH service is simply part of keeping up with the times.

Automation through online technology has completely revolutionized almost every industry. Most sports bets are placed online through the use of a desktop, laptop or handheld mobile device. Even if you have a few old-timers looking to place a bet by the phone, their betting account will still be managed online.

To build a successful private bookie business, you need to think of your operation as an independent sportsbook. As a pay per head sportsbook, you will have all the tools necessary to level the playing field against the big commercial online books as well as any land-based sportsbooks that may be located near your base of operation. The higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail is what separates you from outside competition.

Your pay per head provider can help you create a highly professional online presence that can attract sports bettors to your bookmaking services. Your online sports betting website has been designed to mirror what the big books offer online. This is what adds that high level of professionalism to your bookie business.

Building Out Your Sportsbook Betting Board

One of the common mistakes that struggling bookies make is offering a limited betting board. Basic straight bets on football and basketball may still account for the majority of the action you take in. However, each of those sports offers a limited season. There are far too many gaps in the sports betting calendar to fill by sticking with the basics.

If you are going to run and manage your bookie business like an independent sportsbook, then you will need a betting board that runs the gambit in betting options. One of the biggest benefits you get from your PPH service is easy access to fast and sharp betting lines for a wide array of sports and sporting events.

The only limit is you when it comes to building out your betting board. A smart business owner never wants to see one of their customers turn to a competitor for something they do not offer. As a private bookmaker, you never want to give any of your sports betting customers a reason to turn to another betting source to wager on something that was not on your board.

Another very important benefit derived from the low, weekly per head fee you pay is the ability to set and move your one betting lines at a moments notice. You can easily make changes to your betting board that best meet your business needs.

How to Become a Full-Service Pay Per Head Sportsbook

If you click onto any of the top commercial sportsbook websites these days, you will find a site that offers sportsbook services as well as other online gambling options. To consider yourself a full-service sportsbook, your online menu should offer:

  1. An expanded sportsbook with access to both major and secondary sports. This should include both US and international leagues.
  2. A racebook for horse racing with access to every North American track as well as key racing venues and major graded stakes events in the UK, Dubai and Japan.
  3. An online casino equipped with slots, video poker, electronic table games and live-dealers for popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

The ultimate goal is to become that one-stop shop for all of your customers’ online gambling needs. This is where your pay per head service really earns their keep since the added software applications for a racebook and online casino are normally included in your per head fee. Even if you have to pay a few more dollars a week to access the top price per head plan, it is well worth it. In the long run, this will help build year-round profit that meets or hopefully exceeds your personal financial goals.

Work for Today, Plan for The Future

When you are in a multi-billion-dollar industry with solid growth trends, your future potential is basically unlimited. Once you decide how you want to shape your independent sportsbook in the short term, you need to put the proper plans in place to grow and expand that business over the long haul.

Any business that stands still long enough will eventually start slipping backwards. You should be able to define your customer base in terms of your ideal sports bettor. Some bookies want the high rollers that add much more risk vs. reward to the equation. Other bookies are looking for recreational bettors that become very predictable with their betting strategy and habits.

Whether you are content to going it alone or looking to develop a team of sub-agents to expand your reach, you need to actively manage the day-to-day operation while putting the right plans in place for long-term success.

Life of a bookie
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Maximize Your Profits

Any business owner know just how important it is to generate enough profit to meet all the financial needs of their company as well as their financial expectations for an acceptable return on investment. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why so many businesses fail, is the owner’s inability to meet those profit goals.

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, there are certain steps you can take to maximize the profit you earn on the betting revenue you bring in. A private bookie makes money on the hold percentage. This refers to the money leftover after all the winning bets have been paid and the losing ones with the juice (or commission) have been collected. As a general rule, you should be able to clear at least five percent of the total betting revenue your bookmaking operation takes in.

Working With The Right Pay Per Head Bookie Software Provider

One of the biggest and costliest mistakes a private bookie will make is shopping for an online sports betting software provider on price alone. The general Pay Per Head business model charges a weekly fee for every active betting customer. Included in that price should be all the business tools needed to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook.

Your PPH service also needs to be safe and secure when it comes to processing all the daily online transactions that are part of booking bets. It also needs a reliable operating system that remains up and running 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Your price per head shop should also provide all the betting lines you need, when you need them. Fast and sharp lines are the lifeblood of a private bookie business along with the ability to quickly move those lines or change your betting board to stay ahead of the daily action coming in.

The top pay per head sites are also backed with a highly trained customer service team that can work with you as the booking agent as well as with your sports betting customer base. The online sports betting software solutions package should be able to provide real-time business analytics through a variety of online business reports.

If you current PPH service is lacking in any of the features and benefits mentioned above, it is time to find a bookie software solutions provider that can fit the bill.

Online Marketing Plans That Move the Business Dial

Today’s sports betting industry is far more advanced than it was just five years ago. The majority of sports bets are placed through a mobile betting platform with the use of a handheld device. Even most of your older betting cliental has gravitated to the internet to place their bets.

You need a marketing plan that maximizes your online presence to attract the type of sports bettors you choose to do business with. The top price per head shops can help you with this task by creating an online sports betting site that is highly professional in its presentation.

All of your online marketing efforts need to enhance the professionalism of your private book. Your plan does not have to be elaborate, but it does need to be targeted in its approach.

Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue

The easiest way to maximize profits is by increasing the services you provide. In order to build a bookie business than can meet all of your customer’s betting needs, you should offer:

  • An extensive sports betting board with a wide variety of sports and sporting events There should also be a wide array of betting options.
  • An expanded racebook for horse racing that covers the majority of the tracks in North America as well as major graded events in the UK, Dubai and Japan.
  • An online casino application for slots, other video gaming options, electronic table games and access to live-dealer table games.

The ability to market your bookie business as a one-stop shop covering every online gambling option will help to create strong weekly cash flow as well as a strong balance sheet when it comes to your company’s bottom line.

Pay Per Head
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What is Price Per Head

The term “Price Per Head” pertains to access to a private bookie software solutions package that charges a weekly fee for active betting customers. In actuality, a price per head service is a private bookmaker’s silent business partner that is responsible for handling the day-to-day administrative end of the operation.

This administrative solutions package also provides all the necessary business tools needed to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook at a low, fixed cost. A quality price per head site can also dramatically lower the barrier to entry for anyone looking to book sports bets.

Taking Your Bookie Business Online

The first step to starting your own bookie business is gathering enough customers to get things off the ground. You will also need some cash reserves to cover the early action coming in. The next step and probably the most important business decision you will ever make is finding the right price per head shop.

One you find a site that meets all your business needs, you can sign on with that online sports betting software provider even with just a handful of sports betting customers. Their turnkey software package is designed to grow and expand right along with your overall customer base. Whether you have five customers or 500, these tailored software solutions provide everything you need to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook. Most price per head sites will provide an account manager that can walk you through the simple steps to taking your bookie business online. Once you set up an online account profile for each of your betting customers you are ready to start booking bets.

Building Your Online Presence

Along with the necessary online software solutions to process all the daily transactions that go into a business of this nature, your price per head shop can also set you up with your own online betting website.

Every PPH sportsbook service can provide a rather generic setup where the only point of difference is your business name. This will work to a certain extent. The top price per head providers can design and maintain a custom website that has been specifically built to meet your business needs. Any added cost in the per head rate for this feature is well worth the investment since your most important marketing tool for growing and expanding your bookie business is a highly professional online presence.

Private bookies may not directly compete against the big commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online, but you still need the right business tools to help level the playing field. Offering a professional online sports betting website that can rival what the big books offer is very important. It can also go a long way towards reaching that critical mass of weekly betting action that can make your bookie business a success in both the short term and over the long haul.

Along with your own customer website that is hosted by your price per head service, you can also employ targeted online social media outlets to market your bookmaking services. One of the most important aspects of your online business presence other than professionalism is consistency in all of your marketing materials. You need to create the look of a leader that can attract today’s highly sophisticated sports bettors to your bookmaking services.

Expanding Your Bookie Revenue Streams

Anyone involved in the sports betting industry knows that football both in the college ranks and the NFL is the biggest draw for betting action. Unfortunately, the season only lasts around five months. Basketball is next on the list, but that sport is off the board more than four months a year. With the help of your price per head service, you can expand your revenue stream to all 12 months with the following additions to the lineup:

  • An expanded betting board
  • A racebook for horses featuring an extensive list of tracks
  • An online casino equipped with slots, other video gaming options and live-dealer table games

As part of the low, weekly price per head fee you already pay for active betting customers your PPH sportsbook service offers fast and easy access to betting lines and odds for a wide variety of sporting events.

Today’s avid sports bettors are looking for more betting options outside the major US sports leagues. Interest in international leagues and global sporting events continues to grow. Building out your betting board to rival what the big online books have on their board will ensure that none of your betting customers look elsewhere to place a bet on something you did not offer.

Betting on horses goes hand-in-hand with betting on sports, so why not build year-round revenue with your own racebook. With fast and easy access to over 80 different tracks in North America alone, there is always a venue offering a daily race card for betting action. You can also turn a nice profit on horse racing’s Triple Crown series highlighted by the Kentucky Derby, the annual Breeders’ Cup in early November and all the other major graded stakes events on the yearly racing calendar. Casino gambling is big business across the nation and around the globe. Highly advanced software applications can bring the excitement of a Las Vegas casino to your betting customer’s desktop, laptop and mobile handheld device. While slots and other video gambling games still account for the lion’s share of betting action, the true players in the game love to try their luck on popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. One of the fastest growing segments of online casinos is live-dealer table games. This special application offers real dealers that are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Long-Term Bookie Business Strategies

Anyone in business for themselves is looking for long-term financial stability. Making money in the short term with your bookie business is great, but with the proper planning and execution, you can build a book that can deliver some very lucrative returns year-after-year.

The first and most important strategy is finding the right price per head shop for your particular business goals. The top PPH sportsbook services know that their long-term success is directly tied to the long-term success of their bookie agents. They are willing to make the necessary investments that keep you way ahead of the curve in what can be a rather competitive and volatile business environment. Nobody can afford to rest on their laurels given just how fast things change.

Another important strategy for long-term success is a serious commitment to your craft. The better you become at booking bets and providing that much higher level of customer service the big books simply cannot match, the more profitable your business will become. It is not all about the quantity of customers you service, rather the quality of your overall customer base.

The final strategy is becoming that full-service bookmaker that can meet all of your customer’s online gambling needs. You already have all the business tools you need for long-term success at your disposal. You need to make the most out of that weekly price per head fee you pay.

Whether it is your custom online business presence or the added revenue streams, your price per head provider is that silent business partner that can help you take your bookie business to a whole new level that is beyond your wildest expectations.

Life of a bookie
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Steps to Build a Business On a Budget

The American Dream is all about owning and running your own business. The majority of the jobs in this country are produced by small business owners that are either self-employed or running a company with the help of a small group of employees.

There are far more business failures than success stories when it comes to forging out on your own. However, that should never be a deterrent if you have a solid plan and follow the proper steps to getting any small business off the ground.

It All Starts With a Plan

It is hard to drive to a new destination without GPS or a map. It is next to impossible to start a new business without a comprehensive plan. At the top of the list is the product or service you plan to sell. A close second is uncovering a viable customer base to buy that product or service. helloyes

If you are planning to be the fourth pizza shop in a town with a very small population, you are probably trying to enter a saturated market. If you are going to be the only person cutting hair in that same town, you should already have a customer base with strong built-in potential. The bottom line to any business plan is finding a strong market need and filling it.

Your business blueprint is essential to not only getting things started, but fueling that early growth with enough market resources to expand the overall customer base. Without customers you do not have a business, just a great idea for one. Without enough customers, you do not have the necessary resources to keep that business viable.

Raising Start-Up Capital

One of the main reasons why so many new businesses fail is the lack of financial capital to weather the early storms every new business owner is bound to face. You need to expect the unexpected when you open any new business and having the ability to handle the bumps in the road with available cash is crucial.

Banks and other financial institutions are more than willing to finance solid business plans. However, they are only going to give you so much rope before you hang yourself. Being leveraged to the hilt before you first open your door for business is a very dangerous way to get any business off the ground.

You still need some cold, hard cash at your disposal to supplement weekly cash flow and your living expenses when things get a bit lean from time to time. This is extremely important if you decide to get involved in a seasonal business with major swings in business traffic.

Growing and Expanding a Customer Base

As mentioned, you really do not have a business without customers and you probably do not have a viable business without some kind of expanded business base. Growing and expanding a customer base is not too tall of a task in you are offering a product or service that is in demand.

The following is a short list of how to increase your customer base:

The two biggest takeaways from this list are ‘word of mouth’ and ‘targeted’. If you are good at what you make or what you do, you will attract a solid customer base. Having someone else sell your product or service for you because they are happy and satisfied is the quickest and most effective way to grow a business.

Shotgun approaches to reaching potential customers can work in certain instances. However, taking a targeted rifle approach to hitting potential targets is always a much more effective approach to finding the best customers for your business.

Long-Term Business Strategies

Too many businesses get caught up in early success to the point where they take their eye off the prize. A fast start out of the gate is great, but long-team planning is what will make a business financially viable for the long haul.

The main reason that people go into business for themselves is to be their own boss. You need to develop the mindset that your top priority is to be your own boss until you decide to retire. The combination of short-term and long-term planning strategies is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of any business venture.

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NBA Playoffs: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Game 2 Betting Preview

The NBA playoffs are upon us and they are already in full swing. Tonight, the Golden State Warriors welcome the Los Angeles Clippers back to Oracle Arena for the second game of the series. On Saturday night, the Warriors easily handled the Clippers winning 121-104. The game was even not as close as it seems as the Clippers made a run at the end to cut the deficit below 20 points. With a tipoff slated at 9:30 PM, this is going to be a game that has a lot of eyes on it due to the scheduling. When the Warriors are playing, people will have the TV on. This is a game that the Clippers must win if they want to have any shot at advancing. Steph Curry and Co. aren’t going to blow a 2-0 cushion in the first round. The Warriors are favored by 13.5.

Clippers Looking to Steal Road Game

The Clippers finished the regular season scoring 115.1 points per game and allowing 114.3 points per game. They had an offensive rating of 112.4 and a defensive rating of 111.5. When it comes to betting, it is usually a good call to take the Clippers when they are an underdog. Los Angeles is 45-37-1 against the spread and 44-38-1 to the over/under. The Clippers are 4-6 ATS, failing to cover in five straight. This past game the Clippers were led by Montrezl Harrell with 26 points, Danilo Gallinari with 8 rebounds and 3 steals, Lou Williams had 9 assists and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had 3 blocks in Game 1. These players are going to have to step up even more this next game as they look to knock off the defending champions. The Clippers are going to have to play very good defense and efficient offense in order to dethrone the champs. The Clippers are fully healthy heading into this game so they are going to have all their weapons at their disposal.

Warriors Look to Keep Rolling On

The Warriors finished the regular season scoring 117.7 points per game and allowing 111.2 points per game. They ended the season with an offensive rating of 115.9 and a defensive rating of 109.5. Obviously, the Warriors ended the regular season as the top offensive team in the league. This season on defense, however, they finished near the middle of the pack whereas they have been a very good defensive team. Unlike the Clippers, the Warriors are not a sure thing when you look at betting on them. Golden State is 36-46-1 ATS and they are 38-45 to the over/under. This might cause problems for some bettors because the Warriors have covered the spread against the Clippers the last three games. Knowing that, the Warriors are due for regression. Each of the last three games against the Clippers have also been under the posted total. In Game 1, Stephen Curry led all scorers with 38 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists. Andre Iguodala led the team with two steals and three blocks. The Warriors are cruising at the right time and if they continue this play no one will be able to beat them.

Golden State Wins Easily at Home

The Clippers are going to have to play a perfect game and the Warriors are really going to have to struggle in order for them to win. I don’t foresee that happening and I think that the Warriors will end up taking this game relatively easily. The Clippers just don’t have the firepower to hang with the big boys. When Golden State is playing at home they are tough but in from of a playoff crowd it is nearly impossible to win there. Take the Warriors at -13.5.

Pay Per Head
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Bookie Software

Gambling in any number of forms remains as popular as ever on a worldwide basis. Whether it is at a land-based sportsbook in a casino hotel and resort on the Las Vegas Strip or online at a sports betting website, the power behind it all is specific bookmaking software.

Software applications continue to evolve in an ever-changing business environment. The overall gaming industry is also evolving through continued advances in technology that take a highly innovative approach to doing business. While there are specific applications depending on the type of betting taking place, all bookie software is related in one form or another.

One facet of the sports betting industry that has benefited the most from these rapid advances is the private bookmaker. Advanced bookie software solutions have been made extremely affordable through the Pay Per Head business model. For one low, weekly fee for each active betting customer, a private bookie can offer a full complement of online betting options.

Sportsbook Software

The basic business behind any bookmaking operation is sports. There have been sports bookies as long as sports have been played. While the days of taking bets on the phone in some smoky backroom of the local pool hall are pretty much dead and gone, the private bookmaking business for betting on sports still accounts for close to two-thirds of all the sports betting revenue in the United States alone.

Given the overall size of the independent sportsbook industry, it is no wonder that the Pay Per Head sports betting software industry continues to grow at a rapid pace as well. One of the biggest factors fueling this growth is a highly sophisticated online sports betting software solutions package that can rival even the biggest commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online.

As a cost-efficient turnkey way to start a private bookie business, the only thing needed to get things off the ground is some startup capital and some betting customers. A quality price per head shop can take care of all the rest. Along with advanced software applications to process the day-to-day transactions that go into a business of this nature, a quality pay per head provider can set a bookie up with:

  • An online betting website to promote a bookmaking service
  • Fast and sharp betting lines to build out a professional betting board
  • Real-time business analytics that help to successfully run and manage the overall operation

This extensive bookie software solutions package is not only easy to use for both booking agent and their sports betting customers, it is highly secure to ensure that every online transaction is conducted in a safe and secure viral environment.

The top PPH services in business today are backed by sports betting experts with many owners considered to be pioneers of the overall online sports betting industry.

The biggest edge the private bookie has over the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the competition simply cannot match. Price per head bookie software solutions are designed to level the playing field against the big online books with the right technical applications to mirror their advanced services.

Racebook Software

One of the first expansions outside of bookie software for sports was an application for booking bets on horse racing. As a highly profitable companion revenue stream to betting on sports, price per head shops offer everything a bookie needs to run and manage their own racebook for horses.

Today’s racebook software offers easy access to every North American race track running a daily card with expanded capabilities to bet on horses on an international level. One of the best aspects of developing this revenue stream is availability. The football season lasts six months. The basketball season expands to eight months. Horse betting is a year-round activity with any number of major graded races on the weekend slate just about every week of the year.

Almost every sports bettor takes interest in the Triple Crown racing series headed by the Kentucky Derby every May at Churchill Downs. Most bettors will also take an active interest in the annual running of the two-day Breeders’ Cup in early November.

There are some multi-million purses up for grabs with high-profile races highlighted by the $9 million Pegasus World Cup in late January. The UK offers a steady supply of high-dollar betting events and some of the biggest prize purses up for grabs are in the Japan Racing Association.

While it is the job of the private bookmaker to cultivate their horse racing business, there is no shortage of opportunities to bring in some weekly action with the support of a comprehensive racebook software application.

Once again, ease of use ranks high on the list along with the following features and benefits:

  • Access to daily race cards at over 70 North American tracks
  • Access to major graded international stakes races
  • Full betting options, including exotics and daily doubles
  • Mobile platform betting as well as toll-free phone betting

Casino Software

Another highly profitable revenue stream for independent bookmakers is online casino gambling. There are any number of online gambling sites offering access to slots, video poker and table games. However, those sites are still limited since they do not have the added dimension of sports and horse betting.

The online sportsbook industry seized the opportunity to expand their presence in the online casino industry by offering a betting application on their websites. The Pay Per Head industry followed suit by developing a software application that brings online casino gambling to a private bookie’s arsenal of betting options.

This is just another way that private bookies continue to level the playing field against the big books. By establishing an independent book as a full-service, one-stop shop for anyone’s online gambling needs, the private bookie has the opportunity to keep all of their betting customers completely satisfied.

Online casino software solutions offer the following features and benefits:

  • Hundreds of slot machine offerings
  • Video poker and other electronic gambling games
  • Popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat
  • Live dealer options for table games

The final item on the list is probably the fastest growing segment of the online casino gambling industry. Advanced software applications have made online live-dealer table games the closest things to Las Vegas a gambler can find.

From the comfort of a desktop, laptop or mobile handheld device, players can capture all the excitement of betting on their favorite casino table games. Live dealers run the games and the selection of betting options continues to expand with each passing year.

Bookie Software Closing Observations

Summarizing bookie software, there has never been a better time to successfully run and manage an independent bookmaking operation. The pay per head business model has dramatically reduced the barriers to entry with their turnkey approach to providing the necessary bookie software solutions.

Low cost pricing options combined with full customer support gives a private bookie that silent business partner that can cover the administrative end of the operation. This gives bookmakers far more time to devote their efforts to the sales and marketing end of things. With the right tools in place, the path to success both in the short term and over the long haul is about as clear as it gets.

Life of a bookiePay Per Head
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How Can Sportsbook Agents Make Money?

Sports bettors in the United States are familiar with the land-based sportsbooks located in the big casino properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Recent expansion beyond the state of Nevada into new sports betting markets in New Jersey, Mississippi and Delaware just to name a few have helped to grow and expand the overall sports betting market in the US.

Another highly popular way to bet on sports is through the betting sites of big, commercial online sportsbooks catering to US players. Given the combination of both land-based and commercial online sportsbooks, one might get the impression that making money as an independent sportsbook agent would be tough to do.

The reality of the sports betting industry in the US dictates that private bookies running and managing an independent bookmaking operation still handle close to two-thirds of all the sports bets placed in the country. Aided by a Pay Per Head business model for bookie sports betting software solutions, the barriers to entry actually remain rather low.

Private Sportsbook Agents

Working for yourself has been the American dream ever since this country first gained its independence close to 250 years ago. Unfortunately, running a successful business that can meet your financial needs over the long haul is not as easy as it seems.

The two key ingredients needed to start any new business are supply and demand. It has already been determined that the supply of sports bettors in the US is at an all-time high. With this high demand, it has also been noted that today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to their online betting account that the big, commercial sportsbooks cannot supply.

This opens the door wide open for a private sportsbook agent working with the right price per head bookie software solutions package. As a private bookmaking agent, you can supply the higher level of customer service that today’s sports bettor is looking for. Best of all, you can basically hand-pick the sports betting customer base that you wish to work with.

Your PPH service’s operating system is designed to handle the day-to-day transactions that go into booking sports bets. This creates a situation that lets you spend most of your time building and growing your overall customer base to best meet your specific business goals.

Making Money as a Private Sportsbook Agent

Successfully running and managing your own independent bookmaking operation as a sportsbook agent still requires hard work and careful planning. Working with the right price per head shop is a big part of the equation, but so is staying way ahead of all the daily betting action coming in. Even the best sports betting software solutions will be worthless if you do not learn how to use them.

The Pay Per Head business model is designed to be easy to operate in a very turnkey fashion. Real time analytics through any number of business reports can help you track the betting action on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Individual online account profiles for each of your betting customers allow you to drill down as deep as you want into these stats. The ability to set and move your own betting lines as well as change your betting board to best meet your needs is a crucial aspect of sportsbook management.

The burden of making money as a sportsbook agent still falls squarely on your shoulders, but your chances for success are increased dramatically if you work with your price per head shop as a valued business partner.

Increasing a Sportsbook Agent’s Hold Percentage

The basic way any bookmaker makes money is the difference between the winning bets paid out and the losing bets collected plus the 10 percent commission charged. The difference between the two is often times referred to as a agent’s hold percentage. A few of the basic factors that affect a hold percentage are as follows:

  • Total Weekly Betting Volume
  • Balance Betting on Either Side of a Bet
  • Betting Limits on an Individual Basis
  • Betting Options on an Agent’s Total Betting Board

All four of these areas need to be addressed on a regular basis to create a hold percentage that can meet and hopefully exceed your overall profit goals.