PayPerHead247 is the Best Investment in Your Bookie Business

Too many of today’s private bookies make the mistake of signing on with a bookie services provider based on the cheapest weekly fee they can find. The current market is flooded with pay per head sites which makes it really easy to find a cut-rate plan.


Unfortunately, cheap plans also come with poor online security, unreliable online service and no real business support. The money saved upfront in the short-term quickly fades as these issues start to impact overall bottom-line profit.


Finding the right pay per head bookie services provider is one of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make. That is why thousands of bookie agents just like yourself have turned to


Based in Costa Rica as the ideal location for a pay per head service, PPH247 has been helping bookies run and manage a sports betting business online for more than two decades. Backed by a high level of experience and industry expertise, this top-rated bookie services site offers a comprehensive software solutions package at a very attractive weekly per head rate.


More importantly, this software solutions package is comprehensive in its design while also being turnkey in its application.


PayPerHead247 Fees are an Investment, Not Just a Cost


Paying a weekly fee per active bettor to run and manage your bookie business online is a cost of doing business. However, you can also think of this cost as an investment with PPH247 by your side.


Through the use of advanced technology coupled with sophisticated software solutions, this pay per head package can help you:


  • Increase your weekly handle without increasing your customer base.
  • Increase your overall hold percentage on the action taken in.
  • Market your services through a professional online business presence.
  • Efficiently manage your betting board.
  • Run a full-service online gambling site with horse betting and casino games.


This is just the short list of how PPH247 adds true value to its weekly PPH plan. If you are serious about reaching and exceeding the financial goals you have set for yourself, you need a bookie services provider that is serious about helping you achieve that desired level of success.

PayPerHead247 Offers Professional Business Support


The online software solutions offered in the PPH247 base plan speak for themselves. Everything you need is included with no added fees or hidden costs. By taking a turnkey approach to the products offered, you can sign on and be up and running online in a matter of minutes not days.


The real value in this plan is the high level of in-house business support that is also part of your weekly fees. Right out of the gate, you will have a dedicated account specialist to walk you through the entire start-up process. You will also have direct access to the in-house IT team that can create a customized look for your online betting site.


Sports betting experts working with external oddsmaking services can help you build out your betting board to meet all of your customer’s expectations. There is an experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff in place to help you as the bookie agent as well as each of your betting customers should any questions arise with their online account.


PayPerHead247 offers professional products and services that yield a high return on investment in comparison to the upfront cost.