PayPerHead247 NFL Betting Line Management Tools

The new NFL season is underway and this gives private bookies an excellent chance to end the year on a profitable run. Much of your success over the next four months will hinge on your ability to properly manage your betting lines and entire betting board.


The NFL offers the sharpest betting lines for any major betting sport when first released. Yet, you need the proper software solutions to monitor your overall NFL action to keep them sharp as the week wears on. Unlike daily games in other major sports, a lot can happen from a betting standpoint with a full week between games.


PayPerHead247 has developed an online sports betting software solutions package that addresses all the needs of today’s modern bookie. From building out your overall betting board to managing lines and daily action, you will always have the high level of control needed to successfully turn weekly betting volume into profitable weekly income.

Building Out Your Betting Board


Even though most of your NFL betting action centers on point-spread and total line bets, you need to expand your betting options to meet all of your customer’s needs. You never what to give any bettor a reason to place a bet elsewhere because that option was not available through your bookie service.


The main reason you should look for as many NFL betting options as possible is increased profitability. By adding more bets without necessarily adding more betting customers is an excellent recipe for a higher profits.


PPH247 only charges a weekly per head fee for active bettors. It is far more profitable to have 10 customers betting $500 a week on the games than 100 customers betting $50. By giving your existing customer base more options to bet on each week, you can increase the handle without increasing your weekly costs.


You can also use various techniques to increase betting volume such as:

  • Reduced Juice Options
  • Enhanced Parlay Payouts
  • Added Game Prop Options

These are all proven and effective ways to create more weekly business for NFL games without increasing weekly cost.


Managing Your Betting Board


Once you have a plan in place to increase your weekly NFL handle, you will need the proper tools to manage it. There are quite a few moving parts when it comes to the daily and weekly action coming it. PPH247 provides the right bookie tools to always stay way out in front of things on a daily basis.


These tools include real time business analytics that can track activity on an account by account basis. It can also rollup this information to provide a big-picture view of things.


Another very important tool is the ability to move instantly your NFL lines while making changes to your betting board. These can be done across your entire betting base as well as on an individual basis when necessary. This especially pertains to adjusting credit and betting limits when needed.


With the PPH247 advantage, you can make the most of the low weekly cost of the plan. This premium pay per head bookie services provider has spent the last two decades perfecting its products and services.

Now is the time to sign on and start putting all this experience and high level of expertise to work for you.