PayPerHead247 Offers an Enhanced Customer Call Center

Too many private bookies get caught up in the actual weekly pay per fee they are paying for each active betting customer. What they need to be concerned about is what kind of products and services are they actually getting for that fee.

There in no doubt that the money that pay per head sites charge for their online sports betting software services is one of the biggest operating costs for any private bookie. The more active customers you add to the list, the higher that overall weekly cost will be.

That does not mean you should look for the cheapest per head fee you can find. Signing on with a cut-rate pay per head site will lead to cut-rate service that only costs you more money in the long run.

Your weekly fee does need to be affordable based on your overall business model. However, the top priority is to have the right business tools to run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation.

PayPerHead247 is owned and operated by sports betting industry experts. They already know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie in what has turned into a highly competitive industry.

Along with a comprehensive bookie software system that can process all your daily transactions in a safe and reliable manner, they offer world class customer care through their in-house call center.

The Importance of Quality Customer Care

The main reason that today’s avid sports bettors turn to a private bookie is the added level of customer service and personal attention they receive and the big commercial online sportsbooks cannot match. While quality customer service starts with you as the principle bookie agent, it also pertains to the pay per head site you use to operate your online sports betting capabilities.

If one of your betting customers has issues with their online betting account while dealing with your PPH service, it will reflect back on you. Remember, your bookie business is only as good as the silent business partner you choose to handle your bookie software solutions.

It takes a major investment in financial resources to develop and maintain a world class customer service team. PayPerHead247 has made that commitment with a staff that already comes from a sports betting background. This team is also highly trained to handle any questions, issues and concerns that may arise from time to time.

Enhanced Customer Care With PayPerHead247

Most pay per head sites claim they offer quality care through their customer service department. Unfortunately, problems down the road will obviously dispute this claim. Too many bookies find out the hard way that their pay per head provider’s staff is actually costing them business.

PayPerHead247 is so confident that their in-house staff of sports betting ‘subject matter experts’ is the best the pay per head industry has to offer, they invite you to contact their call center to judge for yourself how courteous and knowledgeable this group really is.

They are more than willing to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to enhanced customer care. While the online betting process is fully automated with PPH247’s turnkey operational system, there are still going to be times when one of your customers will have to reach out for help. That is when you can rest assured they will receive the best customer service possible.

This team is so good that you can actually use the PPH247 call center as a viable marketing tool. By backing up your hands-on approach to working with your customers with a professional call center, you can maximize this edge against the competition.