PayPerHead247 Offers True Turnkey Bookie Solutions

Often times you will hear the term ‘turnkey’ used to describe various products and services. Sometimes this concept is used in the right context and other times it does not fit the bill. When it comes to bookmaking software solutions, turnkey is almost synonymous with PayPerHead247.


These pay per head bookie solutions were designed to be easy to use. The actual software was built to be easy to navigate and the overall bookie services package was created to take your bookmaking operation online in just three easy steps.

Easy to Use Bookie Solutions


While the entire sports betting industry can get complicated at times, the whole premise behind PayPerHead247’s bookie solutions package is ease of use.


Designed by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software, this is a comprehensive package that covers all the bases. However, the main purpose is to make running and managing your own private bookie business as simple as possible.


This solutions package does all the heavy lifting. The day-to-day internal operating system offers a reliable way to process all the daily online transactions in a safe and secure manner. PPH247 does all the heavy lifting on the administrative end so you can concentrate more of your efforts on building and growing the business.


Easy to Navigate Bookie Software


When any form of software is built to be turnkey, that mainly pertains to installation and navigation. Once you load the particular application, everything else from that point forward should be easy to follow and easy to apply.


Your online PPH247 betting platform is one of the more complex software solutions by nature while also being one of the most practical and simplest software packages you will ever have to use. This also holds true for your entire customer base when the are placing their bets online.


Even more important these days is the ease of use placing mobile wagers through a handheld device with internet access. More and more sports bets are placed this way every year. That is why PPH247 has made the proper investments into the right mobile solutions software. Speed and ease of use were paramount in the finished product.


PPH247 has also gone to the expense of creating an in-house staff of IT experts. Even a great software app can always be improved. The goal is to keep your bookie business well ahead of the curve when it comes to the evolving technology behind the science of sports betting.


Easy Online Start-Up


Signing on with PPH247 is as simple as filling out a brief online questionnaire. You can also complete this task with the use of a toll-free number. Once your business is set up with an internal online account, an account specialist will walk you through the rest of the process to take your bookie business online.


The second step is setting up individual profiles for each of your betting customers. If you are making the transition online for the first time, all you need to do is provide some basic information for each player. If you are switching over from another PPH service, your account manager will take it from there.


With your account profiles in place, all you need to do from there is start booking bets. Staying true to the concept of turnkey, PPH247 remains committed to making it as easy as possible to run and manage your own private book online.