PayPerHead247 Protects Your Privacy

Based in Costa Rica, PayPerHead247 operates in a legal offshore jurisdiction and is subject to any regulatory policies and procedures. Because of this fact, it is legal to offer the best possible products and services to private bookmakers just like yourself.


A big part of the PPH247 bookie services package is an ultra-high level of security in the operating system. Deeper layers of encrypted security measures are specifically designed to keep the entire database completely secure. Another priority is to complete every online transaction is a safe and secure manner as well.


PPH247 has also taken the proper measures to safeguard your privacy as well as the privacy of every single active customer you work with. The company has developed a system that ensures that your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is continually protected in a number of different ways.

The Collection of PII


When you first register with PPH247, basic information such as name, email address and phone number is collected. Most of the PII collected is kept as basic as possible. The goal is to maintain as much anonymity as possible between the company and the bookie agents it serves.


Most of the PII is limited to data from each of your active betting customers and the actual daily transactions common to a bookmaking operation. PPH247 firmly believes that less is better when it comes to shared data.


The Processing of PII


A certain amount of PII is involved in the distribution of bookie software services. This also involves your interaction with PPH247’s internal staff and the support services they provide. This can also pertain to the continual updates to the overall pay per head software package.


As mentioned, every interpersonal transaction completed online is done so in a very safe and secure manner. High levels of redundancy throughout the entire company database are in place as part of how PPH247 processes PII.


The Distribution of PII


There is a certain level of internal PII distribution within PPH247’s operational database. This is how the software collects data and turns it into valuable business analytics that can be used to run and manage your bookie operation.


Any internal information pertaining to your bookie business and the betting parties you represent is subject to the proper safeguards as required by data protection laws. It will be governed by a data processing agreement that meets and exceeds any regulatory requirements.


All collected PII will only be stored for as long as needed to comply with these data protection laws and regulations.


Summarizing PPH247 Privacy Protection


Everything in place to protect the privacy of your bookie business is constantly under review. Continual upgrades to PPH247’s internal operating system are designed to enhance the superior system that is already in place.


As technology continues to change, there are always new challenges to keeping an online database safe and secure. PPH247 has already committed a substantial amount of resources to developing an internal security system that protects all parties involved in the online bookmaking process.


As a private bookmaker, you have the company’s ongoing commitment to maintain the highest level of security possible. This internal feature becomes a highly valuable benefit to the safe, secure and reliable operation of your business.