Premium Bookie Services From PayPerHead247

If you are serious about running and managing a successful bookmaking operation this football season, you cannot trust that business to just any bookie services site. The pay per head industry has become an extremely crowded marketplace in recent years. However, PayPerHead247 has been able to remain a cut above the rest.


Premium Bookie Services at an Affordable Weekly Cost


It is easy to find a cheap pay per head provider when it comes to the weekly fee charged for each active bettor. Unfortunately, that plan comes with cheap service as well. Downtime is a killer for private bookie. An insecure operating platform puts your sensitive information at risk. These are just a few of the issues you will face shopping for bookie services by cost alone.


PayPerHead247 has been helping bookie agents just like yourself fully automate their business while safely and securely operating it online for more than 20 years. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this premium PPH service continues to make the proper investments to keep your business ahead of the ever-changing industry curve.


Major advances in online sports betting technology along with highly sophisticated software solutions are commonplace in today’s sports betting industry. PayPerHead247 remains committed to providing the latest technology and software solutions this industry has to offer.


The base PPH plan is comprehensive in its design. This means that you will have everything you need to run and manage a successful bookmaking operation. This base plan is also turnkey to implement. You can be taking live betting action online from your betting base the same day you first sign on with PayPerHead247.


A dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire start-up process. You will also be able to use an extended free trial to get things started on the right track.


All of this is available at a base plan charging $10 weekly for each active bettor. Since you are only paying for what you use, this becomes the most cost-effective way to take your bookie offshore through a pay per head provider.

Premium Business Support at No Extra Cost


PayPerHead247 guarantees that you will not be hit with any added fees or hidden costs buried in the finer details of your base pay per head plan. Upgrades to the premium services are available at an a la carte price if you need to go that route.


Most bookie agents are earning a very lucrative return on investment using the base PayPerHead247 plan. One extra that is included at no added cost is round the clock business support.


The in-house customer service team at PayPerHead247 is experienced, knowledgeable and industry trained. They can help you as the bookie agent as well as each of your betting customers should any questions or concerns arise.


This high level of in-house support can be used as a marketing tool when it comes to attracting potential customers to your bookie business.


The strong level of business support does not stop there. You will be working with a professional IT staff that can enhance your online business presence. The base plan offers a general online betting site that can be customized to meet your business needs. You can choose to upgrade that business presence to a fully customized online betting site at a much lower cost than trying to do this on your own.