Professional Customer Service With PayPerHead247

If you are a private bookie running and managing a successful bookmaking operation, you already understand the importance of a higher level of customer service. This is what separates you from the big commercial online sportsbooks you still have to compete against.


Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for the personal attention that only a private bookie can provide. They are also looking for a more customized approach to wagering on the games. As you continue to build and grow your overall customer base, you can use this elevated level of service as a powerful marketing tool.


Another huge factor in the equation is your pay per head bookie services provider. Their customer service can either be an important attribute or a costly liability. When choosing a PPH service to run your bookie business online, their quality of service to both yourself and your customers should be an important consideration.


PayPerHead247’s In-House Customer Service Team


Based in Costa Rica, PPH247 is one of the true pioneers in the pay per head industry. For more than two decades, this PPH service has been helping bookie agents run and manage an independent book online.


This site’s internal operating system would rival what the biggest offshore books are using to power their online betting platform. The software solutions package is both comprehensive in design and turnkey in its application.


Available revenue streams include a sportsbook with betting options for more than 70 different sports on an international level. An expanded racebook for horse betting covers tracks across North America as well as racing hotspots abroad such as the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai. There is also an online casino solution offering Las Vegas-style slots, video poker and table games.


Tying everything together is an in-house professional team of customer service representatives. Each one comes from a sports betting and online gambling background. They know and understand exactly what it takes to run and manage an independent online betting site.


This higher level of internal service adds a tremendous amount of value to the low weekly cost you pay for each of your active betting customers. You will come to appreciate this value when questions arise on your end. Your betting customers will appreciate the fact that this higher level of attention and professionalism is tied to your bookie services.

PayPerHead247’s Total Commitment


There is a reason why this top-rated pay per head site continues to grow and prosper every year. Its continued success is directly tied to the strong level of commitment from the top down.


The ownership group behind PPH247 understands that reaching any set financial goals for the company is directly tied to the continued success of the bookie agents it serves. Investing heavily in the products and services provided is part of the strategy.


By building an internal staff of true industry professionals, this bookie services site has been able to separate itself from the competition.


As an excellent way to test the waters, PPH247 offers a free, no obligation trial of everything it has to offer.


You can actually get to know members of the staff you will be working with. Along with the in-house customer service team, there are dedicated account managers, IT technicians and sports betting experts. Questions are always welcome and they are more than happy to help.