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As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sports booking business, it is always good to feel that you are not alone. Working with as your bookie solutions provider, you will always have access to a full team of professional business support.

From a dedicated account manager to help you get started to sports betting experts that can help build out your board, the business support team at has been designed to cover all the bases when it comes to your bookie business.

Added Business Support at No Added Cost offers a comprehensive pay per head bookie solutions plan that starts as low as $7 weekly for each active sports bettor in your customer base. Best of all, this price covers everything you need to run and manage a successful sports bookmaking business.

For that same weekly per head price, you will also have easy access to online gaming software solutions to add live in-game betting on sports and a full-service online racebook for betting on the daily card at more than 80 different horse racing tracks. The racebook coverage extends to every major horse racing track in North America as well as the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Dubai.

By creating multiple streams of revenue, you can boost the overall hold on your weekly betting handle. offers a complete suite of online gaming products that can help you level the playing field when it comes to the big commercial sportsbooks you still need to compete against.

The added boost to the plan is the business support team in place. Working with an in-house staff of sports betting professionals, the website offers a live chat feature that is available on an ongoing basis. This way, you are never alone or out of luck if a question or inquiry should arise.

The online chat support carries over to each of your active betting customers should an issue or question arise concerning their online betting account. This major enhancement to your company’s customer service is a major value-added benefit to your entire PPH weekly package.

Take a Professional Approach to Business with

Another important benefit tied to the business support aspect of your weekly plan is an in-house staff of gaming IT industry experts. You can work directly with this team to create a highly professional online presence for your bookie business.

This process gives you the ability to customize many of the features connected to your own online sports betting platform. By creating customized visuals for your betting base while also mirroring the look of even the biggest commercial online sportsbook, you will have a very powerful marketing tool for growing and expanding your active betting base.

Upgrades to the online customization process behind your own sports betting platform are available as part of a premium package. However, the base plan provides everything you need to create a professional look for your bookie site.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the pay per head bookie solutions industry, knows exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie agent. To get your business moving in the right direction, you can take advantage of an extended four-week free trial with no upfront cost or further financial obligation past the trial run.