Satisfaction Guaranteed at PayPerHead247

Just about every company selling a product or service used the catch phrase ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. Some companies will refund you money if you are not happy with its particular products or services. What they do not tell you is what kind of hoops you need to jump through to actually obtain a cash refund. In reality, every company selling a product or service should guarantee complete customer satisfaction or they should not even be in business.

When it comes to online sports betting software solutions to take a private bookie business online, there is a virtual grocery list of pay per head bookie software providers lining up to take your initial deposit.

As a private bookmaker running and managing your own independent sportsbook, finding the right pay per head site that can meet all of your business needs, will be the most important decision you will ever make. Since it is not really practical to switch pay per head providers on a regular basis, this is the type of decision that is going to require some extra time to properly go through the vetting process.

The Exact Role of a Quality Pay Per Head Site

The concept of booking bets is rather simple in nature. A player wins that bet they get paid accordingly based on the closing odds. A player loses a bet, they lose their entire stake plus the commission charged by the bookie (also known as juice or vig).

The operational end of taking those bets online with the use of highly sophisticated sports betting software is a whole other story. Today’s modern bookmaker needs a software solutions package that can efficiently process every day-to-day transaction that is part of a business of this nature. You also need a software package that can gather, collate and distribute real-time business analytics that keeps you way ahead of the curve on all the daily and weekly betting action coming in.

Any bookie software solutions package needs to be comprehensive in its approach to running and managing a successful independent sportsbook. Every PPH services will boast they can deliver the goods, but upon further investigation, a surprisingly high number of companies come up short in what they have to offer.

PayPerHead247 Lives Up to All The Hype

The one pay per head provider that should be on every private bookie’s short list in the vetting process is PayPerHead247. This PPH service is operated by sports betting industry professionals with an extensive history in the online gambling software industry.

There is a reason why the top pay per head sites base their operations in Costa Rica. This highly stable Central American country offers a regulated online gambling jurisdiction that is extremely business-friendly. It also offers an educated and motivated workforce when it comes to building a customer relations department.

PayPerHead247 has spared no expense to compile a customer service team of subject matter experts in the products and services it offers. One call to this customer service department can quickly verify this claim, no matter who you talk to. Once you do sign on with a price per head shop, you should be able to look at that company as a silent business partner handling the operational end of things. You should not have to look over your shoulder to make sure it is providing everything that was promised upfront.

The first thing you will notice on the home page at is a sign-up box for a free trail of everything this PPH service has to offer. By taking this comprehensive bookie software solutions package for a free test drive, you will never have to worry about your satisfaction being guaranteed.