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If you consider yourself a sports fan, chances are you also thought about betting on the sports and sporting events you love to watch. That would put you in a rapidly growing segment of the entire sports industry.


More and more sports fans have turned to sportsbooks to add some betting action to the games. However, they become just one of many bettors working with that book. The overall experience becomes rather generic with the lack of a personal touch.


That is why many of today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for a different way to wager on the games. They want that elevated level of customer service and personal attention that only a private bookie can provide.


You do not need to be a sports betting expert to run and manage your own private bookie operation. Smart business sense and a basic understanding of the sports betting industry is enough of a base to build on.


What you will need is a few active sports bettors and some start up cash to more than cover the weekly betting action coming in. With a few customers and some working capital, you are now ready to add as your bookie services provider.

Understanding Today’s Sports Betting Industry


The concept of being a bookie used to make you think of some back room of a building filled with phones and a big chalkboard to record the bets. Today’s sports betting industry is fully automated through the use of modern communications technology and sophisticated software solutions related to booking bets. is a bookies services site that can provide the necessary technology and software to run and manage a successful bookie business online. The business model is simple. You can get everything you need for one low weekly fee that is charged for each of your active betting customers.


For example, if you have 10 active weekly bettors and your plan costs $10 per head, you can run and manage your fully automated bookie business online for as little as $100 per week.


It would cost thousands of dollars to try and duplicate these bookie services on your own. has already done all the heavy lifting to develop a base plan that provides everything you need in the absence of any added fees or hidden costs.


Appreciating What Has to Offer


There are literally hundreds of PPH sites to choose from. As the entire sports betting industry expanded, so did the number of PPH providers in what has become a very crowded marketplace. stands out from the crowd for a number of different reasons. Topping the list is the necessary experience and level of expertise needed to create an effective bookie services package. Based in Costa Rica, has been helping private bookie agents prosper for more than 20 years.


Another reason sits at the top of the list in the bookie services industry is economies of scale. Unfortunately, many PPH sites are in it for the quick buck.


Owned and operated by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling software, continues to make extensive investments in the products and services offered to keep its bookie agents way ahead of the industry’s steep technology curve. backs its bookie services plan with a high level of in-house business support. This adds even more value to its software solutions plan.