Terms Of Service

Located in Costa Rica, RBPayPerHead is a company that provides Pay Per Head software solutions for agents and their clients around the world.

Disputes arising between agents and their clients can only be resolved by affected parties involved and not by any staff or member from RBPayPerHead.
This includes but is not limited to payments, limits, types of transaction etc.

Due to our privacy policy, RBPayPerHead will not release information about agents or their clients who use our system to any third party.

RBPayPerHead reserves the right to terminate the contract of any agent if we find abuse of our free trial period or any other promotion is determined. Accounts will also be closed if it’s deemed that agents are using our service but not paying their clients.

Post up operations are strictly prohibited when using our service. Any agents found with a post up operation will have their account shut down immediately.

Suspension of account for lack of payment is at the sole discretion of RBPayPerHead . New accounts with a negative balance will be closed immediately while agents who have been with us for a period of time will have some flexibility.

All rules on this website are subject to change or revised without prior notice.