The Premium Pay Per Head Solution for You and Your Customers

Gambling has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Venturing into such a huge industry requires you to use premium tools to run your business because customers demand it.

Years ago, bookies could run a business with pen and paper or a computer and excel sheet to track players` actions. Today, these types of equipment are not enough to run gambling services. You need a premium pay per head (PPH) solution.

What is a PPH solution? Join us as we take a look at what a premium pay per head solution entails and why you need it.

What Is a Premium Pay Per Head Solution?

Some bookie agents use white-label solutions to offer betting services. In other words, they operate under an established sportsbook in return for a small commission and other monthly fees, including licensing.

Unfortunately, some bookies love their independence. The need to give bookies some freedom and control over their business prompted the invention of pay per head solution.

This is a bookmaking package comprising a betting template, sportsbook software, bookmaking tools, customer management tools, risk management tools, betting lines, customer support, and technical support.

These are things you need to launch and run a successful bookie. Companies offering these solutions charge a small fee per week based on the number of active clients.

Once the betting template is set up, it looks exactly like the typical sportsbooks such as William Hill, DraftKings, Bet365, and others. Clients can log in, wager, withdraw, and do everything else as they do at popular sportsbooks your know.

The difference is that the premium pay per head solution is inexpensive. Also, bookie agents hire fewer employees compared to conventional bookies. This is because PPH providers maintain the software and work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Meanwhile, you can predetermine the minimum and maximum odds for individual sports, manage player accounts, analyze reports, and complete other responsibilities.

This gives you control over your business even though the PPH solution belongs to a third party. Moreover, the pay per head solution provider has no direct contact with your clients unless they are providing customer support.

PayPerHead247 Is a Premium PPH Solution

Does a premium pay per head solution sounds like something you would be interested in? Unlike conventional bookmaking solutions, the PPH solution is inexpensive. Therefore, it will take much less time, money, and requirements to launch a pay per head bookie.

Fortunately, a premium pay per head solution provider is a call away. By contacting PayPerHead247 today, you gain access to their bookmaking solution. Contact the company if you are ready to start making money as a bookie.