Tiger Woods slowly recovers from crash as world of golf pays tribute

Tiger Woods might just be the greatest golfer of all time, we all have that clear. He had an impeccable career for many, many years, until he hit a rough spot in his personal life, and then things quickly came crashing.


Woods’ marriage came to an ugly end back in 2009, but as ugly as it was already on a personal level, media, paparazzi, and fan frenzy made it all ten times as bad, and it was a rough pill for him to swallow. It affected his professional life, he never again played at the same level as before, he lost many of his sponsors, he lost his family, as well as much of his yearly income, and all of this mixed and of course, ended up in a self-destruction pattern for him, that included alcohol and drugs, a problem that he had to deal with for many years.


Since 2013, when this happened, Tiger Woods could not win a single title again for nearly five years, until he finally won again in 2018. He won The Masters Tournament in 2019, and that was a day of joy for golf fans, to see him finally at the level we were used to seeing him in for many years, and then he won another title in late 2019, right before the pandemic hit.


Last Tuesday, February 23rd, when we read the news that Tiger Woods had been in a major car accident, many thought the worst. The DUI’s and the drugs crossed everyone’s minds, but the truth is, police already clarified that Woods was not under the influence of anything, and it was just an accident, as it sadly happens sometimes. However, the injuries he suffered in his legs are quite serious.

Tiger Woods could have even lost a leg due to his car crash


Orthopedic trauma specialists who are attending Tiger Woods serious leg injuries decided to surgically release the covering of the muscle, just to make sure blood pressure could release, because if it didn’t, they were worried he could lose his leg. With that said, we’re just happy now, that didn’t happen, but he did suffer serious damage in his lower right leg and ankle.


In fact, his leg injuries were “comminuted and open”, which means the bones were fractured in more than two places, and they were exposed to open air, which increases the risk of infection. “His right leg was basically crushed”, is what his correspondent for Golf Digest said on CNN the day after. However, as bad as that is, Tiger was stable, he remained conscious and calm, and in fact, according to reports, right now he doesn’t even remember the crash itself in detail.


PGA Golfers pay tribute to Tiger Woods and all wear red


On Sunday, February 28th, on WGC-Workday Championship’s last round, many of the golfers in action showed up wearing Tiger Woods’ usual red shirt and black pants, from earlier in his career. The same thing happened at the Puerto Rico Championship, where the entire grounds crew wore the same.


The red shirt and black pants attire was suggested by Tiger Woods’ mom when he was taking the first steps in his career, and it just became a tradition for him.