Types of Bookie Software ( Is Pay Per Head Bookie Software Better?)

Every bookie in today`s bookmaking industry needs bookmaker software. This is a tool that bookies use to run their businesses. It can track your operation, automate processes, allow you to offer more betting lines, and make your work more efficient, among many other things.

The bookie software comes with several common features and several other unique characteristics. These unique features differentiate a perfect software from the rest. There are two types of bookie software, including:

Client-Based Bookie Software

Client-based bookie software is installed on your computer. Once you purchase it, it becomes your private bookie software.

Being the sole owner of the software means several things. For instance, you are responsible for upgrading the software in time. You will need to hire an in-house team to assume this responsibility or ask the original software developer to come in regularly to upgrade or maintain your software.

Client-based bookie software is expensive. The initial buying cost and running costs are high. But, you will have complete control of the software.

You must have a high-level technical knowledge to use this software. Otherwise, you will frustrate your operations and your employees.

Some of the brands that likely use this type of software include William Hills, DraftKings, and other prominent sportsbooks you know. They have the resources to afford the software and have employed a team of experts to keep the software updated and optimally working.

Web-Based Bookie Software

This is a more user-friendly bookie software. Anyone can use it after a few minutes of looking at it.
A web-based bookie software allows you to take your business online. This means that you can reach a wider audience without spending thousands of dollars.

Web-based bookie software is inexpensive. So, if you have a small budget yet want to launch your betting services, web-based bookie software is the best for you.

You do not even have to install it on your computer to use it. You also do not need special skills to run it.
A pay per head bookie software is web-based. Anyone can use it, even though they have never touched a computer before. It is also cost-effective.

For instance, PayPerHead247 offers the software in addition to other bookmaking solutions. The site charges $7 per head.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to purchase the software, you can get it for $7 for every player that places a wager with you. The best part is that you will never cover the upgrading cost every few weeks.

You can run your betting business without fussing about the technical aspect of the business. Does it sound like something you like? Contact PayPerHead247 to get your software today.