What is Included in Your PayPerHead247 Weekly Fees?

The business concept behind pay per head bookie services is easy to understand. Private bookies looking to run and manage their business online need the proper software solutions to effectively accomplish this task.

Pay per head sites could be compared to online sportsbooks. Instead of booking the bets themselves, they process all the daily transactions that go into a business of this nature. The top-rated PPH services such as PayPerHead247 are the operational arm for thousands of private bookie businesses around the world.

PPH247 makes its money from the weekly per head fee charged for every active bettor. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this popular site understands that their current and future prosperity is directly tied to the current and future success of the bookie agents the company serves.

What do You Get for Your Money at PayPerHead247?

In business for more than two decades, PPH247 has been willing to make the proper investments into its internal operating system. What may have got the job done a few years ago is already obsolete.

By continually upgrading technology and software solutions with the help of a professional in-house IT staff, PPH247 will keep your bookie business well ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing online sports betting industry.

Safe, secure and convenient service is a direct byproduct of the investments PPH247 has made over the years and continues to make today. As a private bookie, you can rest easy that your business will remain up and running online 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

That security and peace of mind alone is worth the low, weekly per head fee you pay for active betting customers. But in reality, that is just a small piece of PPH247’s comprehensive bookie services package.

Along with reliable internal operating system, PPH247 offers sophisticated software solutions to generate multiple streams of revenue.

Sports betting remains at the top of the list. However, you can supplement that income with an online racebook to cover horse betting at every live track offering a daily race card.

If you are looking to become a full-service online gambling site, you can also offer Las Vegas-style slots and table games through your own online casino. These solutions include access to live-dealer table games such as Blackjack and Roulette.

Both the racebook and online casino solutions are included in the per head weekly plan. They are both excellent ways to increase your weekly betting handle without increasing the size of your customer base.

How Can You Make More Money With PayPerHead247?

Now that you have a comprehensive bookie services package that is turnkey in its online implementation, you can use all these tools in increase both your hold percentage and net profit.

As a private bookie, you do not get paid on the weekly handle your customer base generates. You get paid on the overall hold percentage on that handle. This is the difference the money paid out on winning bets and the money and juice (commission) collected on losing bets.

If you can maintain a consistent hold percentage between five and eight percent, you can make quite a bit of money if your betting volume is high enough.

Working with PPH247, you can build out your betting board and increase your daily and weekly betting options. You always want your customers to bet within their means. However, you do not want to leave any money on the table due to a small selection of betting lines and odds.