What is Price Per Head

The term “Price Per Head” pertains to access to a private bookie software solutions package that charges a weekly fee for active betting customers. In actuality, a price per head service is a private bookmaker’s silent business partner that is responsible for handling the day-to-day administrative end of the operation.

This administrative solutions package also provides all the necessary business tools needed to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook at a low, fixed costA quality price per head site can also dramatically lower the barrier to entry for anyone looking to book sports bets.

Taking Your Bookie Business Online

The first step to starting your own bookie business is gathering enough customers to get things off the ground. You will also need some cash reserves to cover the early action coming in. The next step and probably the most important business decision you will ever make is finding the right price per head shop.

One you find a site that meets all your business needs, you can sign on with that online sports betting software provider even with just a handful of sports betting customers. Their turnkey software package is designed to grow and expand right along with your overall customer base. Whether you have five customers or 500, these tailored software solutions provide everything you need to successfully run and manage an independent sportsbook. Most price per head sites will provide an account manager that can walk you through the simple steps to taking your bookie business online. Once you set up an online account profile for each of your betting customers you are ready to start booking bets.

Building Your Online Presence

Along with the necessary online software solutions to process all the daily transactions that go into a business of this nature, your price per head shop can also set you up with your own online betting website.

Every PPH sportsbook service can provide a rather generic setup where the only point of difference is your business name. This will work to a certain extent. The top price per head providers can design and maintain a custom website that has been specifically built to meet your business needs. Any added cost in the per head rate for this feature is well worth the investment since your most important marketing tool for growing and expanding your bookie business is a highly professional online presence.

Private bookies may not directly compete against the big commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online, but you still need the right business tools to help level the playing field. Offering a professional online sports betting website that can rival what the big books offer is very important. It can also go a long way towards reaching that critical mass of weekly betting action that can make your bookie business a success in both the short term and over the long haul.

Along with your own customer website that is hosted by your price per head service, you can also employ targeted online social media outlets to market your bookmaking services. One of the most important aspects of your online business presence other than professionalism is consistency in all of your marketing materials. You need to create the look of a leader that can attract today’s highly sophisticated sports bettors to your bookmaking services.

Expanding Your Bookie Revenue Streams

Anyone involved in the sports betting industry knows that football both in the college ranks and the NFL is the biggest draw for betting action. Unfortunately, the season only lasts around five months. Basketball is next on the list, but that sport is off the board more than four months a year. With the help of your price per head service, you can expand your revenue stream to all 12 months with the following additions to the lineup:

  • An expanded betting board
  • A racebook for horses featuring an extensive list of tracks
  • An online casino equipped with slots, other video gaming options and live-dealer table games

As part of the low, weekly price per head fee you already pay for active betting customers your PPH sportsbook service offers fast and easy access to betting lines and odds for a wide variety of sporting events.

Today’s avid sports bettors are looking for more betting options outside the major US sports leagues. Interest in international leagues and global sporting events continues to grow. Building out your betting board to rival what the big online books have on their board will ensure that none of your betting customers look elsewhere to place a bet on something you did not offer.

Betting on horses goes hand-in-hand with betting on sports, so why not build year-round revenue with your own racebook. With fast and easy access to over 80 different tracks in North America alone, there is always a venue offering a daily race card for betting action. You can also turn a nice profit on horse racing’s Triple Crown series highlighted by the Kentucky Derby, the annual Breeders’ Cup in early November and all the other major graded stakes events on the yearly racing calendar. Casino gambling is big business across the nation and around the globe. Highly advanced software applications can bring the excitement of a Las Vegas casino to your betting customer’s desktop, laptop and mobile handheld device. While slots and other video gambling games still account for the lion’s share of betting action, the true players in the game love to try their luck on popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. One of the fastest growing segments of online casinos is live-dealer table games. This special application offers real dealers that are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Long-Term Bookie Business Strategies

Anyone in business for themselves is looking for long-term financial stability. Making money in the short term with your bookie business is great, but with the proper planning and execution, you can build a book that can deliver some very lucrative returns year-after-year.

The first and most important strategy is finding the right price per head shop for your particular business goals. The top PPH sportsbook services know that their long-term success is directly tied to the long-term success of their bookie agents. They are willing to make the necessary investments that keep you way ahead of the curve in what can be a rather competitive and volatile business environment. Nobody can afford to rest on their laurels given just how fast things change.

Another important strategy for long-term success is a serious commitment to your craft. The better you become at booking bets and providing that much higher level of customer service the big books simply cannot match, the more profitable your business will become. It is not all about the quantity of customers you service, rather the quality of your overall customer base.

The final strategy is becoming that full-service bookmaker that can meet all of your customer’s online gambling needs. You already have all the business tools you need for long-term success at your disposal. You need to make the most out of that weekly price per head fee you pay.

Whether it is your custom online business presence or the added revenue streams, your price per head provider is that silent business partner that can help you take your bookie business to a whole new level that is beyond your wildest expectations.